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Polynesia: Anglican Church to take view on gay weddings in 2014

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  1. I don’t understand why people need to wait two years just so they can make some stupid decision when there isn’t a need to wait so long to discuss something so simple.

  2. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 12:16pm

    There was I,
    Awaitin’ at the Church,
    Awaitin’ at the Church,
    Awaitin’ at the Church,
    When I found they’d left me in the lurch,
    Lord how it did upset me..#

    (exits to pub)


    “Waiapu Bishop David Rice, whose diocese covers Bay of Plenty to Hawkes Bay, put forward a proposal to bless same-sex unions and ordain gay priests.

    A related motion was put forward by Auckland vicar Glynn Cardy, based at St Matthew-in-the-City. He asked the synod to support parishes debating the nature of marriage and how it should be applied to same-sex relationships.

    Mr Rice said part of the church might feel it better to delay a “difficult, controversial conversation”, and that the current practice was for gay priests to “fly under the radar”.

    “I don’t think there’s integrity in that,” he said. “How do we look upon that part of the church and that part of us? We have [lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender] people in our church. How are we taking care of them?”

    He said the issue was one of faith but also of equal rights.

    The Bishop of Nelson, Richard Ellena, called the proposals a huge dilemma for …

    1. the church. There would be concerns about how moves in New Zealand would affect its relationship with the international community. “I want us to remain in unity,” he said.

      He acknowledged his diocese was conservative. “We just don’t raise it as an issue. I know it’s a huge issue for many but it’s not one you’ll hear preached, spoken about, even debated.”

      Mr Ellena said he had heard of rogue blessings of gay couples being conducted in Anglican churches.

      Massey University associate professor Peter Lineham, an expert on English and New Zealand religious history, said he believed the proposals were likely to lead to gay priests and gay marriage. Preliminary votes among the seven dioceses in New Zealand had led to support from four.

      “The bishops have been walking very carefully because they are nervous they’ll be held responsible for the Anglican Church falling apart.””

      To my mind, it sounds like the Anglican Church in NZ (although divided on equal marriage) is predominantly

    2. seeking to find a way to engage in, support, celebrate and endorse same sex couples marrying. It seems they are frightened to be seen as the cause of a schism in the worldwide Anglican communion. They should show courage and recognise if there is a schism then the cause of this are those people who seek to deny civil rights and relgious freedom to LGBT Christians and those who support them – when their own religious freedom are not under threat AND their own civil rights are already in clear existence. They are the ones who are the cause of any schism and their conduct is shameful. If the NZ church take this bold move with courage, determination, leadership and integrity they will be seen as being people of strength, compassion, love and neighbourliness. If they are too fearful to act then they will be seen to have given in to the bigotry and inhumanity of the grotesque views of those who seek to deny civil rights and religious freedom and integrity.

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