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South Africa: Church billboard lists homosexuality with alcoholism

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Reader comments

  1. The one thing that people need to be cured from on that billboard – the lack-witted drooling BS that is religion.

    You all know it is a bloody fairy story. Put down the security blanket for the good of humanity.

    1. “The one thing that people need to be cured from on that billboard – the lack-witted drooling BS that is religion.”

      Couldn’t agree more Valksy!

  2. I am a lesbian who was compared to a pedofile (due to my “lifestyle choices” etc) by an old friend who is a memeber of a lay cathoilc organisation here in Dublin. He also offered to get me cured by a priest he knows that has done so in the past. Where do these people get off, as you can guess I have not spoken to him since

  3. Why aren’t religious adverts held to the same standard of accuracy and proof as those promoting other products and businesses?

    1. I used the South African Advertising Standards Authority’s code as the basis for the complaint. The code specifically forbids advertising of fiath healing and requires “acceptable truth” when advertising.

  4. Strange choice of model for the poster. Seems someone at this church group has a keen eye for the male form .

  5. Roll up! Roll up! You to can become a closet gay and have a sham marriage.

  6. Stiff drink anyone?

    Lets hit the communal vino!

  7. Now, far be it from me to be cynical and expect duplicity from some churches.

    But was a ripped, attractive young man semi naked:
    a) really necessary to advertise a church!?!?!
    b) intended to target gay men and lure them to lives of denial and psychological harm?

    1. Or maybe it was commissioned by a Ted Haggard type.
      Reminds me of George Rekers’ unintentionally hilarious hetroevangelist book “Shaping your child’s sexual identity” with a cover featuring a lumberjack with a handlebar moustache and tight jeans, axe casually slung over his shoulder and legs akimbo… straight out of a Tom of Finland sketch.
      You can find the pic on google images!

  8. Religious billboards should be banned, irrespective of the religion.

    Hate speech =/= Free speech

    1. Paddyswurds 11 Jul 2012, 8:40pm

      All public displays of any religion should be banned and that should include emblems and clothing. Religion is a private matter, although irrational in nature, and in the twenty first century should be confined to homes or buildings constructed for that purpose. It is also time to consider taxation for these organisations which are now amongst the richest in the world and are using such riches in an effort to circumvent democracy and foment dissension, homophobia, racism and fascism. Religions recent disgraceful attempts to circumvent science and insist that the foolishness that is creationism and “intelligent design” alongside science in schools must be stopped and those advocating such sedition prosecuted to the fullest sense of the law and if present laws are insufficient then stringent laws must be enacted…….

      1. Paddyswurds 11 Jul 2012, 8:41pm

        …be taught alongside science **

  9. Omar Kuddus 11 Jul 2012, 8:39pm

    I personally find this to be a highly offensive poster.
    The tagline ‘Whom the son sets free is free indeed’ just adds insult to injury.

    I don’t need anyone to set me free as being OUT Gay and Proud makes me free.
    Approval is not required or needed.

  10. said the advert was meant to “highlight aspects and challenges of everyday life”

    Funny how the expectations of heterosexuality are never seen as “challenges”, isn’t it?

  11. Maybe I’m a bad gay, but I kinda liked the way “Diets” was up there as something to overcome. :-)

  12. Another backward anti-Christ church.The list is getting longer.

  13. In spite of it all, I’m glad the hunky guy with the washboard abs can still go off message by ripping his shirt off and showing the world he wants to be known as “Grace”… I think that counts as embracing his feminine side.

    1. Grace: “Lord, we thank you for this perfect bit of manflesh we are about to devour. Amen.”

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