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US report: HIV rates particularly high in gay black men

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Reader comments

  1. Phil Wilson isn’t lying either. In the US, black gay and bisexual men are treated like the social pariahs of the LGBT fold. It’s like we are already seen as a “unwanted” because of our skin color then tie into other factors and “BAM!” This report is extra disturbing and shows that something needs to be done and quickly.

  2. Racist gay people! How stupid do you have to be to gay and racist.

    1. James As Well 19 Jul 2012, 9:48am

      Yet, unfortunately, there seem to be a significant amount of homophobic black people – which has always baffled me… until I realised that religion was the problem.

    2. I know a few Somerset folks that are unfortunately

    3. Racists are everywhere James, the smart ones can be hard to spot.
      I publicly pick people up about it when I see it/hear it, they tend not to like that!

  3. Dave Chappelle 19 Jul 2012, 10:13am

    here we go again!! let me guess there’s a low HIV rate among white gay men?? Last time i checked HIV was more of a *** problem then a black Problem:)

  4. MommieDammit 19 Jul 2012, 11:17am

    First of all, where is there a link to the published report? Sloppy, unprofessional publication PinkNews. For those interested, the full report can be downloaded here:
    (3.69 MB PDF)
    I see much in this report that is enlightening, it contains much in the way of useful and perceptive information. Unfortunately it also contains its own racial bias – as does the organization’s own promotional piece on the above link. “Blame Whitey!”, is such an easy, knee-jerk reaction amongst many People of Color groups. While it’s an easy thing to do, it also hides those communities’ own racism and homophobia. I applaud and support the B.A.I.’s mission wholeheartedly, but until the Black community puts a stop to the practice of eating its own Black HIV+ men and women will continue to face a double burden of prejudice. I’m no more happy with the LGBT community’s lack of emphasis on the AIDS crisis than Mr. Wilson.

    1. Pink news usually ignores stories about black lgbt

  5. 19 Jul 2012, 12:03pm

    About 13% of the US population is black.

    Meaning that 6.5% of the US population is black and male.

    If we give an estimate of 5% of the population being gay or bi (that 10% figure is fake) then 1/3 of 1% of the US population is black, gay and male.

    Yet 25% of HIV diagnoses are among this group.

    While I will accept that black gay men may be neglected by the mainstream health groups, it is absolutely inconceiveable that such devastating rates of infection are not also linked to the internal dynamics of the black US population.

    Black people tend to be more religious that other groups I think.

    There’s a definite link there as well.

  6. Hang on, aren’t we one community under a rainbow – ie. all-inclusive – flag?

    Why do black men need their own HIV prevention messages targeted specifically at them?

    Yes, there is an unpleasant degree of racism in the gay community just as in the mainstream, but the prevention message isn’t colour or race sensitive and the basic rules around condom use still apply, don’t they?

    And presumably HIV campaigns in the US do not universally feature exclusively white men, in fact I know that not to be true.

    No, this smacks to me more of evading personal responsibility and playing the blame – ie. victim – card, and it doesn’t wash, frankly.

    Also, black men in the US are more likely to be on the “down low” than whit men, so that is likely to impact significantly on HIV rates when defined by race, but no mention of that.

    1. Oh dear Samuel – do you really think HIV prevention is all about one message & one message and that everyone should dance to your rather narrow tune? If it was as easy to just say use a condom every time with every person we would not have the problem we have with HIV & other STI’s.Your overly simplistic, one size fits all approach to HIV prevention (which is to perpetuate fear, stigma & tell lies about current HIV treatment) is totally lacking in any understanding of the human condition, differences in culture & the fact that we all take risks of differing degrees – not everyone harbours your irrational fear of HIV.

      You are so quick to judge others by your own rather purile outlook – I just dispair I really do! How you can claim to be a humanitarian is totally beyond me – you show no compassion at all, the evidence of this is littered all over these comments pages!

      1. You really are a patronizing, condescending prick – not everyone has your experience or assumed know all attitude – by all means inform and educate in your replies but kindly keep your ‘bitter queen’ turn of phrase to yourself!

        1. I presume that comment is directed at me…….I would rather be perceived as a “know all” than how Samuel is perceived which is as a bully, village idiot or a fool – not my words, how others perceive him.

          By all means agree with Samuel but don’t have a pop at me because of your own inadequacies, perhaps you can explain what you mean by ” bitter queen” turn of phrase to clarify where I have used words to suggest I am bitter or a queen.

          I might add that you come across as an aggressive individual with no manners!

    2. Fak off you prick.

      Why don’t you go to a straight clap clinic? you ignorant pig

  7. Will someone now tell Jamaica, and Africa that Gay Black men do exist – Gay is not a western phenomenon and these people need to be helped – not vilified.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 19 Jul 2012, 1:53pm

      You’ll need to inform the Christian church in those places first. Any ignorance or bigotry can probably be traced to Christianity.

      1. Although the 3 African countries or regions that have the death penalty for homosexuality (Mauritania, Sudan and Northern Nigeria) are predominantly Muslim.

  8. whether black or white or green if you’re too stupid or stubborn to have unprotected anal sex then you run the risk of HIV exposure.

  9. African-American people make up about 13% of the US population.

    Therefore African-American men make up about 6.5% of the US population.

    If say 5% of African-American men are gay or bi (the 10% figure has never been a believeable figure for me) then gay or bi African-American men make up about 1/3of 1 percent of the total US population.

    Yet they account for 25% of all new HIV infections?

    Something is not right here.

    While I accept that African-American men are generally ignored as a specific high risk group by mainstream anti-HIV campaigns; it would be naive in the extreme not to also acknowledge the responsibility of the larger African-American community for these disgraceful numbers.

    Is religion to blame as well? I certainly suspect so.

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