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US: Dismissed lesbian den mother takes petition to Scouts

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Reader comments

  1. I noticed the absolutely sickening and disgusting comments that littered the ‘Yahoo! Answers’ version of this story. What a sad, horrid world this truly is. Best of luck to her.

    1. Unfortunately, Yahoo! is read by, well… yahoos.

  2. Cardinal Capone 19 Jul 2012, 12:51am

    When I was a scout we put on an annual Gang Show, which involved a lot of cross-dressing and was the epitome of camp. A tradition going back to before WW2, I believe. How gay is that?

    Maybe American scout officials are too uptight for that sort of thing if they throw out any scout that turns out to be gay.

  3. Scottish Scout Leader 19 Jul 2012, 2:21am

    As a Scottish Scout Leader ( currently at the Blair Atholl International Jamborette) I am thankful that our Scottish and UK Scout Association has an equality policy allowing anyone to be a member or a volunteer, no matter what their sexuality. I will support this petition by wearing my Stonewall ‘some people are gay’ tshirt today (Thursday) at this big international camp in Perthshire.

  4. That There Other David 19 Jul 2012, 11:29am

    With any luck this will lead to a schism in the organisation, leading to new inclusive Scouting troops being formed. If enough current and ex-Scouts back the breakaway it will happen, then the BSA can fade away into irrelevance.

  5. As a former cub, scout, senior, rover and Queens Scout; as well as having worked at UK Scout HQ in Buckingham Palace Road, London, I am appalled by the insulting stance of Boy Scouts of America.

    Implying that LGB&T individuals are immoral and not clean in word and deed is offensive.

    Sadly, it rather looks like Boy Scouts of America’s leadership is totally out of touch – and apparently more aligned with Zimbabwe (whose chief scout wants gays executed) than with the home of scouting.

  6. Whatever happened to “The Land of the Free”? This is downright discrimination and should be condemned at all levels.
    This lady has balls; I’ve a feeling this won’t be the end of the story.

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