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Scotland: Symbolic gay wedding marks ‘final push’ for marriage equality

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Reader comments

  1. Love it.

    Take the war to them!

    The Catholic church will not succeed in bullying and suberting parliamentary democracy.

    Equal marriage will happen.

    Well done, Jaye, Ruth and Rev Clarke.

    I hope there are many more creative plans to take the battle to those who seek to attack civil rights, equality, fairness, humanity and democracy.

    Cardinal O’Brien is a grotesque representation of bigotry and failure.

  2. Pavlos Prince of Greece 9 Jul 2012, 8:20pm

    And when – outside the Westminster? Palace, Abbey, Cathedral…

  3. Good on everyone involved in this campaign. Surely the Scottish Government see that many more people are in favour of equal marriage than against, not to mention it being the right thing to do. They’ve got to decide to legislate for it next week, doing otherwise just doesn’t make sense, whatever way you look at it.

  4. Im all excited about hearing the decision on equal marriage tomorow :D. Been looking forward to this for over a week but these past two days even more!. I just hope they dont let us down but i think they will go ahead with a marriage bill. But just not sure if they will allow both civil and religious weddings or just civil.

    1. It was in the Herald paper the other day that the SG’s announcement whether to legislate for equal marriage will be on the 17 July. However, it did say were going ahead with it. I have no idea how reliable the Herald story is.

      Another newspaper story I read today (I think it was the Sun) said the SG will publish the results of the consultation later this month – with no mention of their decision. I hope they don’t do that, publish the results without a decision.

      1. But I do agree with you, Charlie, I also think it’s very likely they will decide to legislate – but I won’t be able to stop worrying until I hear for certain what their decision will be.

        1. I know what you mean. But that will disapear when they offically make announce the decision. (hopefully the make the right one!.)

      2. Tim Hopkins 10 Jul 2012, 10:06am

        It certainly seems to be the case that the Scottish Cabinet are not meeting today, but are due to meet next Tuesday (17th) and to discuss marriage equality. Doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be an announcement that day though!

        The current Scottish Government statement is “We fully expect to be in a position to publish the way ahead this month”.

        ‘way ahead’ sounds like more that just the results of the consultation; it sounds like a decision. But who knows until we see it?

        1. It is entirely in the hands of the Scottish Government whether they want to appear:
          a) open, honest, humane, equality driven, brave, upright and fair leaders


          b) deceptive, dishonest, inhumane and beholden to the undemocratic, damaged and war mongering theocratic “principles” of the RC church and be in hoc to those seeking to undermine civil rights, the will of the Scottish principle and undermine democracy in Scotland.

          If they choose b) then Salmond and Sturgeon can be assured most LGBT people will never trust the SNP again.

          1. You’re absolutely right, Stu. Even with all my worrying over it, when I really think about it, it’s inconceivable for the SG to do anything other than legislate for equal marriage. So many more people support it that the SNP have more to lose by not going ahead with it. Surely they see that themselves?

  5. Daniel Donaldson 9 Jul 2012, 11:26pm

    Well done to all involved, I look forward to analysing the government response to the consultation. I hope that they acknowledge that many same sex couples are legally denied the right to have a religious marriage and that it is wrong to require transgender people to divorce before granting full gender recognition.

  6. Scotland was not named ‘Scotland the Brave’ for nothing. Now let us see it in action. Vote for Equal Marriage.

  7. Julia Ford 10 Jul 2012, 2:13pm

    I suppose oe day the church will join the rest of the human race and realise it is 2012 AD not 2012 BC .But even saying that some humans have been gay from the start of life .

  8. Absolutely wonderful !

    So joyful and a continuation or celebration of their relationship; and marriage ceremony if Africa.

    The RC denomination seems to misunderstand what it is and who it is – arrogantly- and to misunderstand who WE are ! We arent cowed by Rome whether we are prots, rcs, secularists or all bloody 3 rolled into one !

    NO religious leaders or denominations or other faiths for that matter can bully us lesbians and gays ever again….


  9. Check out this video about the last rally for Equal Marriage at the Scottish Parliament yesterday – think it hits the right notes! Please share on Facebook, Twitter and linkedin. Let’s try make this go viral. Cheers.

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