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Footballer Antonio Cassano fined €15,000 after hoping for ‘no gays on Italy squad’

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Reader comments

  1. Fine for displaying underpants with the name of a rival to one of the tournament sponsors – €100,000

    Fine for homophobic comments – €15,000.

    Well done UEFA. Good to see you’ve got your priorities right.

  2. Jesus Moran 20 Jul 2012, 4:32pm

    I hope the use the money to finance a gay parade in Namibia!

  3. But he’s still allowed to play.

  4. So pants are more of an issue for UEFA than racism and homophobia? One would suggest they need to rethink their protocols on this one.

    Morons of the highest order

  5. That’s it?

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Jul 2012, 5:13pm

    15000 Euros, that’s it? Pitiful, a mere drop in the ocean to this bigot and probable bully.

  7. he should be fined again for his reference to being gay as a choice.

    1. and for being a “problem”

  8. “Frocio” is a very ugly word in Italian, but Italians have never been very politically correct. Maybe the saddest thing is that Cassano seemed genuinely unaware that he has said anything wrong. In the milieu he travels in, apparently it’s perfectly normal usage.

  9. Disappointing and demonstrates that UEFA don ot really care about homophobia

    1. Given that FIFA have chosen a homophobic country to host the world cup, our expectations from any football organisation should be very low in order to avoid disappointment.

  10. Pavlos Prince of Greece 20 Jul 2012, 6:46pm

    And when the government of the Italian Republic will make official statement on this? After ‘long, but productive consultations’ with the Vatican?

  11. Gemma Gillon 20 Jul 2012, 8:10pm

    Nope they done the WRONG thing. They should have banned him.

  12. He regrets that his comments about queers were noticed and that he’s been criticized for it, NOT that he made them.
    And of course he’s not homophobic, he just thinks that fags are icky.

    “Theres no sin but stupidity” (Oscar Wilde).
    Antonio Cassano is a sinner.

    1. correction: “There is no sin except stupidity.”

  13. Just change “gay” to “black” and “queer” to – well, you get the picture. I’m sure the fine would have been more than €15000

    1. Sorry to disappoint you but UEFA’s fines for racism have been just as pathetic.

  14. His subsequent statement skirts round what he actually said and, therefore, does not approach any kind of apology.

  15. Silly Sausage

  16. He spends more than that on a night out. It is a disgrace that these people earn obscene amounts of money kicking a ball around a field.

  17. I’m surprised, but happy, that anything was done even done about it. So, for that, I applaud UEFA. I assumed it’d be just a silly comment that would pass by without any sanction.

  18. “Froci”, better translated as faggot rather than queer, is very commonly heard in Italy. To an Italian it’s no different to calling someone a “testa di cazzo”. I would be inclined to say that this is a bad choice of words rather than a direct homophobic attack. I’ve watched the original interview a few times and he says it without a second thought making me believe it’s just language he’s used to.

  19. Attention seeking again, Aiden???

    Which lies about yourself are going to be told first today?

  20. This pathetic fine is extremely disappointing but not at all surprising.

  21. Why? Is he afraid he’ll get out of control and ‘out’ himself?

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