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China: Dictionary in dispute over gay omission

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Reader comments

  1. I had gay friends from China who used 同志 (tongzhi / comrade) as a word for ‘gay’ since at least 2000.

    Its a lot more than 5 years, and it was a well known expression even at that time.

    But I don’t really like the word myself~

  2. Commander Thor 17 Jul 2012, 4:56pm

    Jiang Lansheng insisted her revisions “honestly represent” modern China.

    *when viewed through the lenses of her personal prejudice.

  3. Cardinal Capone 17 Jul 2012, 5:59pm

    Omitting words from a dictionary because she doesn’t like them or want to “promote” their use suggests she doesn’t really understand what a dictionary is for.

  4. Christopher 18 Jul 2012, 5:30am

    If we start omitting the word “China” from our conversations, will they just disappear too?

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