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Boy George in Twitter spat over WorldPride photos

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Reader comments

  1. The kind of childish, immature spat that I expect of Boy George.

    1. It’s also a complete non-story.

      Why is this news.

      Boy George was annoyed at a photographer for taking his picture and gave out about it on Twitter.

      What a complete and utter joke it is that this could every be deemed news.

  2. Lewishamdreamer 11 Jul 2012, 2:31pm

    What a jerk. George, I mean.

  3. He’s either joking or stupid. having read his tweets, I’m guessing the latter

  4. Oh he is so sad. Fact is he doesnt own the photos and as he is an adult no one needs his permission to publish them. Loads of people at Pride took photos of him, is the abuse directed at all of us. He needs to grow up. I would also add, that I was a BG\Culture fan from the old days. I was most disappointed with him at Pride. I blamed the sound system but maybe he is just past it.

  5. Touched a nerve?

  6. I retweeted Nic Chinardet (who is a friend) and unleashed a firestorm on Twitter from the Boy. Secretly, I’m flattered he’s found time between ‘Homes Under the Hammer’ and ‘Countdown’ to research AND insult me.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 11 Jul 2012, 3:12pm

      Finally some decent sarcasm on Pink News, how I have waited for this day! *wipes tear from eye*

      1. Tell me about it!! :-)

  7. George has made a living out of narcissism and I’ve mostly enjoyed it. He’s famously vitriolic but again it’s part of the image…..this was the man that put on so much weight he painted his neck black to give himself a jawline….

  8. Prima donnas shouldn’t appear on public stages if they don’t want their photo taken, and if Miss Thing expects a busy photographer to spend time photoshopping out wrinkles and double chins, then she should pay for the service!

  9. Jock S. Trap 11 Jul 2012, 3:21pm

    If you are sh!t (note PinkNews can print it but we can’t say it!) singer/performer with an oversized immature, childish ego keep your work to yourself…

    There, think that works just as well!!

  10. No photographic angle or amound of war paint would make this man look pretty. He should feel lucky that someone wanted to photograph his hag- ugly mug.

  11. Greg Mitchell 11 Jul 2012, 3:34pm

    Boy George is often very witty. This time I think the humour unintentional. I find his hissy fit very amusing.

  12. Never worry George….There will always be haters. We love ya. it seems that just because you are famous you can’t express an opinion. Go fuk yourselves Haters…the Boy don’t need ya.

    1. He kinda does though, when the hates in question are the photographers who give him the exposure his career demands.

      1. Many many photographers. But only ONE Boy George.

        1. A dull, violent, criminal who is meangingless these days

  13. He should be in a cell, not being celebrated at pride. Or is handcuffing someone and beating them with a chain something to be proud of now?

    1. Agreed. I hate the way our community still supports this convicted criminal. Shame on us.

    2. I’d love to see his mug-shot!

    3. And having sex with strangers for money is? La la la la la la!

      1. Jock S. Trap 12 Jul 2012, 11:26am

        yeah coz straight married men don’t do that do they, Shane?!!

  14. Boy George needs to grow up. Fans and photographers are one of the same and put him where he is today…an untalented washed-up croner with a rod up his arse

  15. Hissy fit

  16. Typical immature catty queen … When will you grow up George ?.i mean you’re not exactly young anymore are you !.

  17. This is why Boy George gets a bad reputation. He really is his own worst enemy. I was there at Pride. George gave a wonderful performance. His voice was great and the crowd loved him. It was a lovely afternoon filled with positivity. But then he had to go ruin it by bitching out some photographer for some silly reason. He should be grateful that the crowd embraced him and not complain about one photographer.

    1. It is even more absurd that Pink News would deem this non-story worthy of reporting on.

      It’s a twitter spat that affects absolutely no-one, and it’s not even a particularly interesting spat.

      Whoever deemed this non-story worthy of reporting on, is clearly not fit for purpose as either a journalist or an editor.

      Maybe Pink News should run another story headline ‘dAVID deems Stephen Grey an appalling journalist for his atrociously unnecessary story about Boy George on Twitter’.

      I mean that’s as ‘newsworthy’ as this story.

  18. Is it really worth reporting on a spat between a 1980’s pop star and an unknown photographer.

    Is there nothing else going on in the LGBT world today?

    What with the non-story of a drunk woman being offended by a bottle and now an arguement between 2 gay men, then it really looks like Pink News is scraping the bottom of the barrel for ‘news’ today.

    1. I see nothing wrong with Pink News reporting this story. Boy George is a gay celebrity with thousands of followers on twitter. Pink News reports on other gay celebrities, all the time like Elton John and George Michael. If he doesn’t want Pink News to report stuff like this he shouldn’t attack people on twitter. If you are a celebrity, the media is going to report on what you tweet. You need to think before you press send.

    2. And yet you comment more than once on both threads. Why?

  19. Boy George pitches a hissy fit because he has nothing else better to do. In other news, clouds spotted overhead in sky.

  20. Spanner1960 11 Jul 2012, 6:17pm

    What’s the matter George? Did he make you look fat and ugly?
    Oh, too late.

    Get over yourself, photographers do not require permission to take your photograph. If you don’t like pictures taken of you, stay out of the public eye.

    Na before anybody cares to dispute me, I am a professional photographer of nearly 20 years, and I know the law intimately regarding this subject.

    1. In a public place, unless he has a bizarre unheard of super-injunction re photographs – then he can not stop or place restrictions on the taking of his photograph.

  21. Sounds like Boy George needs a bitch-slap.

  22. Mumbo Jumbo 11 Jul 2012, 6:24pm

    I’m not sure you can get up on stage in front of 20,000 people in a public square in the middle of London and then complain that someone has posted a photo of you on line.

  23. He’s just a bitter old queen who hasn’t been in the limelight for years so he feels the need to pick on someone else to make himself feel important, by fabricating a schoolyard spat. I could be all wrong but this happens to many queens when they reach a certain age. It’s sad, really. He needs to get his sorry ass out of bed and work or shut up.

  24. doesn’t like photographs…does like appearing in the press. If Boy George cares what he looks like in 2012, he should have thought of that in…oh, 1987.

  25. Maybe he didn’t like the angle of the pictures as they showed up the turkey waddle neck he’s constantly trying to hide ?

  26. Maybe he didn’t like the angle of the photos because they show up the turkey waddle neck he’s constantly trying to hide ?

  27. I fell asleep reading that 12 year old playground tripe.

  28. He never used to complain when he was young, beautiful and worthy of column inches… what happened? Oh, yeah!

  29. Claudia Elizabeth 11 Jul 2012, 10:16pm

    Sweet readers

  30. Claudia Elizabeth 11 Jul 2012, 10:17pm

    26 lovely comments without faces! Rare rare rare. No photos, only names. I imagine a loy of very beautiful faces of humble people who can say here horrible things about other people without showing their faces. You must be so modest that you all must hide yourself. God Bless you all!

  31. friday jones 12 Jul 2012, 12:10am

    Boy George is an abusive person who takes drugs. His only recent accomplishment was raising my respect for a paparazzo.

  32. so you perform at worldpride, and then object to your photo being taken whilst your performing… seriously? I bet theres millions of photos and video of it, is he gonna bitch at every single youtube user?

  33. Don’t want your picture taking then don’t perform in public!!

    I would imagine there are plenty of pics of him floating around taken by audience members on the day. Is he going to be abusive to them too? Sue them possibly? Someone needs to grow up me thinks

  34. And here we are, tolerant Queers critising and bad mouthing a fellow Queers for, amongst some of the comments, being Fat, being in jail, bring Ugly, being old, being rude, being past it., shame on you. In this time when we fight hard against bullying and hate crimes a lot of you turn into bullies &hate. Yeah sure George made mistakes, they are all well documented and in the public domain. I’m sure all your lives are squeaky clean. None of you have done illegal things, taken drugs for instance. Or had a bad pic taken of you and asked the taker to delete it. Hate is just that, hate, in any guise.

    1. No, he did not simply ask a photographer to delete a photograph he did not like.

      He threw a public hissy fit full of bullying and offensive language at someone who took a photograph in a public place. He tried to bully and ridicule a photographer doing his job in a public place. He showed himself up.

      1. Someone whose job it was to take those pictures and had taken every responsible step to get the correct permissions to do so no less. fat old man george had no right to throw the diva fit he did and should be ashamed of himself.

      2. Actually the point I was making was more aimed at the bullying language used here by a community who fights so hard against bullying…in ALL its forms and from ALL who bully….or is some bullying ok or justified??? Fat, yes folks its ok to use the F word as an insult because God forbid that any LGBT person should be FAT! Criminal, done the crime and done his time. Ugly, is in the eye of the beholder. Drug user, and none of us ever use drugs!!! old….how offensive that we dare to live past 30…shocking indeed. People in glass houses etc…put your own houses in order folks. its more like internalised homophobia in here every day.
        To clarify the point, what George did wasn’t nice but hardly out of character, he has never been a man to mince his words (pun intended) but the level of hatred for a fellow Gay man is uncalled for and is usually reserved for that other Gay man with a big mouth…Peter Tatchell. Save your harsh words and ‘hatred’ for those who would harm us. Rant over

        1. Well you seem to worship the grounds he walks on – others, perhaps unsurprisingly do not share your fervour of support for Boy George and recognise how repulsive he is (in so many ways)

          1. Stu…I’m a fan, Have been since I first seen George on TOTP. Like many of my hero’s I admired him, and Joe Orton, Jeff dudgeon, Peter Tatchell and all the others who directly or indirectly made the Gay community more visible, because they dared, they dared to do and go where I did not. They helped to pave they way for me to dare to be myself. if I still admire him in spite of his humanity, size, age past and presen mistakes. its called loyality

        2. I’m against bullying in all forms. Shane, you are criticizing people on here for saying mean things about George some of which I don’t agree with. But the fact is George did bully the photographer. You are basically saying it’s wrong for people to bully George but it’s okay for George to bully people because that’s part of his character. If bullying is wrong, it’s wrong for George to do it also.
          Recently, George has done all those interviews in which he makes a big fuss of saying he’s changed and he’s Zen and he doesn’t attack people anymore. How he acted towards this photographer is in direct contradiction to how he has portrayed himself in interview after interview. And it’s fair to call him up on his hypocrisy. He doesn’t get a free pass because he’s famous or gay.

          1. I don’t think I ever defended or said it was ok for George to do what he did ‘Yeah sure George made mistakes, they are all well documented and in the public domain’ & ‘To clarify the point, what George did wasn’t nice’. If that sounded like defending his actions then it wasn’t my intent. Bullying in all its forms is wrong. But using the words Fat, old, drug user, criminal, as a slur is equally wrong.. Is everyone who is fat, old, ugly or has committed a crime to be open to hate?? How tolerant are we then as a community? In short, 2 wrongs do not make a right? Yes call him on his hypocrisy and mistakes but not by using cheap shots about his weight or age etc

    2. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 10:57am

      Oh lose the “queer” tag, will you. It’s offensive.
      As for ‘fellow queers’, why should we demonstrate any arbitrary loyalty to someone just because they happen to have the same sexuality?
      The man is a prick, he just so happens to be a gay prick, so why should people not criticise him?

      1. You are entitled to your opinion I guess Mr S. Maybe next time I will consult you on what tag is appropriate. It would seem that Gay pricks are everywhere.

        1. Spanner1960 13 Jul 2012, 5:16pm

          Quite obviously, when they have some misguided loyalty.
          If anything, I have found gay men to be far more problematic than straight ones.

          1. That’s quite a wide generalisation Mr Spanner and certainly not my experience. For instance my straight friends continue to support soccer teams and various players regardless of what bad behaviour they get up to on the pitch or in their personal life. They may not defend their wrong doings (as I have not done so with Boy George) but wither its favourite team, or an individual player, they continue to regard them as worthy of support and loyalty.

  35. GayLadForLife 12 Jul 2012, 8:03am

    eh? what does he expect at a gig? everyone takes photos, most of the people infront of him for 100m or so wwould have been holding up a camera of sorts…weird

  36. Boy George really does need to get over himself! Is he going to start slanging matches with all photographers whose work doesn’t show in a good light? And what about people who are not photographers who took random pictures that he dislikes, is he going to start slagging them off too?

  37. Is he famous then?

  38. Who likes having unflattering photographs taken and published? But if he wanted to avoid that possibility, “Boy” George shouldn’t have been performing in public.

    It’s a shame he hasn’t learnt (after all this time) that ‘never complain’ is usually a beneficial policy for entertainers like him.

  39. Shawn Bruffett Elessawy 12 Jul 2012, 4:14pm

    I Don’i Get What the Big Deal Is… He Looked GREAT! I’ve Always Been a Huge Boy George Fan, Even at His Craziest. I Believe He’s just Being a Drama Queen for the Publicity…

  40. Boy George is such a prat.

  41. I dont think there was any real need for him to have a go at a photographer :S I mean, Boy George was in the spotlight so naturally he would have had his picture taken. If he didnt like the pics then simply dont look at t hem

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