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Lady Gaga social network unveiled

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Reader comments

  1. Can’t seem to login. They say I’m already a member. Please help anyone.

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Jul 2012, 11:49am

    Is it still around? I guess the fact we have had Madonna for the last 30 years means this Gaga thing will be carrying on for a few more years yet taking the best bits from a far greater artist. *Shakes head* “kids today….”

    1. Yes Lady Gaga is still around and will be for a very long time. She is an LGBT icon, a legend in the music industry and one of the most talked about people of all time. Not only that, she is very political and is not afraid to express her views unlike some artists who spit out song after song, video after video and take every interview they can possibly get to talk about themselves and how great they are. If you don’t like her, then please tell me why you read this article and make a comment? Oh wait, I know, because you’re a tragic troll. Truly pathetic.

      1. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Jul 2012, 1:09pm

        Little Monster stan alert!

      2. Jesus moran 11 Jul 2012, 2:03pm

        You are completely right I hardly ever hear Madonna , rihanna or Katie perry talking about gay issues and we are so stupid and keep on buying their cd and attending their concerts shame on all of us!

        1. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Jul 2012, 2:08pm

          They’re just not enslaved to the pink pound as much as Gaga. She’s so one dimensional and predictable its painful.

        2. I never mentioned Madonna, Rihanna or Katy Perry – or “Katie” as you have called her. Stick with the facts, darling.

  3. Yeah, I have to say I agree with Darren above… All too often, the jealous internet trolls sit at home behind their keyboards doing NOTHING for anyone…. other than making themselves feel good by making ‘clever’ sarky comments about others efforts. Like her music or loathe it, she is a force for good. We have ENOUGH enemies out there in the big wide world, without back-biting our allies!

    Lady Gaga, good on you baby. Thanks for all you do and long may it continue!

  4. Wow.

  5. Okay, can anyone see an annual ‘Born This Way Benefit’ being formed where, of course, Gaga herself headlines but other singers speaking out for diversity and against bullying perform to raise money for the BTW Foundation.

  6. Santa Gaga.

  7. I personally welcome anything which is a positive tool for suporting LGBT young people, globally.

    Some people prefer to bitch and complain about it – thats their call, but perhaps they should show what they are doing that is better?

  8. Bisexual my phone-hat!!!

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