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US: Gay rights campaigner Frank Kameny has asteroid named for him

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Reader comments

  1. What a brave and inspirational scientist.

    Good to read this news.

    Just one thing: the article needs a little editing at “Canadian amateur astrologist Gary Billings read Mr Kameny’s obituary.” It needs to read “amateur astronomer”: astrologers are interested in signs of the zodiac, writing horoscopes and trying to predict human futures by considering the position of the planets. Astronomers such as Dr Kameny are interested in celestial phenomena as scientists. Big difference.

  2. I hope a celestial body will be named after Alen Turing, the mathematician and father of computer science.

  3. GingerlyColors 11 Jul 2012, 6:59am

    Over the coming years many more asteroids will be discovered between Mars and Jupiter and then there are the discoveries waiting to be made in the Kuiper Belt. This means that any high-profile LGBT person could have a heavenly object named after them.

    1. For someone like Alan Turing, something higher profile might be in order. Do you know if it would be realistically possible to have an exo-planet, star, galaxy, whatever, named for Turing?

  4. Ass-steroid heading towards Uranus.

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