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US: Episcopal Church bishops approve blessing for gay couples

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  1. Makes me proud to be an Episcopalian. It’s taken a long time to come to this point. As a person of faith, I knew God would bring the church along on its journey. We’re not perfect but we are on the road to perfection but the One who is perfect will guide us. Keep our minds and hearts open and most important our ears to listen, not so much our mouths to speak LOL

  2. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 7:00pm

    The Anglican church in England has been blessing gay couples in villages in the countryside for at least several decades, though maybe they are more intolerant these days of noisy right wing fundamentalists. But presumably blessing ceremonies already exist, since they have been doing them.

    Wasn’t Gene Robertson’s union also blessed in an Episcopal church in the US?

    Anyway, no doubt this will upset the Anglicans in Africa, which means it is probably a good thing.

  3. Omar Kuddus 10 Jul 2012, 7:32pm

    What do you want to bet NOM shames them for it?
    For if nothing else NOM is nothing if not consistent and predictable.

    Not to mention the grumbings and protests from Africa Angelicans.

  4. Good to see some Christians acting in a Christian fashion

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