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London: Body found in gay sauna

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Reader comments

  1. Never use Poppers with Viagra guys- can cause a cardiac arrest. I am not saying that is what has happened here- it just seems an opportune place to mention it. BP can drop so low that the heart just stops

    1. The Halcyon 12 Jul 2012, 5:35pm

      And don’t use the sauna if you’ve been heavily drinking – have seen plenty of people carted out because they are too dehydrated and unable to stay conscious. Stay safe – in more ways than one.

  2. It’s getting a bit weird with that place now, isn’t it??

    Why do people keep attacking that establishment like that… Fires, murders, what next… 0_o

    It should probably just close down by now~

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 12 Jul 2012, 2:15pm

      Maybe that’s what people want but why should a business close down if there is someone malicious with a vendetta against the place?

      1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 10:52am

        I would hardly call it malicious.
        The place is a sordid den of iniquity.

        1. What is a sordid den of iniquity to you is a perfectly acceptable establishment to others – each to their own.

          Does malicious intent have to be coupled with whether you approve of an establishment or not – do the police come round and say “Spanner this place has been attacked – can you tell us is it the sort of place you find acceptable enough to you for us to define it as malicious?”

    2. Jock S. Trap 12 Jul 2012, 3:35pm

      Perhaps we should wait and see how and why the man died before such speculation.

      1. James Davenport 12 Jul 2012, 3:37pm

        yes..too early yet! god bless him

      2. That is too calm and rational, speculation is more fun for most PN readers.

  3. Not a great place to spend an evening. Grim and depressing at the best of times.

    1. I agree. The last time I was there it was empty and very dirty — not nice at all. Won’t be going back (well, I probably will …)

    2. Personally I think there are better choices in London

  4. James Davenport 12 Jul 2012, 3:36pm

    They should search people before they pay,as to many drugs going in!!

  5. Karl smith 12 Jul 2012, 8:03pm

    Hang on someone has sadly died here , hardly the time or place to be writing sauna reviews

    1. Who has written a sauna review?

      1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 7:53pm

        Loads of us. It’s a craphole.

    2. Sister Mary Clarence 12 Jul 2012, 11:44pm

      Yes I agree Karl, but I think if its dirty and there’s no on in there people need to know. £16 may not be a lot of money to you, but frankly if I’d shelled out 16 quid and the only thing to look at in there was the filth of the floor there’d be murders I can tell you.

      1. Sister May please, have some respect.
        I mean, you’d go?

  6. All saunas are depressing.

    1. Not all, many, but not all

  7. Anyone seen the latest ad for Chariots in Boyz?

    It’s now calling is saunas “Health Clubs”.

    Yeah, right…

    1. Health club not sleazy enough for you, SamuelB?

      1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 10:54am

        How about calling it what it is: A shag parlour with a pool.

        1. Nothing wrong with that

  8. Why would someone be in a sauna / health club in the early hours of the morning? I’m slightly confused.

    What happens in these saunas? Are they like those rooms in the local council sports centre?


    1. Lots of explanations.

      Why is night time such as issue with you, John?

      Why are you pretending to sound so naive?

    2. I’m a Knight person John, sometimes a Dark one.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 7:54pm

        …and a bit of a Joker.

        1. Why are we joking about some poor guy dying from who knows what?

          Reality check guys?

          1. Spanner1960 15 Jul 2012, 1:51pm

            Who’s joking about a death?
            Reality check yourself.
            It was simply a Batman reference.

  9. Anthony Bermon 13 Jul 2012, 1:39pm

    We don’t know yet the causebof death, so it’s possible it was unconnected with the location.

    If someone keeled over and died of a heart attack in Asda then there wouldn’t be suggestive articles and comments about it.

    1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 7:56pm

      True, but then people don’t tend to drop drugs, Viagra and poppers whilst shagging in the middle of the dairy product aisle.

      1. Nah – not in the dairy aisle. It’s too cold there. I prefer doing those things in the bakery area :)

        1. Spanner1960 14 Jul 2012, 11:09am

          Well I did grab someone’s buns there once… ;)

  10. Saunas are full of the desperate, broken hearted and drug addled. They are horrible places.

    1. From your comment above, I thought you were unaware of gay saunas – now it seems you are an expert, John

      Which is it to be?

      1. Who said I was unaware? Stop being so presumptuous. I’ve been many times, and then I got some self respect. Never again.

  11. I think this has been one of the cleanest saunas I have ever been to, other than Thermos in Amsterdam. Vauxhaul is a pigs stike for sure. People are taking drugs in these places, com on. We’ve all seen them pass out, faint and walk like zombies. The question is was it drug related or did someone commit foul play. If it is the latter, we must know !!!

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