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Comment: With rare political consensus, Scotland should be next to let gay couples marry

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Reader comments

  1. I think that Scotland would have cause for intense pride to be on the list of those nations who seek full and complete equality. It underlines the nation as modern and progressive. And it won’t be the first time that Scotland is in the vanguard of legal revolution for the rest of the United Kingdom.

    Swift and confident action proves the strength of the nation, especially in the face of pointless and unfounded dawdling from Westminster.

    1. Billy wingartenson 5 Aug 2012, 6:54am

      but why should it take so long – why are they talking about 2015

      the only issue besides spouse 1 and spouse 2 vs Man and wife, should be how we protect churches from being forced into doing ceremonies with which they disagree.

      Its important to protect them because in time the real white wingers will stand as if naked in a sea of hate.

      And if anything will get them to move – its embarrassment (big deal in sales situations)

      trying to force them to do whats strictly against their beliefs will only in general let them claim they are being victimizer

      PS I wouldnt set foot in a church ever. Even my will says a secular funeral.

      Long ago -45 years, I got married and I tried to object to a religious ceremony. both our parent freaked out, my wifes totally – and her the usual deal is the brides family pays for the wedding

      Which interestly enough sounds related to the old deal of men selling their daughters for a dowry

      Think of it as the father pimping his daughter & apying the $

  2. I strongly suspect Willie Bain is right and that Scotland will be next to launch parliamentary procedures to ensure equality of marriage.

    There is political consensus across all parties and the Scottish people have dynamically said that they support fairness and equality for LGBT people (and others).

    Sure, there have been some grotesque, odious and (at times) demented attacks on equality, fairness and integrity – often from people who claim to know better. These war mongering and hate filled pieces of rhetoric are not of the character of the people of Scotland, are not humane and do not speak for most people in Scotland. Even though some of those insidious and sanctimonious attacks on civil liberties have come from within organisations who claim to have supporters entirely behind them; it is clear that many of the members of each of these organisations do not support the arrogant and damaging comments that their heirarchy have made regarding LGBT people.

    Scottish people will rise

    1. above the petty squabbling and war mongering of people who place more importance on stigmatising people who live in love and fidelity than they do on countering child abuse, dealing with third world hunger, tackling sectarianism or supporting those who are homeless.

      I look forward to hearing the outcome of the Scottish Government cabinet meeting at 2pm in Bute House today.

      Its time Scotland took its stand and demonstrated that Edinburgh is every bit of a world leader on human rights and equality as Copenhagen, New York, Buenos Aires, Madrid or Brussels.

      Good luck, Scotland.

      I hope the rest of the UK follow your lead (when you make the right choice, choosing your side of history).

      Scotland can make its legacy, and it can choose to today.

      I trust it will choose humanity and fairness.

  3. I pray that Scotland will be very soon for Marriage Equality. A country that has suffered so much over the centuries, a country denied it’s freedom, will surely see the beauty and the honour of giving the right to love, to be shared by all!

    1. Who exactly has denied Scotland it’s freedom?

  4. I do hope that this isn’t a sign of the Labour party, who didn’t do this whilst in power for eight years in Scotland, jumping on the bandwagon. Mind you any kind of reasonable minded consensus from Labour in Scotland is to be welcomed.

    The SNP Scottish Government and green party initiated this process, and also the consultation. It is the SNP who will bring forward legislation.

    As usual, the Scottish Government are well ahead of Westminster on progressive policies, and equal rights for gay people.

    Most Scots support equal marriage rights, anyway. Let us hope the right decision is made today, so we can be confident of an open inclusive society within the free, independent Scotland after 2014.

  5. Hopefully we’ll get a decision from the Scottish Government later today!

    1. Meeting scheduled to start at 2pm.

      Awaiting the outcome with baited breath.

      Hope Gretna Green has a marketing strategy in place!

      1. When you hear the news, please post it in these comments so the rest of us know.

  6. Whilst I think it is right that those religions who wish not to be involved can opt out, I cannot wait for the wet slap in the face that O’Brien gets when we win this right.

    He chose to talk of “war” and “fighting funds” in his desire to prevent anyone who does not follow his “faith” from gaining these rights.

    Scotland. Your time is now.

  7. That There Other David 17 Jul 2012, 11:33am

    Place your bets ladies and gents. Who will be first, Scotland or France?

    Bloody great isn’t it? :-)

    1. Billy wingartenson 5 Aug 2012, 6:59am

      your english term – bloody great

      it makes me think of how so many xtians wear a cross – which is a symbol of torture and murder

      Of which xtianity ranks right there with Islam

      If Jesus was hanged, the symbole would be a noose.

  8. -sigh- think of all the couples running away to gretna green to get married, who said romance is dead? lol :)

  9. In many respects, the European Enlightenment began in Scotland.
    Keep carrying the torch!

  10. I live in Glasgow and my heart is in my mouth!!

  11. Robert in S. Kensington 17 Jul 2012, 12:20pm

    Well said, Willie Bain, and thank you! Scotland WILL be the 12th country, ahead of France and certainly way ahead of the rest of the UK if and when we in England and Wales are as lucky. Westminster had better pay close attention. Scotland will show us the way. What an embarrassment for the Tories in Westminster and I can just imagine the hysterics and scaremongering antics from the backbenchers once Scotland passes it into law.

  12. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched folks! I daresay Brian Souter and Cardinal O’Brian have both been on the phone to Alex Salmond this morning!

    1. The Scottish government know that if they decide to not introduce legislation to enable marriage of same sex couples then all they will be doing is delaying the inevitable. It will happen either now or at some point in the relatively near future. The Scottish Government also know if they fail to introduce equal marriage legislation that they will earn a legacy of being the party that claimed to support equality for LGBT people and then failed to deliver, the party that rejected the will of the Scottish people, the party that said civil rights do not matter if you are LGBT, the party who allowed themselves to be bullied by the RC church, the party who said hatred is more important that equality.

      I do not see that the Scottish Government has any reasonable alternative but to bring forward legislation. Most Scottish people support it, including the majority of Scottish Christians, Most MSPs support it and it is the right thing to do as well as the responsibility of government (to

      1. ensure equality in civil rights).

        Scotland will not allow itself to be seen as a backward thinking country globally when many other nations have, are in the process of or will introduce shortly similar legislation.

        Its going to happen – almost certainly now. If not, then the SNP only have themselves to blame for the backlash they will receive from LGBT people and their supporters. They have no idea of the damage they will do themselves should they do the wrong thing. However, I do not expect or believe that will happen.

    2. The Catholic Church are declaring war on Scottish government – it would be undemocratic and frightening for a First Minister of any political persuasion to be bullied by a religious organisation to do the wrong thing, go against the will of the people and deny civil equality and civil rights. That would be the start of ecclesiocracy in Scotland and would lead to a significant democratic deficit without a mandate!

  13. alexander watson 24 Aug 2012, 1:27pm

    Nothing Homophobic at all about the protests against Gay Marriages. It is Anti- Human therefore you have no Human Rights on this particular demand. Do what you all like with your lives, no problem there. You have a dis- proportional influence at this moment in time but this will now reverse. We, have not yet begun to fight and we will win in Scotland.

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