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Bristol ‘full of goodwill’ as Pride parade ends week of celebrations

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Reader comments

  1. redlandguy 16 Jul 2012, 1:24pm

    thank you to Bristol Cathedral for allowing the use of College Green, which they own and ultimately decide who can use. Nice to have some support from the local COe clergy.

  2. Perhaps the organisers of this Pride can come and take over the planning for London? Just a thought!

  3. cerys ford 16 Jul 2012, 2:02pm

    this was my first pride march and it was excellent! the EDL kept out of our way and we kept out of their’s, and i saw no problems. there was a great atmosphere and everyone was happy despite the weather. the entertainment was fab, the kids area was fun, and everyone was very friendly and cheerful. well done, bristol, for doing such an outstanding job!

  4. Rachel Haytread 16 Jul 2012, 10:56pm

    So let’s get this straight. One EDL supporter was arrested for refusing to uncover his face but many more anti EDL demonstrators from the extreme left wing, pro-Muslim, Jew hating, homophobic terror group UAF (United Against Freedom) were arrested for violence, criminal damage and attacking the police.

    Jane Fae you are a disgrace.

    1. Are you suggesting i am responsible for the actions of the UAF? That’d be a laugh…

      However, if you’d care to stand up any of the above,it would be nice. I don’t know about the detailed power politics on the ground, but my take was that there were two groups organising against the EDL demo, of which UAF was one.

      To the best of my knowledge, one of the individuals arrested was clearly identified as an EDL supporter, one as a UAF activist…and the rest weren’t much identified as belonging to any group. Evidence of their affiliation would be interesting…might even be useful info for the police, who seem not aware of this “fact”

      Would be interested also to know the basis for claiming the UAF as either “Jew-hating” or “homophobic”: statements i have read don’tseem to align with the latter…can’t comment on the former.


    2. Rachel Haytread, you are the very definition of fringe lunatic. The EDL are clearly homophobic thugs, otherwise why would they counter march Pride. If you count yourself among them, then its you who is the disgrace.

  5. Rachel Haytread 16 Jul 2012, 11:25pm

    Well I am surprised. My innocuous comment was removed within minutes of posting. I wasn’t even allowed to be condemned by the polemicists on this site. Good to see PN upholding democracy and freedom of speech.

    1. Rachel Haytread 16 Jul 2012, 11:26pm

      And now you’ve put it back again.

    2. The “polemicists”? Seriously. Is that it? You’re counter argument is that we all believe the fascist nonsense you do, but hide it? Not well up on history are you.

      You are one messed up freak. I sincerely hope you are not gay, given you are barely human. There is little worse or more disgusting than a deluded bigot.

      To be blunt, you make me sick.

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