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Former GaydarRadio news editor says politicians must ‘up their game’ on gay issues

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Reader comments

  1. Sorry to see Scott Roberts demise from from Gaydar Radios News coverage. He always presented in a professional manner. His comments regarding the lackluster effectiveness of the political wheels of westminster wonderfully highlights, in my opinion, the lack of a figurehead in parliament/government that the LGBT community can look or turn to for effective direction and policy towards LGBT issues. Where and who is that voice? We are one of the countries largest minority groups yet formal representation is lacking. Little wonder that any policy output comes across as so half hearted All the best Scott. x

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2012, 6:00pm

      Very good points!

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 16 Jul 2012, 5:21pm

    Interesting article. I think Scott is right. If Out4Marriage had started over two years ago, the support we’re now getting would have been far more positive and far bigger than it currently is. It should have started before Clegg became the first MP to declare support in 2010. By now, public support might have reached as much as 80% and we might not have had such a vociferous hateful campaign by CI/C4m and others who were far better organised than we were.

  3. I’m pretty sick of the HIV card being used against MPs.
    So MPs aren’t perfect, who is? At the end of the day if you can’t be arsed to wear a condom then that’s your own problem and no one elses.
    MPs and quangos can only do so much short of putting peoples condoms on for them but people need to accept the blame where it’s clearly their own fault.

    If HIV figures are increasing homophobia is a half arsed excuse, it’s not illegal to have gay sex here and it’s not illegal to buy condoms

    1. Man up and accept responsibility i dare add

      1. I don’t believe Scott was suggesting that there is not a personal responsibility when it comes to decisions about safer sex.

      2. Scott has a very keen interest HIV prevention – I have often exchanged views on Twitter with him. I think he did a great job at reporting on HIV related stories & I hope this will continue to be a feature of Gaydar news. It has to be said that gay men have become very complacent regarding thier sexual health & HIV in particular; granted HIV is now a treatable condition but it is easily avoidable as Tigra says by wearing a condom.

        Gaydar through its news reports & collaboratrions with HIV charities & more recently 56 Dean Street clinic, are trying to ensure more gay men talk about HIV & are realisitc about thier individual level of risk. The really frustrating thing is that sexual health just aint “sexy” or interesting; this can be seen here on PN, rarely does a story relating to HIV get over 100 comments in the first few days (unless it is about new infection rates) then everyone is interested as Scott says. We need to work together to tackle HIV & health inequalies.

        1. Treatable but not curable. Gays are becoming very disillusioned with this fact.
          I’m not certain of how sex education works since i left school but i never even heard the word HIV used and there was NO gay sex ed. If this hasn’t changed then i’m all for blaming the MPs and it’s a disgrace

  4. Scott has been a great news presenter on gaydar radio, and the coverage he had on some stories was of the highest order.

    Wish him well in the future.

    I concur with JW and Robert that a clearer and more obvious voice in participating/lobbying in parliament and other sections of society would be invaluable.

  5. I think the point here is that politicians flirt with the gay media when it suits. Unfortunately a politician’s primary interest is usually getting re-elected.

    I don’t doubt Tony Blair’s sincerity in supporting gay rights, but his government’s reforms were passed with a landslide majority. David Cameron doesn’t have that luxury.

    Can you blame Cameron (who isn’t explicitly mentioned in Scott’s piece) retreating behind a wall of silence? I struggle to. The coalition has been plagued by embarrassing u-turns and policy changes and there seems to be genuine apathy within the gay community about marriage equality.

    The gay rights agenda isn’t suffering a real set back here, but Cameron has traded championing equality for an awkward silence, in an attempt to appease his own party in the short term. The next time he steps up on a pedestal and tries to champion gay rights, I very much doubt anyone will be taking him seriously.

  6. Best wishes to Scott, and thanks for elevating the news quality at Gaydar Radio, which cannot afford to be just a ‘music station’. I hope the station continues to take quality news seriously after Scott’s departure.

  7. We’ll miss Scott on gaydar radio. And nice piece here but the blurb on HIV is completely off-course. Its high time all of you, Scott and PinkNews included, know that HIV is not a special hat for the gay community. Stop coveting and using it to score cheap points; HIV does not define being Gay or an LBT&I and as such does not represent us. Most LGBT people does not live with HIV and LGBT people does not form the highest number of people living with HIV in the UK or the world. Its ridiculous when anyone tries to use it to get heard. I keep my work in both the LGBT and HIV sector apart cos I dont do one for the other. HIV affects all in the same manner.

  8. We’ll miss Scott on Gaydar Radio; his reporting was very robust and highlighted issues as they mattered making many people like news… less boring and straight to the point. And nice piece here too…

    But the HIV blurb is off-course. Not sure what that is about. HIV is not a owned by LGBT people and LGBT people do not own HIV. It affects everyone regardless of their sexuality and statistics tells us that LGBT people are not the highest number of PLHIV in the world or the UK. HIV do not define us and far many more LGBT people do not live with HIV. So using it to score points is rather stigmatizing such people. The problem of HIV is same to the whole society so using it to score cheap points is ridiculous. And talking of it in every LGBT issue endorses the witch-hunting that it was used for in the beginning which was to deny us equality and paint us as immoral, and undeserving of life and existence etc.

  9. Peter Hugh Billiards 17 Jul 2012, 1:04am

    David Cameron declining an interview request are the actions of a man who is struggling to control his own party during a time of electoral weakness.

    Should the PM be doing interviews about every issue with every publication? Absolutely not. That’s what cabinet ministers are for.

    Doing an interview with Gaydar would not be ‘upping his game’ and this sounds like a case of sour grapes to me.

    However, to advocate marriage equality and then fall silent at the most important moments is a genuine let down to the LGBT community.

    The real story here is that Cameron is only interested in equality so long as it won’t affect his electoral chances with grass roots Tories.

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