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US: FDA approves Truvada for HIV prevention

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Reader comments

  1. How well does it work? I’m currently taking it and still as scared as hell!

    1. Truvada is the preferred NRTI backbone in the UK – it is effective, is very tolerable & has a good track record in post marketing trials & anecdotal evidence.

      Whilst the Tenofovir in Truvada has been linked with kidney toxicity anyone taking Truvada as part of their HIV treatment will have kindney function closely monitored which enables clinicians to take the appropriate action in the event of any adverse kidney events taking place.

      If as you say you are scared about your treatment regimen it is important that you discuss this with your Consultant, Health Advisor or Nurse at your clinic – I would hope that your Consultant will have reassured you about any potential side effects & the monitoring that will be ongoing – comprehensive annual blood tests are an important aspect of ongoing HIV treatment & care which are often over looked as +ve individuals tend to focus on CD4 & VL results – this is only half the story.

  2. GingerlyColors 17 Jul 2012, 7:34am

    The Holy Grail of a drug which will cure any viral disease, let alone HIV/AIDS still eludes us although enormous progress has been made in treatment for HIV/AIDS which has made the disease more of a chronic one which patients can live with for many years rather than an acute one which as a certain death sentence.
    Where people have nothing to lose because of a fatal illness then drugs should be made available to them without having to go through years of safety testing on animals and humans before being approved for use whether it is by the US Food & Drug Administration or UK’s NICE. It is no good being told that a new wonder drug has been developed which will cure the disease that is going to kill you in six months time if the drug will not be available for at least two years because they do not know if it is going to be safe for use on humans.

  3. This drug has a success rate of only between 44-73%, and that is if we believe its manufacturer.

    Nothing less than a 100% independently verified success rate should be approved for general use an an HIV preventive measure:- otherwise we lull an entire new generation of gay men into a false sense of security regarding its transmission.

    But what do you expect when the FDA – probably the most corrupt and infiltrated of all public bodies entirely in the pay of corporate lobbyists – is behind this move?

    The FDA has singlehandedly killed millions of people by approving medicines and drugs known to kill or make people very sick – thereby requiring further expensive treatments – while going out of its way to demonise natural remedies with centuries of proven efficacy.

    The west is truly in the grip of insanity.

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