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Florida Lt. governor says ‘black women like her’ don’t have lesbian affairs

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Reader comments

  1. This will possibly be one of those ‘incidents’ where we will probably never know what really happened, unless one of the two decides to tell the truth one day.

    However, the governor’s comments like ‘People like me don’t have lesbian affairs’ are very unpleasant and quite bigoted.

  2. Christopher 17 Jul 2012, 2:21am

    Where’s her pic? We know what the American flag looks like already…

  3. Here is the woman in question

    What a stupid comment to make, the woman is delusional!

  4. Jock S. Trap 17 Jul 2012, 8:24am

    So… homophobic AND racist!!

    From someone who should know better! I dare say she knows what discrimination is like, yet so happy to dish it out to all it seems.


  5. I can’t believe I am reading this.

  6. “accused” What kind of language is that, Pink News? Come on!

  7. “Black women who look like [her]”, this is one of those statements that connect a whole series of BAD dots. So there’s a type of black women who does have homosexual affairs and you can spot them by how they look? LGBT rights in black communities are already difficult, we certainly don’t need this Lt. Govenor doing damage!

    Like Jemmie said, we’ll probably never know the truth unless one of them talks or writes a book.

  8. Yeah they do….!

  9. All women look like lesbians……

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