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Video: Anti-gay American Family Association ponders Google ban

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Reader comments

  1. Why use 21st Century technology at all. Surely bronze age tools would be much more compatible with their bronze age values and fairy tales.

    1. How dare Google say that executing and imprisoning gay people is wrong? As fundamentalist Christians we want all gays to be stoned to death and dispatched to hell.

      God save me from religious fundamentalists!

  2. friday jones 11 Jul 2012, 11:55pm

    Silly AFA, just Google “Google Replacement” and all your problems will be solved. Remember, when you run a web search on the Abyss, the Abyss runs a web search on you…

  3. The irony is this video will probably end up on youtube…

    1. yep, video is already there :D

  4. I guess Google have made these people now realize that this is the 21st century! the meat of their centuries old traditions have hit a rut in the cross roads of the information and technology age!

    To continue to condemn… I guess they have to go back to the biblical times! Ah yes societal evolution changes and technologies ffinally give then a rock and a hard place to be… continue to condemn “or” question your values and compromise! I guess Google is going to introduce us to a whole new group of secret sinners

    Even if Google provided an “Opt out” of service choice how many would? or could? How many of these people will realize then they look in the mirror it took Google to show them the real face of hypocrisy!

  5. Boycott Google products??? LOL! Off you go then, see how much of an impact you’ll make. The more religious you are the bigger the bigoted fool you become.

  6. Google just do it. You campaign is sorely needed in many, many countries around the world where primitive and/or backward regimes and governments still exist.
    Anti-Christ organisations must be educated and helped to grow into the 19th century and then gradually e\ased into the 20th and then the 21t century. This will take time and in the meantime they must be carefully monatored for any hint of terrorist activities against the LGBT Community and hunannity in general.

  7. If they do boycott Google perhaps it will be the beginnings of a retreat into obscurity by the AFA, let’s hope they carry out their threat and disappear.

  8. And I am sure that Google will really miss an outdated organisation such as the AFA!

  9. Well, they should if their “values” make them believe it is the right thing to do – but to avoid it being seen as mere rhetoric and grandstanding then they should also ban:

    3M, Aetner, Alaska Airlines, Alcoa, Allianz Life Assurance, Allstate, Amazon, American Airlines, Anheuser Busch, Apple, Applebee’s, AT&T, BASF, Best Buy, Boeing, Bristol Myers, Campbell Soup, Chrysler, Chubb, Cisco, Citigroup, Clorox, Coca-Cola, Continental Airlines, Coors Brewing,
    Costco, Credit Suisse, Cummins, Delta Airlines, Dell, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, DuPont, Eastman Kodak, Ebay, Eli Lilly & Co, Exelon Corp, Ford,
    Gap, General Motors, Gerber Baby Products, Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotels,
    Home Depot, IMB, Kraft, Levi Strauss, Marriot International, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nationwide, Nike, Olive Garden, Pepsico, Proctor and Gamble, Red Lobster, Rite Aid, Sears, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks, State Farm, Target, Time Warner Cable, Unilever, United Airlines, UPS, Viacom, Walgreens, Walt Disney Company, Xerox

    1. Oh and :

      Estee Lauder, Glaxo Smithkline, Hewlett Packard, HSBC, JC Penney, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberley Clark, KPMG, Lockheed Martin, Mastercard, Merck & Co, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Oracle Corp, Pfizer, PrcieWaterhouse Coopers, Prudential, Shell, Starwood Hotels, Subaru, Sun Microsystems, Toyota, US Airways, Volkswagen, Yahoo, Banana Republic, General Mills …

      Undoubtedly many many more too

  10. That There Other David 12 Jul 2012, 10:14am

    This is hilarious. If they boycott Google, why not also Apple and Microsoft, since they also very publicly support equality? Of course Linux and the other UNIX OSs have daemons so are obviously Satanic, so they’re unsuitable for other reasons.

    Which pretty much leaves them with no computers, no tablets, no smartphones, no Internet, and no TV or DVD/Blu-Ray players from later than about 2008!! Wonderful. They can sit in church reading books whilst the rest of us get on with using the Internet :-)

    1. Or Sun Micropsystems, Oracle Corp, Dell etc etc

      and they better not fly American Airlines, Delta, United, US Airways or Alaska Airlines on Boeing or Lockheed Martin aircraft.

      they also need to avoid all pharmaceuticals by Glaxo Smithkline, Pfeizer, Bristol Meyers, Johnson & Johnson etc

    2. Paddyswurds 12 Jul 2012, 11:30am

      …they can read? I seriously doubt that in Mississippi.
      Mississippi considers education elitist and works of the devil…that is how their preachers can feed them whatever rubbish comes into their heads. The uneducated have no way of knowing any better.

  11. I’m sure Google are trembling with fear of the loss of revenue from this boycott.

    1. Probably crossing their fingers they will – free positive publicity for Google.

      I’m sure Google wouldn’t reciprocate, but it would be fun if they did.

  12. Jock S. Trap 12 Jul 2012, 11:05am

    All this does is show up the AFA as a hateful religious group that clearly supports war, murder, torture, prejudice, discrimination of people. They fight love so clearly do not understand it.

    Let them boycott, see where it gets them but all this does for me is show up religion once again for the Evils this world has to deal with.

    How can they support regimes that kills our community and say they are decent people.

    Shameful and I do believe in “what goes around, comes around” !!

  13. Paddyswurds 12 Jul 2012, 11:10am

    What amazes me is how people who should know better, allow an outfit like the AFA more gravitas than they deserve. The AFA is nothing more than an ex reverend Don Wildmon and his son Tim in a backroom of their run down shack in Tupelo Mississippi, firing off letters and e.mails willy nilly to whoever happens to rub them up the wrong way or who they think they can scare. They have several letterheads they use such as One Million Moms, and are listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. They claim to have a budget over $12 million dollars but never have filed any tax return s to date.
    Frankly Pink News must be having a very slow news day when they post this sort of non story. The AFA are laughed at in 90% of the USA and no one outside their particular neighbourhood in a run down section of Tupelo thinks they have any influence whatever and regard them as nothing more than bigoted cranks trying to make a name for themselves. Nothing more than the KKK in disguise … …

  14. Omar Kuddus 12 Jul 2012, 12:23pm

    I hope they do stop using services provided by Googol and isolate themselves from society. I presume that then they will also want to stop using Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, and any company for their support of marriage equality. It is via companies that aid and facilitates our technology and our information, that we shall be able to finally obtain, equality and irradiate homophobia and discrimination. For it is giants like Googol , Yahoo and Microsoft and Apple , who can influence, demand and force uncooperative companies and organisations that are homophobic or have appalling records towards LGBTs, to improve their stance. Living in an ever increasing information and technologically dependant age, by refusing to use technological giants, they can become isolated and harm their bigoted causes and the fabric of their infrastructure, and a path that no sane organisation would like to take. The relevant word is sane and rational, which the AFA, obviously is not.

  15. If they are not to appear to be full of hypocrisy then they also need to boycott these brands/companies who support equal marriage:

    3M, 7Up, AC Hotels, Accupril, Actifed, Acuvue, Adamo, Admirals Club, Advil, Alaska Airlines, Alhambra Water, Allianz Life Assurance, Apen, Always, Amazon, Ambi Pur, American Airlines, American Beauty, American Eagle, Andrex, Apple, Appletiser, Aqua Shot, Aquafina, Aquafresh, Aramis, Aricept, Ariel, AT&T, Athleta, Augmentin, Avaguard, Avandia, Aviance, Bacardi, Baileys, Banana Republic, Band Aid, Beconase, Beechams, Bells Whisky, Ben & Jerrys, Benedryl, Benecol, Benylin, Bertolli, Best Buy, Blue Band, Boeing, Bold, Bounce, Bounty, Bournville, Braun, Breathe Right, Bristol Myers Squibb, Brooke Bond, Brut, Brylcreem, Budweiser, Buick, Bulgari Hotels, Bundaberg Rum, Busch Gardens, Bushmills Whisky, Cadbury, Cadillac, Caffreys, Calpol, Calprofen, Calypso, Campbells Soup, Capri Sun, Captain Morgan Rum, Carling, Carte Noir, Charmin, Cheetos, Chevrolet,

    1. Chicken Tonight, Chrysler, Chubb Insurance, Cialis, Cis, Cisco, Citibank, Clarityn, Clean & Clear, Clinique, Cobra Beer, Coca Cola, Colorbrite, Comfort, Compaq, Conrad Hotels, Continental Airlines, Converse, Coors, Copella, Corona, Corsodyl, Costco, Courtyard by Marriott, Cracker Barrel, Credit Suisse, Crest, Cresta, Crystal Water, Dash, Dell, Delta Airlines, Dentyne, Deutsche Bank, Diageo, Disney Cruise Line, Disney ABC Television Group, Dodge Trucks, Dolce & Gabbana, Domestos, Doritos, Doubletree Hotels by Hilton, Dove, DuPont, Duracell, Durapore, Eastman Kodak, Ebay, Eli Lilly & Co, Elmlea, Embassy Suite Hotels, ESPN, Estee Lauder, Fairfield Inn, Fairy, Fanta, Febreze, Findus, Five Alive, Fixodent, Flora, Ford, Four Points, Fusion, Gap, Gatorade, Geek Squad, General Motors, Gerber Baby Products, Gillette, Glaxo Smithkline, Glucagon, Goldman Sachs, Gordons Gin, Green & Blacks, Grolsch, Guinness, Hampton Inn, Harp, Head & Shoulders, Hellmans, Hennessey, Herbal Essences,

    2. Hewlett Packard, Hilton Garden Inn, Hilton Grand Vacations, Hilton Hotels, Home Depot, Homepride, Homewood Suites, Horizon Air, Horlicks, HSBC, Huggies, Hugo Boss, Hurley, I Can’t Believe Its Not Butter, IMB, Imodium, iPad, iPhone, iPod, iTunes, Jacobs, JC Penney, Jeep Trucks, Jell-O, Jif, Johnnie Walker, Johnson & Johnson, Jose Cuervo, Just Juice, Kaliber, Kenco, Kevlar, Kia Ora, Kilkenney, Kimberley-Clark, Kindle, Kleenex, Knorr, Kool Aid, Kotex, KPMG, KY Gel, Le Meridien Hotels, Lenor, Levi Strauss, Lincoln Motors, Lipton Tea, Listerene, Littman Stethoscopes, Lockheed Martin, Lodestar Corp, Lucozade, Lux, Lynx, Lyons Tea, MAC Cosmetics, Macbook, Macleans, Magic Tape, Malvern Water, Marmite, Marriott Hotels, Marvel International, Mastercard, Masterseal, Matey, Max Factor, Maxwell House, McDonalds, Medipore, Merck & Co, Michelob, Microsoft, Migraleve, Milka, Minute Maid, Miracle Whip, Moet & Chandon, Morgan Stanley, Motorola, Mountain Dew, MTV, Nabisco, Nestea, Neutrogena, Nikelodeon,

    3. Nicorette, Nike, Nutter Butter, Oasis, Oatso Simple, Olay, Old Spice, Olive Garden, Opel, Oracle Corp, Oral B, Oreo, Origins, Oxo, Pampers, Panadol, Pantene, Paramount Pictures, Pears, Pepsi, Pepsico, Persil, Pfizer, PG Tips, Philadelphia, Piat d’Or, Pimms, Piriton, Post It Notes, Pot Noodle, Powerade, Press n Seal, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Prince, Procter & Gamble, Prozac, Prudential, Quaker Oats, Radox, Ragu, Ralgex, Red Stripe, Renaissance Hotels, Ribena, Ritz, Ritz Carlton Hotels, Scotch Tape, Sears, Sensodyne, Settlers, Shell, Sheraton Hotels, Singha, Smirnoff, Smithwicks, Snack a Jack, Solpadeine, Southwest Airlines, Springhill Suites, Sprite, St Regis Hotels, Starbucks, Starwood Hotels, Steristrip, Stork Margarine, Subaru, Sudacare, Sudafed, Sun Microsystems, Sure, Surf, Talisker Whisky, Tampax, Tanquerey Gin, Target, Teflon, Tegaderm, Tilex, Toblerone, Toni & Guy, Toyota, Tresemme, Tropicana, Tums, Tylenol, Tyvek, Umbro, Unilever, United Airlines, UPS, US Airways, Valtrex,

    4. Vaseline, Vauxhall, Ventolin, Venus, Veuve Clicquot, VH-1, Via Coffee, Viacom, Vicks, Vital, Vitamin Water, VO5, Volkswagen, W Hotels, Waldorf Astoria, Walkers Crisps, Walls, Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Lambert, Wella, Westin, Windows, Worthingtons, Xerox, Yahoo, Zantac, Zovirax

      Seems they will need to avoid the vast majority of major corporations!

      1. Nice one, Vince.

        The APA still have the option of using Morse Code or carrier pigeons…. straight carrier pigeons, that is.

  16. OutMaturity 12 Jul 2012, 5:01pm

    David, great comment!!


  17. let them boycott their way out of mainstream society entirely. What a pleasure that would be. Then they can go live in splendid isolation, and eat their home grown grits while thumping on their bible thang.

  18. LOL … and please sue google to remove all referers and links to AFA and aphiliates …

  19. Jim Fields Nashville tn 13 Jul 2012, 6:05am

    I find this amusing .. especially in the USA where we have become so lazy we allow the USA olympic team to wear uniforms made in China .. if the AFA has as many memmbers as they hope some of teh the biggest fortune 500 companies will fold and go under .. even Obama cant bail all of them out .. lol but the if the members of AFA are as lazy .as the rest of the citizens of the USA this will not go anywhere .. we shop and buy what is easy to get back to our tvs and computers ..
    my hope is that finally the AFA will realize we arent going away but we can hope they will

  20. James Savik 10 Aug 2012, 4:04pm

    There are 12 of these idiots.

    No one cares about their boycotts.

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