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Sweden: Trans asylum seeker’s partner to be deported to Russia

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Reader comments

  1. Disgraceful behavior from my homeland. I apologize to whatever degree I can for these transgressions on human rights.
    I hope Lita will get her vengeance in this case as well as Anton.
    Keep fighting the good fight.

    1. Well, now she has friends among human rights defenders, riksdagen and EVEN the police. This was an accident unrelated to the migration case and they just have to follow the rules :(

  2. “Be careful Adam, because everybody lies” – Eliza Cassan.

    Bloody idiot. Do you REALLY think Pink News or anybody else knew her exact location? Do you think she’s so stupid to reveal her location to anyone, do you really think it was Vingåker? And most importantly, do you EVER imagine how many people, ESPECIALLY related to Swedish government actually SUPPORT her cause after her case became public?
    Let me tell you something. The reason Anton was caught is a simple accident. Nobody was actively looking for them. Moreover, few months more and she IS getting her residence in Sweden, but not on the grounds of asylum. Good will prevail over evil, hehe.

    1. what has been revealed here is with full permission of Lita and as far as she is concerned,is not sufficient to locate her…so if aiden really wishes to send the link on to the swedish authorities, he is more than welcome to do so.

      jane x

      1. True. By the way, L’s contacts in the authorities informed her that she is NOT in active search, even now. Seems even Migrationsverket seems to begin to understand the issue, but what else e.g. Mr. Ribbenvik can say, except usual BS? So, by sending the link to the authorities, this “aiden” guy unwillingly even aides this case, haha!

  3. My thoughts are with Lita and Anton.

  4. Thick with Transphobia as well Aiden?

  5. Migrationsverket have been in contact thanking me for the info. I have of course sent on this link again, and suggested that all who are aiding her be dealt with, for obstruction.

    1. Keep your fantasies with you, by Swedish law it is not forbidden to aid people living illegally as long as it’s non-profit, i.e. landlord cannot take a rent from undocumented person.

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