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Scotland: Catholic Church declares ‘war on gay marriage’

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Reader comments

  1. OK its war.

    I think we declared that a while ago.

    1. Cardinal Capone 9 Jul 2012, 7:02pm

      My guess is he had a phone call from someone in the neo-authoritarian Vatican telling him to make some noise. Apparently he was relatively liberal on gay issues until he became a cardinal. Sounds like a lot of hot air.

      Look what happened to those poor nuns in America who are now facing the Inquisition for spending too much time on the poor and not making enough noise about gay marriage. Anyone, anywhere, who doesn’t toe the line gets a hard time, it seems to me.

  2. Cardinal Capone 8 Jul 2012, 7:02pm

    Could they just clarify whether this £100,000 to be spent on political campaigning is coming from tax free charitable status money?

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2012, 7:51pm

      Indeed. Where the money is coming from. Are they from charitable money, overseas from bigots like in the US, the Vatican, Taxpayers money? they are completely without shame. They are a disgrace!

    2. Cardinal Capone 9 Jul 2012, 10:21am

      I hope ordinary Catholics will make an issue of this, and make a stand against the hatred that is being done in the name of their religion.

      1. Of course they won’t! They’ll carrying on going to mass like mindless sheep and won’t ever attempt to challenge the church’s views – even if they disagree completely with the church on equal marriage. I’m glad I left this hate-filled religion years ago.

        1. Quite a lot of them are mafia

  3. In some ways it’s rather good he’s come out (as it were) so bluntly – now people can see for themselves what the Catholic Church in Scotland chooses to spend its money on, something I think that’s unlikely to increase its popularity or respect for its values.

    1. The RCC will end up losing its shirt just as it did with Prop 8 in California.

      1. We can but hope…

  4. Proving, yet again, that christians are usually little more than cherry-picking, hypocritical, fascist-leaning jokes.

    Pathetic. Genuinely pathetic. How many vaccines could that money buy? How many emergency rations for starving children? How many safe nights of sleep under cover for the homeless?

    But no, spending it shouting at the tide.

    Putrid filth can take his stupid hat and shove it right up his firmament, along with that facile bloody book he worships.

    Stupid rancid old fool.

    1. The views of two people do not constitute those of all christians. Don’t forget that Arch Bishop Rowan Williams is standing down in part because of anti-gay sentiment in the church.

      1. Something he helped nurture and perpetuate and has had his grubby paws in.

        When christians get off their damned backsides and DEMAND that the hierarchy stop behaving this way, I might stop tarring you all with the same brush. But given that the RCC and the COE have long established patterns of anti-gay behaviour I won’t hold my bloody breath.

        1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 8 Jul 2012, 10:29pm

          What about the various denominations of Christianity which are explicitly calling for equal marriage, and which are indeed thoroughly opposed to the sort of behaviour being demonstrated by certain Catholic and other Christian leaders?

        2. There are Christians, senior or otherwise, speaking out. When it is reported in Pink News you are too busy being cynical.

          1. Tim Chapman 8 Jul 2012, 10:54pm

            I was, until a few days ago, the organist at a largish parish (3 churches). I’ve never heard any member of the congregation speak out against their church’s leaders’ stance on same-sex marriage. This is not a cynical view. It’s a fact.

          2. New Aussie 9 Jul 2012, 2:54am

            Tim, do you consider Quakers a church? We have been vociferously campaigning FOR gay marriage since 2009 and for the right to celebrate it in our meetings.

      2. Nonsense: the ArchBigot has continually whipped up anti-gay sentiment !

        Conveniently forgetting that he has no mandate to meddle in politics because he wasn’t elected to the House of Lords, the ArchBigot launched another attack on equal marriage last week, claiming that the government had no mandate and falsely stating that it had not been included in the Conservative election manifesto.

        He should have checked the facts first. It was reported in the Telegraph before the election:

        1. “grotesque subversion”… talk about parroting ben16… that’s what this is all about… ben16 dragging the church back into the14th century..

      3. Now look at today’s story, vile old coot blubbering on about how the government has no mandate. He is in this up to his bloody neck. He is at the centre of anti-gay sentiment, not so battle-weary stalwart falling on his bloody sword for us.

        1. To be fair he changes his mind as often as the wind as to whether he supports gay people or not.

          My view, if he is not consistently and demonstrably supportive then he is against us.

          1. I’ve heard that O’Brien was considered a liberal before he became a Cardinal. It obviously doesn’t take much to buy someone off in the Catholic Church these days!

  5. The catholic church is pure evil.

    1. Cardinal Capone 8 Jul 2012, 9:08pm

      Not really, but certain people in the Vatican certainly contribute to that impression.

    2. As is anyone who chooses to be a member, they have chosen to renounce their humanity.

  6. Ahh yes. That well known 11th Commandment. Thou shalt forget the poor of the land and spend your riches on hatred of your fellow man.

    And Cardinal I believe the plan is to ask for extra donations to fund this. So despite being a cash rich organisation they won’t actually fund this “war” themselves. Such class

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 12:13am

      Nothing like an invented crisis or enemy to create a nice little earner then.

  7. £100,000 spent on a hate campaign. A nice piece of ammo for the next time a Christian argues about the amount of charitable work the church does. Anyway – if they want war, let them bring it on. It’s not one they will win.

  8. Garry Cassell 8 Jul 2012, 7:10pm

    Again it seems this site only post comments favourable to the catholic priest..

  9. War? bring it on biatch! We are already winning

  10. Is this what people are donating their hard earned for?. To promote and sustain inequality?. But, as I have said before this issue has smoked them out.

  11. You can’t declare war against the inevitable progression of society – well, you can try, but you will fail miserably. The Catholic Church are on the wrong side of history, and public opinion (as they have been on so many other issues in the past), on this. It’s time that they dragged themselves into the 21st century and realised that the hate they preach is what is emotionally harmful to LGBT people, and has no place in a compassionate society.

  12. Pavlos Prince of Greece 8 Jul 2012, 7:35pm

    Now I understanding, why one week ago comes this strange news about ‘delaying’ of same-sex marriage decision ‘until August’. And this – in our protestant Kingdom! What will be Scotland as independent state? A second Italian Republic, with the anthem ‘God, save the Pope’, or so?

    1. The report about the decision being postponed until August was reported here to have been a misunderstanding. The decision will come this month.

      1. Dan Littauer 8 Jul 2012, 8:29pm

        Pavlos and Hayden,

        The “delay” announcement was wrongly communicated by Holyrood to PinkNews, and was a mistake by the spokesperson. It doesn’t have to do anything with the hate campaign by the Catholic Church.

        Basically the Catholic Church wants to bully the Scottish Government against Equality, its especially calculate to try and scare the SNP about devolution. That is, the Catholic Church reckons it can “blackmail” the SNP basically stating: “If you act for equality we will campaign against your referendum”.

        Hope that helps clear up things,


        1. According to today’s Herald newspaper, thd SG is going ahead with equal marriage and will announce it on 17 July. If true, it’ll be an awful waste of £100,000! But I don’t expect the Catholic Church will be too concerned about wasting money on their bigotry.

          1. £100,000 hate campaign … a sure sign that Scotland is leading the way in marriage equality in the UK

          2. I wonder how many people in Scotland agree with Cardinal O’Bigot? Hopefully not many at all. I doubt this war of his will do any damage to the equality movement in Scotland.

          3. I suspect very few would endorse a declaration of war by a church on either LGBT people, civil rights or the Scottish government.

            Given 61% of the UK church going population support equal LGBT rights including marriage – the Cardinal has few troops willing to fall in behind him

          4. Very few will endorse it but how many practising Catholics will actually stand up to O’Brien and the church? Not many, I’d bet. If they did then O’Brien would see even his own flock don’t support him on this.

            As for the rest of the population, only the extreme bigots will support this. As I said in my previous comment, this war won’t do any damage to the equality cause in Scotland.

    2. Nice one Pavlos! Couldnt have put it better myself! Alex Salmond the pope of Scotland? And YES- I believe you are right- that is the reason the announcement has been ‘postponed’ yet again- You see delaying and consulting is only making it harder to enact-it’s gone on too long!

    3. Considering religious uptake in Scotland is roughly the same as England, i doubt it.

      1. And secondly the announcement has not been delayed according to the Scottish Government. (hope they finally stick by what they say.)

        1. The Herald newspaper said today it will be announced on 17 July which, if correct, is a week later than the 10 July date given last week. On the upside, the same article said the SG are going ahead with it. I hope that bit is right, whatever the date of the announcement.

  13. Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2012, 7:38pm

    Who was it that said “who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?” We could do with him just about now…. Fortunately this meddlesome priest is on a losing crusade…

    1. Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2012, 7:45pm

      BTW why are all Gays in Scotland not picketing this evil priest at every opportunity….. like standing in her churches with their back to her every time the bitter old queen appears in her ridiculous frocks and hats. Btw is she an alchie,? she certainly has the look.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jul 2012, 9:09pm

      It was Henry II in regard to Thomas Becket.

      The catholic emancipation act in the UK should never have been enacted. What O’Brien is doing in Scotland is tantamount to sedition by trying to influence the outcome of a political decision and issuing veiled threats to those in power who oppose his cult’s ethos. Is it no wonder there is so much anti-catholic sentiment around the world? People like him invite it and cry victim when the tables are turned.

      If he wants war, he will get it. Bring it on, O’Brien, we’re ready and you will be sorry you ever started it.

  14. Few things make me feel all warm and fuzzy like seeing bigots throwing their money away!

    1. Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2012, 7:46pm

      Unfortunately it isn’t their money …it is money stolen from deluded parishioners under false pretenses.

  15. In other news, the Catholic Church has declared war on the Sun coming up tomorrow and on hot summers!

    1. They are winning that one

  16. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2012, 7:49pm

    Isn’t this showing the true face of religion…. War? Misery, Discrimination, Hatred, Murder… the list is endless.

    Yes I know this isn’t all the Catholics but I have to add to those Catholics…. Why would you support this man and his hatred? He is the symbol of the Catholic Church. He is the man who does you and the LGBT people the utmost damage.

    Shameful that someone clearly hates so much yet has such a promoting role in his warped version of society. A society where all are expected to be dictated over, ruled over.

    War + Religion clearly go hand in hand….. and all because of who someone loves? nothing more!!

    This is what the Catholic Church stands for…War and Hatred!

  17. Someone tells him that the time of influence of Catholicism in scotland over, And that 100,000 is too little for those who are willing to go to war.
    But as the news says: He has tried other times and failed
    , this is just one more time.

  18. We must resist the possibility of two people loving and supporting each other within marriage at all costs.

  19. Jason Feather 8 Jul 2012, 8:03pm

    When you consider how much good £100,000 could do in the world for example providing clean water for communities in Africa or even improving the lives of people in Scotland etc it shows how warped & sick the religious mindset is.

    1. Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2012, 9:07pm

      ….or paying off the victims of all the paedophile priests….

      1. Keith Farrell 10 Jul 2012, 9:32pm

        forget paying us off, just close this damn church. They will never change, they have fed off hate since they started, look at their history.

    2. They could do a world of good for free just by dropping their childish opposition to condoms.

  20. John-Paul 8 Jul 2012, 8:06pm

    I have an idea. But I don’t profess to know how to make it happen:- if someone here could or know someone who could make it happen….
    The GLBT community should endevour to raise and match their price penny for penny and very publicly donate that money to those in the uk currently in povertydue to the economy.

    This would send the clearest message of the true and evil nature of the catholic church.

    Please can someone make this happen???

    1. If I had the money I would happily match these bigots to demonstrate that whilst they spend money to fight against something that has no effect upon them, other truly care about the world at large and the people who suffer in it. Great idea though :)

    2. Keith Farrell 10 Jul 2012, 9:44pm

      Wish I could, in fact I think the Scottish LGBT people could raise a lot more, It would be wonderful if we could do 10x that amount, but then we need to use it to help our own young people, they are the ones which need the start in life. That would show this country that we know how to take care of our own.
      Start them in their own small businesses and allow them to contribute funds back to the charity once their business is going, so that we can use it to help others,
      There are lots of young people which have the ability to become self employed but don’t have the backing. Those of us with the experience could mentor the young people in their new business.
      That way once the news gets out that we are helping our own with the money contributed, instead of fighting a hateful church.
      We also need to get our government to rescind the churches low tax status, if they want to get into politics then they need to pay tax.

  21. Sickening and shameful. Is it any wonder their Chapels are emptying at a fast rate?
    All that money, spent on hate. Disgraceful.

  22. Just think how much the poor (the poor who, I would add, make up the vast majority of Catholics in the world) could have used that money.

  23. This deluded Keith O’Brien chappie has a dick and sexual fantasies just like every other man. I’d love to know what his sexual fantasies involve.

    “I truly love you, sweet girl, and be sure that the pleasure in my member is only the love of Almighty God himself!”

    or maybe he thinks of things not quite so pious?

    1. He’s probably a kiddie-fiddler like the rest of them.

  24. Nice try, Cardinal, but your church will never move forward from the child abuse scandals.

  25. Sadly those Cardinals, Monsignori and other religious figures do not understand their mission on earth. It is shameful to see that even today clergy is out of touch. But outcast had always been… outcast look at Jesus Christ. Had he not being judge and put to death because of priests?

    1. Cardinal Capone 9 Jul 2012, 6:30pm

      Well they have their careers to consider, so they have to keep the homophobic Vatican Prime Minister happy.

      1. At least a Prime Minister can be voted out of office. Once a Pope gets elected by his Cardinal mates he’s there for life. And remember he’d have voted for himself too – who can forget his shameless self promotion and campaigning for the job in a mass the night before the vote, something which is supposed to be against Vatican rules.

  26. I actually welcome this news. Let them spend every single penny on a lost cause.

    Going bankrupt over fighting modernity is *exactly* the right way the RCC should be remembered in history.

  27. Only a few weeks ago I recall reading the inspirational words of Archbishop Desmond Tuto speaking in support of LGBT rights and the obligations as christians to respect those rights.
    Then you read this pitiful excuse for a human beings comments and you think WTF.
    I’m surprised theRoman Catholic church can afford spend this £100,000 I thought they were nearly bankrupt after having to pay all that compensation to sexually abused victims who fell pray to their Priests who they subsequently protected enabling to go on and abuse more victims!!!!
    Final note remember the words of people like Desmond Tutu and realise that not all Christians are against us.

    1. Keith Farrell 10 Jul 2012, 9:57pm

      What, they had funds from the lottery given to them to repair their church buildings, they did not have the funds to do those repairs, but they have money to fight against equal rights. I think it is shameful

  28. bobbleobble 8 Jul 2012, 8:43pm

    Well if the SNP don’t move forward with a vote on marriage equality then we know who’s really pulling the strings in Scotland. And that’s exactly how we should spin this if the SNP do fail us marriage equality.

    1. The SNP have either sided with the Catholic Church or given in to their demands at least twice since they first got into government in 2007, over Catholic adoption agencies and the cervical cancer vaccinations for all schools in Scotland, not just Catholic schools.

      I hope they stand up to the church over equal marriage, though, and I think they probably will. But it doesn’t help that they still haven’t announced their decision whether to go ahead with legislating for equal marriage.

      1. The Catholic Church are declaring war on Scottish government – it would be undemocratic and frightening for a First Minister of any political persuasion to be bullied by a religious organisation to do the wrong thing, go against the will of the people and deny civil equality and civil rights. That would be the start of ecclesiocracy in Scotland and would lead to a significant democratic deficit without a mandate!

        1. I agree with every word you say, Stu, but it’s still possible the SG could get scared by this and back down – I think it’s unlikely, but still possible. I won’t be able to stop worrying until I hear that the SG are definitely going ahead with equal marriage. According to the latest news reports, we’ve still got a week to go before they announce their decision.

          1. After all, as I pointed out a couple of comments ago, the SNP have already given in to Catholic church demands in the past, despite it being the wrong thing to do. St. Margaret’s adoption agency remains the only one in the UK to be legally allowed to refuse service to gay people, thanks to the intervention of the SNP government. And every school girl in Scotland, Catholic or not, gets Catholic church approved safe sex information with her cervical cancer vaccination which has no mention of condoms – once again, thanks to the SNP government. That definitely goes against equality and civil rights and it’s already been done.

  29. Religion and ‘war’ yet again.

    Anything other than marriage equality is a form of gay Apartheid. Simple. If we don’t get it, then Britain officially has a two-tier citizenship, where gay people are treated as ‘lesser humans beings’. We either all have the same rights or we all have none at all.

  30. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Jul 2012, 8:57pm

    A polio vaccination costs 8p per dose, measles 14p and meningitis 30p.

    £100,000 therefore pays for 1,250,000 children vaccinated against polio or 714,000 children vaccinated against measles or 333,000 children vaccinated against meningitis.

    Either that or a hate campaign against two people of the same sex getting married in a civil ceremony.

    What would a normal person choose?

    The man is sick.

    1. I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels ill just thinking of those stats. Or how about 120,000 or so sachets of Plumpy’nut emergency food ration that will literally mean the difference between life or death?

      The sadism of the RCC is literally staggering.

  31. ‎300 children die every hour of malnutrition, meanwhile the Roman Catholic Church in Scotland pledges to spend £100,000 on campaigning against equal marriage for gay people. #getyourprioritiesright

  32. “Catholic Church declares “war on gay marriage.”

    Presumably, he knows the Scottish government are going ahead with the legislation, otherwise why declare war.

  33. You do have to feel sorry for the poor old man in the fancy dress outfit. He is quoted as saying that ‘marriage is a universal human right’. Doh! If it’s a universal human right – it appears to ALL humans. Imagine how much £100,000 would help in some of the deprived areas of Scotland. He should help the poor like his Jesus said and not engage in a bigot inspired hate campaign!

  34. It’s so nice to know that a church who preaches that the wealthy should give to the poor are going to spend £100,000 fighting against love whilst millions of people in the world suffer a slow and agonizing death due to lack of food and water. And these people think “the gays” are the reason the country is suffering from floods? Ha, if there is such a malevolent being as the “God” in which they believe then I’d find it more likely he was wreaking his “beloved wrath” upon these people who preach equality yet use their own funds to fight against it.

  35. See I told you these Catholics think they are fighting a war on gays.

  36. shame they failed to offer the money victims of the pedo priest which they protected.

    The money could be better spend – anyway let them spend whatever they want who cares these people are just the uk version of god hates fags

  37. Nick Thiwerspoon 8 Jul 2012, 10:04pm

    This is the same church which allows priests to rape little boys; which hides said priests’ crimes; which moves them from parish to parish so that can go on ruining lives; which forces the VICTIMS to sign vows of perpetual silence. Yet is opposed to two men who want to celebrate their loving relationship.

    Shameful. Nauseating. Loathsome.

    1. Paddyswurds 8 Jul 2012, 10:25pm

      “This is the same church which allows priests to rape little boys”…and girls! According to all the inquiries and reports such as the Ryan Report here in Ireland as many girls were abused and raped as little boys….. It is the M O of a paedophile that he/she abuses both sexes equally and abhors sexual relationships with adults…..and it still goes on; the papers here are daily reporting sex abuse by clergy.

  38. It has always been war but most gays and lesbians are too coward to state the obvious : the catholic church is the enemy. Pure and simple ; and should be fought by all means, even legal. Enough of being treated with hate and contempt, that no one dares to denounce simply because the church is untouchable.

  39. Guys, I’m going to post this here to make sure everyone is aware of this early. Since our recent “occupation” from the Inspector and his sheep the Dodo I’ve checked in occasionally on the cranmer blog(know thy enemy) and seen this evening from the Inspector

    “By the way. Inspector off to the lake district day after. Hopes to continue posting, but depends on that broadband thing one is told. They’ve only had mains electricity up there since the 1950s. Radio telephone coverage surprisingly good. Saw someone use one of those things up there a couple of years ago. Thinks he was an outsider.

    If he can post, first on the Inspectors itinery is to wreak revengeful havoc on the pinkies. Thinks they’ve seen the last of him have they….”

    Having managed to get all the trolls off PN of late if the Inspector does indeed managed to post on PN can we agree to ignore and simply report him. I’m e-mailing PN to make them aware of this also

    1. You are falling into the trap of giving these vermin the attention they so desperately crave.

      1. No, that’s what I want to try and avoid. I remember how bad it was last time. I’m not going to comment on the moron any further, I just wanted to raise it so that if it does transpire it can be dealt with as quickly as possible and not turn into a repeat of last time

        1. Noted, Kris

          For those with short memories – it is worth watching out for the Inspector – his bile polluted PN almost as much as Keith. PN has been so much better since they both were blocked.

          I hope others will kept a watching eye too.

          1. I was under the ipression that they were one of the same, Inspector and the Dodo were certainly joined at the hip.

          2. I’m on the prowl Stu.

    2. Off the meds?

  40. Between this and paying all those families for priests pedophilia makes one wonder why any Catholic would give ANY money to the church.

    1. Would there be enough money in the world to pay for all the crimes this organisation committed? I wonder.

    2. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 12:16am

      Maybe that’s why they need an invented crisis and enemy.

  41. Pavlos Prince of Greece 8 Jul 2012, 10:11pm

    How possible to declare war against people of same country? Its new ‘religious civil war’? Maybe 400 years too late?

    1. Just confirms how absurd the lifelong old tosser is.

    1. Cardinal Capone 9 Jul 2012, 6:37pm

      So most responses from inside Scotland were not hostile, but 20,000 postcards organised and sent from outside Scotland were.

      No doubt there was similar outside interference in the C4M petition, it would be hugely surprising if there wasn’t.

  42. Yes, please do remember, silence is golden.

  43. Sounds like the crusades all over again…

    …and we know how that turned out!

    To not learn the first time could be considered unfortunate, to not learn the second time looks like carelessness.

  44. Hi Aiden, Hows it going with the lovely lady?

  45. So are you saying that Cardinal O’Brien views the Pink News forums to see your pathetic little message “Aiden”?

    Just be careful “Aiden”. If you’re as young as your pathetic behaviour suggests then beware any invitations for a little “alone” time won’t you. Otherwise you might have to consider suing for your cheque back.

    And just for future those who matter would be our political leaders, MPs and the general public. And what’s this? They support marriage equality in the majority. Oh well, I’m sure the Cardinal will console you

  46. isnt that like Hitler declaring war on the Jews simply because of who they are.

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 4:10pm

      More like declaring war on them marrying and having kids. He did that too, including sterilisation.

  47. The real perverts are declaring war on the people that live respectful and consenual lives – while these so called pillars of society bugger boys and threaten War – way to fill those dwindling pews you pathetic bigots!

    Religion is dying – Long live evolution!

  48. Despite all of this hate and vitriol being spewed out over the media at us by right-wing religious fanatics (Christians, Muslims and Jews), I’m actually starting to feel sorry for them.
    Their hate filled minds must be a truly terrifying place to live and to have their hypocritical life view challenged by love and compassion from the people they hate, must be a very scary thing.
    We cannot, however, tar entire religions by the actions of a rabid minority.
    I suggest anyone who has been on the receiving end of their bigotry to show them true love and understanding. They are infected with a sad disease and should be treated as having such.

  49. Just look at that Cardinal’s bigoted and hate-filled face.

    The Catholic Church is on a hiding to nothing. They are creating so much general opposition to themselves by exposing their ignorant bigotry that it will hasten the demise of that evil hierarchy, and the ascent of the liberal wing of the church which contains many decent people who have similarly been suppressed by the self-serving clerical low-life scum.

  50. Pavlos Prince of Greece 9 Jul 2012, 12:13am

    I hope, in the French Republic of Mr. Hollande discussions on same-sex marriage will be more…Dutch. But I am not sure.

  51. Craig Young 9 Jul 2012, 12:16am

    Let’s retaliate and declare war on Catholic hierarchy tolerance and concealment of Catholic clergy pedophilia…

  52. Any evidence suggesting same sex relationship participants are unhealthy, or unhappy, is heavily related to people like the Cardinal making our lives a living hell, not down to how happy we are with ourselves or with those we love.

    We’d all be quite all right if he stopped acting in the most unChristian manner possible. If his benevolent God does exist then it amazes me that he thinks he is pleasing him by his actions.

  53. johnny33308 9 Jul 2012, 12:27am

    So this “church” stands for bigotry and prejudice rather than love and compassion… it is WAR! Once we gain our full equality we simpy must pursue this “church” in every possible way until we eliminate it from the memory of humanity itself. They want a war, so we shall give them a war that they will not survive intact. Smash religion into such small pieces that it can never again become a threat to mankind…it is terribly unworthy of our humanity and it needs to be relegated to the past, and not be a part of our common future in the least….it deserves utter destruction. BTW, LGBTIQ people NEVER declared war upon any church; it was the KKKristian church and the Islamic hypocrites that declared war upon LGBTIQ people. Never forget this fact!
    Religion is not a FRIEND to humanity; it is, in fact, inhuman and against freedom of any sort, so we will help it destroy itself. The destruction of religion is an honorable goal and will be of great benefit to mankind when we succeed.

  54. Jens Oh Dear 9 Jul 2012, 12:47am

    So for Catholics it’s more important to spend £100,000 on fighting genuine love between individuals rather than helping children in need all across the world? What a way to spend your money dear Catholics. No wonder there’s a financial crisis in the world, this is like throwing money right out the window because they already know they can’t fight love.

  55. Spoken like another pedophile pimp who should be in jail. They keep changing the conversation away from the emotional pain they inflict on raped children and the needy who are not provided for while the church accumulates tens of billions of dollars in wealth.

  56. So the Roman Catholic Church are intent on being bullying anti-gay militants – quelle surprise!

    It will be £100k wasted. No legitimate government is going to give into bullying that is against public will, civil rights or natural justice

  57. For a war you need two sides with roughly comparable chances. Otherwise it’s just a massacre.

    Welcome to the massacre Mr. O’Brien. Don’t worry, we’ll wipe our feet when we’ve finished with you.

  58. We’ve had this kind of thing before in Scotland when Dame Brian Souter got his knickers in a twist over the repeal of Clause 2a (Section 28). It didn’t stop equality then, and I hope it won’t stop it now.

  59. Here’s the reason why this old bigot can’t be allowed to win his war and why the Scottish Government has got to do everything it can to ensure full legal equality for LGBT people.

    1. Cardinal Capone 9 Jul 2012, 6:27pm

      That’s terrible. The clergy should be shown what their bigoted campaigns are doing.

      1. Exactly. The Herald newspaper ran both these stories on the same day – surely anyone can make the connection between homophobic bullying in schools and the public hatred towards gay people spouted by Cardinal O’Bigot. I wonder if he feels proud that he’s helping to make the lives of teenagers a complete and utter misery, so much so that around a quarter of gay teens have attempted suicide. He should be arrested for hate crimes, the vile old monster.

  60. Sure who are the men in dresses?

  61. The Catholics are starting a new Holey War. They need to declare war on pedophile priest.

  62. Ah, isn’t it cute how the Cardinal paraphrases John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Of course, Kennedy’s words were “Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty.” THOSE WORDS were about the success of liberty – NOT about the attempt to drag people back into the shackles of Middle Age superstition dogmatism and hatred. The Cardinal’s words: “politicians need to know the Catholic Church will bear any burden and meet any cost in its defence” are but a sham of liberty and simply the screams of someone trying to keep others enshackled. It’d be interesting to know if he were alive 150 or so years ago, which side of the slavery “debate” he’d be holding onto.

  63. “War on gay marriage”…The RC Church has always had a violent past and it is rearing it’s ugly hateful head again! This Church is all about it’s own survival and keeping power by any means – perpetuating lies, instilling fear, bullying & threatening. The RC Church believes it can do these things because it counts 1.1 billion people as Catholics – Ctholics, ex-Catholics, lapse Catholics. That makes them very powerful! The true number of Catholics are smaller than 1.1 billion, because many over the decades have left the Church but the RC Church still counts them as members. The RC Church has since recently stopped officially allowing ex-Catholics to renounce their faith. Maybe a petition is needed to show that there are millions of Catholics all around the world would no longer want to be counted as a member, which they use to throw their weight around on social issues like gay rights.

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 4:03pm

      “The RC Church has since recently stopped officially allowing ex-Catholics to renounce their faith. ”

      Then the answer would be to ensure you get excommunicated…

      1. Yes, I’d heard that. I was thinking of getting a de-Baptism certificate a year or so ago when I read about it on the National Secular Society website. But then I heard the Church was refusing to do it! So I never actually chose to be a Catholic (my parents did that) and now they won’t let me go! It seems that what I think and want doesn’t matter! What an upstanding, moral religion Catholicism is!

  64. Oooh, we’re all shivering with terror. The biggest thing I’ve learnt in life and I also quote Bioshock;

    “No gods or kings. Only Man.”

    Besides. I’m sure Jesus and the other deciples would be shaking their heads in disapointment at their ‘representatives’ these days. -_-

  65. J Cartier 9 Jul 2012, 7:05am

    Just how many lives in the developing world would that hundred grand save? The catholic bigots obviously think those lives are worth sacrificing for the promotion of their church sanctioned hatred.

  66. What an idiot and what a waste of money!!!

  67. Nelly MANchester 9 Jul 2012, 8:28am

    SHAME on you Cardinal Keith O’Brien

    Spending £100,000 of charitable money on this when it could and should go to help and feed the poor !!!

  68. This man is so blinkered by hate it is unbelievable. Finally now, the rest of the world will see how hateful the Catholic Church is, anyone with an ounce of sense will know that £100k would be so much better spent on those who needed it within the community than lining the pockets of an advertising agency executive! What a freaking moron!

  69. That grotesque cardinal in her silly robes should just shut up.

    How is it lawful that religious leaders are allowed to engage in hate speech targeted against gay people and to actively undermine their civil rights? And they receive tax-free status and special privileges as a “religion” that civil rights organisations do not enjoy!

    It is time to put the screws to this institutionalised bigotry. The Catholic church is anti-women, anti-gay, harmful to children, and trying to keep human progress back in the dark ages. I say Anathema to you Cardinal Bollocks O’Brien.

  70. The Roman Catholic Church and other organisations which sought (or seek) to promote inhumane and dogmatic approaches which prevent civil rights and equality – demonstrating their lack of compassion, humanity and integrity lost the war in Spain, Argentina, Portugal, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, parts of the USA etc. They are losing the war elsewhere including Scotland, the rest of the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, otehr parts of the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, France, Germany etc. They are maimed and damaged goods. Their belicose and grotesque campaigns demonstrate that their hatred of people who are LGBT is more important to them than compassion, integrity, love, neighbourliness and being Christ-like. “by their deeds they shall be known” – they shall be known for their evil.

  71. I wonder what they’d say if we declared war on religion?

  72. I recently read this report about the damage done by the RC church in the USA to tiself, its views are camparable to the grotesque and odious attitudes and declarations of war of O’Brien.

    “With its attacks on same-sex marriage, battle against providing adequate health care for women, hostile takeover of LCWR and inquisition into the Girl Scouts, the hierarchy continues to make itself an embarrassing media spectacle in a society that long ago refused to accept the teaching on birth control, believes in women’s equality and increasingly supports same-sex marriage.

    Even those who are not affected directly by these ideological battles find it odious that hierarchy is choosing to spend precious money and resources on lawsuits against the Obama administration and bizarre new campaigns like the Fortnight for Freedom.

    Church leaders seem hell-bent on disenfranchising the greatest number of laity possible.

    The question is, Why? Why is the hierarchy acting like the new boss who so wants

    1. to rid himself of the staff he inherited, he makes it as uncomfortable as possible for them to stay in the organization? Has the church leadership made a decision to downsize? Have they realized that the $2.2 billion in sex abuse settlements and the rapidly dwindling number of priests in the United States has rendered the church unable to provide for the needs of 72 million Catholics?

      Perhaps all of these ideological battles — which, we are told, are grounded in Pope Benedict’s desire for a smaller, more faithful church — are really all about the money, or lack thereof. More than one commentator has suggested that the endgame in the crackdown on LCWR could be to recapture property, assets and pension reserves from religious communities.

      Unfortunately, if the hierarchy continues on this path of mass disenfranchisement, what will result isn’t a smaller, more faithful church, but an insular, countercultural sect.

      Jesus never allowed absolute obedience to the law to trump the

    2. pastoral needs of the person standing before him. He defied religious ritual for the sake of healing the suffering. He called everyone — tax collector, rich man, woman, drunkard, prostitute — to his table, no loyalty tests or confessions required.

      The Roman Catholic Church is fast becoming a refuge for those who are afraid of the world. The church that, 50 years ago, called itself to be immersed in the modern world is instead shrinking away from society, refusing to engage in a meaningful, pastoral way with the human struggles and needs of our day.

      The hierarchy is so caught up in ideology, it has forgotten that there are complex, human stories behind issues like contraception, women’s ordination and same-sex marriage. It is no wonder they are so afraid of women religious, who have built up a church of integrity and moral credibility by immersing themselves in the reality of human life and by courageously engaging a world filled with suffering, brokenness, unpredictability and

    3. paradox.

      Rather than allow the ministry of the church to grow and evolve with the human community, the hierarchy seems to be choosing the path of a religious splinter group. In doing so, they are willingly abandoning those who have endeavored for decades to remain faithful to the church, even through the disgrace of sex abuse and the gradual rescinding of the promises of Vatican II.

      And when that generation of the faithful passes away, who among the new generations will find life and meaning in this church-cum-sect? Those who want to run away from a world in flux with suffering, uncertainty and the struggle for equality? Those who want to retreat into a fundamentalist enclave where European patriarchal males claim to have the absolute, unquestionable truth about God and our world?

      Perhaps it is a “leaner, meaner” church the hierarchy and its devotees think they want. Perhaps that’s all the leadership realistically sees itself being able to afford. Whatever the motivations, if

    4. they continue on this path, the hierarchy must accept that they will cease to be a church in the modern world, and rather will devolve into an exclusivist, insular sect.”

      I thought this was an insightful piece, and is directly comparable to the self harm O’Brien and others are causing in the UK to the RC church with his grotesque declarations of war and failure to understand what it is to be human.

      The war is already won and O’Brien and those who choose to side with him are already written in the history books and being the enemy of humanity, decency, respect, morality and integrity – their grotesque choices as to how to act will be their legacy – a legacy of failure, failure to love, failure to understand their hate, failure to care, failure to be human.

      1. The Catholic church has seriously lost its way. The theologian Hans Kung blamed John Paul II for appointing so many bishops without any “intellectual strength”. Too many yes men around now – more interested in protecting their rights than with actually being Christians. Senior clergy have lost their moral authority. Those Catholics that continue to go to church simply ignore the bishops on many teachings. They go to mass, enjoy the tea and biscuits and then get on with their lives – understanding that people are different, and valuing that difference.

        1. I agree with what you say, Michael. The problem is that while those Catholics who disagree with the Bishops continue to attend mass and do nothing to let the Bishops know they disagree, it lets the Bishops carry on spouting their disgusting views, as they are under the impression that all Catholics agree with them.

  73. This is the work of one man, it would be wrong to paint regular Catholics with the same brush. I know many friendly and open mined decent Catholic people who support same sex marriage.

    We cant fight Hate with more Hate.

  74. Since when do Roman Catholic Cardinals declare war? Today, Scotland’s Cardinal Keith O’Brien did just that. The 74-year-old told the British Sunday Times that Scottish Roman Catholics were “declaring war” on Britain’s upcoming gay marriage legislation, and that he, the highest-ranking Roman Catholic in the United Kingdom, will do whatever it takes to block the country’s upcoming gay marriage legislation.

    Whatever. It. Takes.

    If only Roman Catholics applied that “can-do” attitude to their own child sex abuse scandals.

    O’Brien has been building up to this war cry for some time. He has called gay marriage a “grotesque subversion of a universally accepted human right” (not, it should be noted, a “religious” right, but a “human” right). O’Brien has compared Britain’s introduction of gay marriage legislation to the re-introduction of slavery. He has said that gay marriage will lead to complete legal chaos for churches caught in the middle, despite the fact that Scotland’s churches may

    1. opt out of conducting gay weddings in the proposed legislation. And today, addressing tens of thousands of readers, O’Brien vowed that “marriage is under threat and politicians need to know the Catholic Church will bear any burden and meet any cost in its defense.”

      Any burden? Any cost? Will money be taken out of the Church’s own coffers—donations that could be used for helping the poor, building new churches and spreading the word of God—in order to put a stop to gay marriage?

      That doesn’t sound very Christian, or, even more importantly, financially sound. Economy-wise, Scotland’s not doing so well. Now more than ever, the Cardinal’s own constituents could use a little Christian charity. In January 2012, a government study reported that one in five Scottish children was living in poverty. But hey. What good is feeding and clothing a child if that child grows up in a world with gay marriage?

      And while we’re talking about finances, O’Brien may want to look at the Roman Catholic

    2. budget. It’s surprising that there is any money left, at all. In 2007, the Church paid out $615 million in legal costs—the highest ever paid in a single year—to defend priests accused of child sex abuse. Ironically, O’Brien believes that children are the ones in danger if gay marriage passes. In an article for the The Telegraph titled “We cannot afford to indulge this madness”, O’Brien wrote that gay parents will “unequivocally” damage a child: “This brings us to the one perspective which seems to be completely lost or ignored: the point of view of the child. All children deserve to begin life with a mother and father; the evidence in favour of the stability and well-being which this provides is overwhelming and unequivocal. It cannot be provided by a same-sex couple, however well-intentioned they may be.”

      At least we’re “well-intentioned” when we try to raise a child. For one, we’d probably make sure our child was never left alone with a priest.

      Finally, O’Brien thinks he has an a

    3. army of donation-giving Catholic Scots behind him, but this is the most misinformed statement of all. According to a Scottish Social Attitudes Survey, 61 percent of Scottish citizens are in favor of the U.K.’s proposed gay marriage legislation. Despite what O’Brien may believe, Scots want the “human” benefit of gay marriage.

      O’Brien – when it comes to an all-out war, I’m afraid you’re outnumbered.

  75. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) – the official group that represents the Catholic Church in America – decided in November to declare war on gay marriage, at the expense of all else. Despite a recent poll titled, “Catholics in America,” that found American Catholics see opposition to same-sex marriage equality as low on their list of what the Church should be focusing on, the USCCB has spent a good portion of the day on its anti-gay agenda, which included the introduction of a new anti-gay website, “Marriage: Unique For A Reason.”

    The new site says, “it is hoped that Marriage: Unique for a Reason can be of assistance to all people of good will who seek to understand the truth and beauty of marriage.” With that statement, I would agree. Marriage is unique, and beautiful, and should therefore not be denied to same-sex couples.

    Marriage: Unique For A Reason also asks,

    “What is marriage? Are a man and a woman really essential to marriage? What about the child … and

    1. the role of mothers and fathers? Is it discriminatory to defend marriage as the union of one man and one woman? What impact does the redefinition of marriage have on religious liberty?”

      Of course, you can imagine the answers.

      It should be noted that there is a difference between civil marriage equality, for which we are fighting, and religious marriage, which every marriage equality bill and law respects and protects. Yet, Archbishop Dolan and his USCCB ignore that basic distinction and consistently equate and conflate the two.

      The National Catholic Reporter, which sponsors the above-mentioned poll, Catholics in America, and performs it every six years, found that opposition to same-sex marriage is important to only 35% of American Catholics, yet a great portion of the USCCB meeting was focused on just that. 67% of American Catholic believe helping the poor to be second in importance, yet little if any time today was devoted to that topic or task.

      In fact, in his opening

    2. remarks, Archbishop Timothy Dolan, president of the USCCB, railed against those who dare to challenge the Church or his leadership.

      Zack Ford at the Think Progress shortly before the American Catholic declaration of war on equal marriage noted, “Given that the Catholic League regularly blames homosexuality for the child abuse committed by Church leaders, it makes sense that Catholics are similarly distrusting of them on LGBT and other social issues. These results suggest that the Catholic Church’s political clout comes not from the authority of its vast membership, but perhaps merely from the large sums of money it wields in their campaigns.”

      Its clear that it is not just Scotland, but the USA, Australia and elsewhere – indeed one of the Vaticans global ambassadors has declared war on “gay marriage”.

      They tried their declarations of war elsewhere in the past and lost – they will lose again, and destroy any shred of respectability and integrity they may once have had with it.


    3. he did exist and were to come back, this is exactly the sort of behaviour that Jesus would expose – it would not be in his name, nor is it in mine.

      1. They are right in one sense marriage is ‘unique for a reason’, just not the reason they tell you it is.
        The reason marriage is unique to them is LGBTs provide a convenient outgroup to segregate and dehumanise in an attempt to appeal to the bigotry of their perceived reactionary core demographic.
        It’s a crude form of tribalism.

  76. So there willing ti spend £100k? So the money there spending fighting a pointless war is more important then spending on education…health or better understanding of youth culture . The Catholic church ….has no places in modern world !!

  77. Yeah, whatever. If only the Catholic Chuch had declared “war” with such determination against the systematic sexual abuse and cover-up of innocent children by priests then I’m sure it would have been time better spent. Change the record old man.

  78. My my the Catholic Church seem to be keen on war declaring – in the last few months war on Obama & LGBTs in the USA , Canada, Australian, Rep. of Ireland and now on Scotland – from just a cursory Google search.
    Whilst for their own they issue Bishop’s Conference (CIE) guidelines on child protection that inform its bishops that they are ‘not obliged to report illicit facts’ of child abuse to the police.
    Why can’t people see this pure hate for what it is. It’s nothing to do with religious freedom but all to do with hate and control..

  79. Is Keith O’Brien either a paedophile or a paedophile enabler?

    If it’s war that evil old c**t wants, then that’s exactly what he and his child-rapist chums in the catholic clergy are going to get.

    1. Normally, I try to be a bit more measured, restrained and “calmer” than you on issues such as this …

      100% behind you this time.

  80. how do we make it known by the population this hate campaign financed by this christian?

    1. It wouldn’t surprise me if they do that for themselves, the Catholic Church are hardly shrinking violets when it comes to bigging up their own homophobia, so following the money’s a no-brainer.
      They might spin it as concern about the family but anyone with a brain can tell they just don’t like gays period.

  81. The has already government promised to tackle extremism at every source.

  82. The SNP have stated they will tackle religious sectarianism in Scotland and be impartial and not be succoured into issues that are grounded in sectarianism.

    Sectarianism, according to one definition, is bigotry, discrimination or hatred arising from attaching importance to perceived differences between subdivisions within a group, such as between different denominations of a religion, class, regional or factions of a political movement.

    The ideological underpinnings of attitudes and behaviours labelled as sectarian are extraordinarily varied. Members of a religious or political group may believe that their own salvation, or the success of their particular objectives, requires aggressively seeking converts from other groups; adherents of a given faction may believe that for the achievement of their own political or religious project their internal opponents must be purged.

    Sometimes a group that is under economic or political pressure will kill or attack members of another group

    1. which it regards as responsible for its own decline. It may also more rigidly define the definition of “orthodox” belief within its particular group or organisation, and expel or excommunicate those who do not support this newfound clarified definition of political or religious ‘orthodoxy.’ In other cases, dissenters from this orthodoxy will secede from the orthodox organisation and proclaim themselves as practitioners of a reformed belief system, or holders of a perceived former orthodoxy. At other times, sectarianism may be the expression of a group’s nationalistic or cultural ambitions, or exploited by demagogues.

      Declaring war on government policy and/or a section of society due to perceived differences resting on ideiological underpinings can justifiably be seen to be sectarian in nature.

      O’Brien is striking out and attacking members of other groups (and government) whom he regards as responsible for the RC churches decline.

      We are supposed to be aiming towards a post sectarian

    2. society but O’Brien is fanning the flames of sectarianism and dissent keen to foment agitation and ensure that conflict is pursued.

      Yet again, peace is as far away from the truth of religious leaders as you can get.

  83. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jul 2012, 12:59pm

    I’m waiting for de Villiers’ comments. He castigated me recently for bashing catholics, in fact accused me of obsessing about it.

    Yes, there are many catholics who support equal marriage, probably more than those who oppose it. It’s not them I’m against, it’s their leaders. It is they who deserve to be bashed. I find it ironic that they are not threatening the faithful with excommunication, not just because of those who support equal marriage, but that catholic women, hundreds of millions of them are using artificial methods of birth control. They do not threaten catholic politicians who support our rights, yet here they are threatening an overwhelmingly non-catholic government. If that’s not sedition, a serious punishable crime, then I don’t know what is. O’Brien should be arrested, church property confiscated and other assets sold, the proceeds distributed to the poor and needy, in the true spirit of Christianity. It’s obscene to think it’s spending £100K on hatred.

  84. joe harrower 9 Jul 2012, 1:19pm

    If the catholic Church wants war then let us open up a new front and demand that discriminatory education at the tax payers expense is ended right now. Why should non-Catholics,Protestants, Hindus, Jews,Muslims, atheists and agnostics and secularists pay to promote education apartheid. Let’s give them something to fight about. BTW I attended catholic primary and High School in Scotland

  85. Where the heck is King Henry vlll when one needs him.
    ‘Hebrews 13:4 Marriage is honourable in all,’
    but then Roman Catholics are not Christians and they have changed the 10 Commandments as well.
    Well Cardinal O’Brian you and your ‘church’ no longer represent anything to do with the Lord God and the teachings of the Lord Jesus. You are a sham, and anti-Christ and the Roman Catholic Church will not survive for much longer. You have lost all credibility and honour. You are now no more than a hate and terror organisation filled with debauchery, theft, corruption and you make me sick. Good luck to you on your downward slide to oblivion.

  86. I really pray that the Scottish Government has a braveheart to stand up and fight against this unspeakable and unacceptable evil.

  87. Odious.

  88. I find it ironic that a religious cult such as this never threatens its faithful with excommunication for supporting equal marriage or the millions of catholic women on artificial birth control and catholic politicians who support womens’ rights as well as equality for LGBT people. Yet, here we have a demagogue, a representative of a foreign potentate, threatening an overwhelmingly non-catholic, elected government and in turn the voters who put them in office and it’s not construed as sedition? O’Brien should be arrested, church property confiscated, assets sold and the proceeds given to the poor in the true spirit of Christianity.

    It’s centuries old tradition of paedophilia should also be brought into line with other crimes against humanity and presented to the World Court in the Hague for adjudication.

    If it’s war O’Brien is calling for, then he’d better be prepared for the biggest anti-catholic backlash since Henry VIII. He’d better be careful what he’s wishing for.

  89. Where is to Cardinals mandate to bully the Scottish government to go against civil rights of an individual group, the will of the Scottish people and to persuade them to act inhumanely, unethically and unfairly?

    The Cardinal has no such mandate and his phony clarion call to war will be seen as an insult to democracy and the ability of the Scottish people to do the right thing.

    His attempts at paternalism are false, wrong, misdirected and ignorant.

    The Scottish government and people are more than cpaable to deciding the right thing for Scotland without recourse to religious organisations.

    Churches have no place in determining civil law and an attempt to declare war in a matter of civil law is interfering with the democratic process and an affront to the dignity of the Scottish people.

    The SNP and Salmond must vehemently stand against it.

  90. Krazy Cevin 9 Jul 2012, 2:30pm

    Well, one would not really want to marry the little boy one had assaulted and ravaged, would one, Mr Cardinal?

  91. Staircase2 9 Jul 2012, 3:02pm

    …the bloody idiot…
    What an ungodly tosser!

  92. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Jul 2012, 4:17pm

    Where does a catholic prelate under orders from a foreign potentate in Rome get to threaten an overwhelmingly non-catholic government elected by the people?

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 4:27pm

      Given all this aggressive interference by the Vatican, I’m beginning to wonder if the amendment to the Succession Act is such a good thing after all. I was previously in favour. It’s clear the current Vatican regime is extremely political and will do “whatever it takes” to get its own way. Presumably this could include pressure on and from a Catholic monarch or monarch’s spouse in the future, potentially creating a major constitutional crisis. The stuff coming out of Vatileaks is a concern too.

  93. Time to tax the Churches as businesses, they have forfeited their right to tax-free charitable status!!!

  94. £150.000….could have been spent on better things like feeding the poor…

  95. It is time to declare war on catholics then.

  96. 100,000 hardly seems like much. He’s probably wearing more than that in baubles.

  97. The Catholic Church don’t worry about spending money when it’s on themselves.

    Didn’t it recently come out that Archbishop Mario Conti of Glasgow has refused to vacate the official residence in the southside of Glasgow when he retires next year so the church have spent lots of money refurbishing another house for the next Archbishop of Glasgow?

  98. Paddyswurds 9 Jul 2012, 6:59pm

    Once Gay people have all their rights recognised as being equal with the rest of society, our next and arguably most important battle must be to rid the world of the evil that is religion …especially the Abrahamic cults. Pride has been described as being in need of a political agenda; this is surely it. The churches have set their minds against a sizeable minority of the population and we simply cannot let that situation pertain. O’Brien has declared war, so we don’t need to, but face him and all the other Abrahamic cults down we must. Our very survival depends on us winning this battle. We must not relent until these people are neutralised or eradicated otherwise the lives of Gay people will be blighted by this bigotry and hatred for all time. They started it but they should be made aware that they will not end it; we will, and they will be the losers, there must be no equivocation about that…….. Our first battle must be the disestablishment of the CofE…….

    1. Paddyswurds 9 Jul 2012, 7:00pm

      .and then we must turn our attention to the elephant in the corner that is taxes. Churches and clergy must be compelled to pay taxes on the billions they rake in every year. After taht churches must be banned from any contact with children including a requirement that children must not be indoctrinated into any religion until they reach majority and then they can decide for themselves. Public preaching outside of religious establishments must also be banned as must public displays of religious symbols such as the odious cross, crescent moon and star, and the star of Judaism, and associated clothing such as dog collars, Burkas, hijab, head scarves and even nuns habits. . That must also include temporary mission tents and such like. there must also be strict laws in regard to the total separation of church and state. In other words religion must become a totally private matter for those who are deluded enough to practice it.

      1. Paddyswurds 9 Jul 2012, 7:01pm

        ….I would also argue that anyone who adheres to the irrational heresy that is religion must not be allowed to hold public office of any kind. Religion must not be allowed access to public media such as news papers, radio or television, and strict approval methods for any publication presented by any religious organisation, including their application for license to broadcast on radio or television. The RCC must be made to account and pay for the crusades and the inquisition and the horrendous child abuse carried out with its tacit approval world wide
        Religion has declared war and religion IS going to lose, of that there can be no doubt. .. … …. …..

  99. Terry Eastham 9 Jul 2012, 8:22pm

    I’m sorry, the Catholic church has spent £150,000 opposing equal marriage. Thank heavens there are no poor people, famines, etc in the world.

  100. Karen usedtobe a 9 Jul 2012, 8:51pm

    Could he not Declare”War On paedophile Priests” sadly this is why Im no longer a Caflik…Ive not lost my Faith in God but I have lost my faith in My Church…pity they didnt listen to Jesus who said “Let the Man who has never sinned cast the first stone” we have all sinned especially those who judge others…surely the most important thing is to Love and be Loved (nothing like it in the world) same with children doesn’t matter who their parents are or how many parents there are…only matters that the children feel LOVED….but seriously would anybody trust the judgement of anyone wearing a hat like that? …LOL

  101. “We therefore declaire that King Henry VIII to be excommunicated … there that will show them … DOH!”

  102. I hereby declare war on the catholic church because they are different.

  103. I don’t think religious organizations should be tax free if they are going to promote hatred. If they can spend 100 grand to do that they can pay taxes!

    1. Absolutely they can pay taxes.

      Campaigning against equality and democracy are hardly charitable principles!

    2. What is the rationale for not taxing Churches? Or religious places in general? I know it started out as a concern that government would use the power of taxation to discriminate against a sect or shut it down. That’s because it was done widely in Europe. But that really is an argument against uneven or unfair taxation, not any taxation at all.

      I’m not exactly a huge fan of taxes. But, I’m an even smaller fan of all of the privileges given to religion in this nation. Real privileges, like freedom from taxes, being the primary one, though there are some other perks, like not being allowed to say bad things about someone who has the name ‘reverend’ or other nonsense titles, or even worse, those with the title are allowed to say all sorts of hateful things without being held to account.

      But really, what would be so bad about making a church pay taxes the same as all other property owners in a community? If they don’t, well, then they get a benefit over all other property owners – they

      1. get all the services of the community without having to pay the admission price. They are, in fact, a drain on a communities’ resources. I know the howls of protest that come with such a suggestion. Probably the first protest is that a church would not be able to survive in a community because the taxes would be more than the income from the members. But then, I think that in itself says something – after all, if the members of a church can’t afford to pay for its existence, why should it exist based on the subsidy of MY tax money? Thus, only the churches that TRULY have community support (in the form of tithing members) will surivive. I know the next howl of protest. What about poor neighborhood churches? But economics takes care of that as well. Poor areas have relatively poor property values and so would pay much less in taxes. Thus, it would be progressive, in a sense. A rich neighborhood would have really rich property taxes, but then, the members of the church would also be rich,

      2. so they could afford to support the church there.

        So I say, tax the churches. It isn’t discrimination to make churches pay the same taxes every other good citizen has to pay (and usually does). It is the price of admission for our communities. And hey, if the taxes are too much, well, perhaps that shows the community really doesn’t support the church (since there aren’t enough members to support it). Or you could really think outside the box and slash taxes across the board for everyone to make the churches more affordable that way. Just don’t have my taxes subsidizing all sorts of strange religions that I have no interest in and want no part of. At the very least, one would hope religious freedom would mean freedom from having your money support religions you do not.

        Even more so when the religious organisations declare war on equality, war on fairness and war on teh democratic will of the people – then taxes need to be paid and be seen to be paid.

    3. Given that (in the most recent accounts I can locate) the Archdiocese of Glasgow had an income of £14,665,803 (this does not include the individual accounts of each parish and is solely the adminsitrative resources of the Archdiocese) then it would appear there are significant sums that could be taxed – particularly if it is being used to abuse democracy and equality.

  104. Just a thought, isn’t the Carinal the Vatican (a foreign state) representative in Scotland?

    Therefore, a declaration of war on a portion of the UK population and the Scottish government – should this not receive a military response, or at least a dipplomatic one?

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 4:15pm

      The ambassador to the Vatican should at least be recalled, as Ireland did some time ago over abuse cover-ups.

      1. I agree the UK government should recall their Vatican ambassador and summon the Vatican representative to the foreign office (and the Scottish government should urge the FCO to do this).

  105. This guy reminds me of my mother, and I don’t mean that she wore a pointy hat and a long cloak. He reminds me of when she finally went completely mad and believed that there were invisible thieves living in the attic who were determined to kill her and steal her house. She knew that I was in on the deal and that no amount of lies and blandishments on my part could dissuade her from her moral mission to denounce us all and bring us to justice. Mind you, there are notable differences. There weren’t thousands of people prepared to believe her on the basis of her spiritual authority and she didn’t have a hundred grand to spend on telling the world about it. Another difference is that her delusions were a lot more entertaining.

  106. This man is an evil disgrace and makes me ashamed to be Scottish. He has consistently opposed every single equality law for the past ten years. He now says that we “suffer from same sex attraction”. The only thing we suffer from is him and his church. Bring it on bigot….

    1. Cardinal Capone 10 Jul 2012, 4:06pm

      I think he suffers from tourettes.

  107. I do not suffer from same sex attraction – I revel in it, it is a large part of who I am.

  108. I think that the first thing we should do to this odious organisation is to downgrade it from a religion to a cult, for that is surely what it is as anyone who knows anything about its history would agree.

  109. Imagine them spending £150,000 to help children living in poverty!

  110. TheBrutalKremlin 10 Jul 2012, 6:58pm

    TIME FOR A CHURCH TAX. You play, you pay.

  111. Former catholic priest. 11 Jul 2012, 9:28am

    It is because of senior clergy like him and several others that i left the Catholic church, the money the church is spending on this is obscene and could be put to better more Christian uses. I recently came across this quote, “I like your Christ. I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ.” Gandhi. but until now i never fully understood it. This Cardinal is going against two of my most dearly held Christian tenants which are Love thy neighbour as thyself and What you do to the least of them that you also do unto me. The RCC has totally lost touch with Christian teaching.

  112. Long live the USA 11 Jul 2012, 7:56pm

    So much hate for the Cathlic Church…… at least they don’t conform to what’s popular

  113. Keith Farrell 12 Jul 2012, 5:17pm

    be warned, there is a troll stalking Pink news, when ever we say something against the catholic church, like suggesting the be taxed as a business, this troll will unlike the remark, so just have a look.
    The sooner this hateful church closes its doors the better

    1. I had noticed.

      They are hardly engaging in war – more like cowardice.

      The RC church need taxing (ideally backdating too)

  114. I don’t hate the catholic church, I abhor, reject and condemn ALL religious establishments for the power-seeking, power-broking, lying, manipulating war- and hatemongers they truly are! Edmund Burke said all that is necessary for evil to succeed is that good men do nothing, and someone else said the greatest trick ever performed was when the devil convinced people he did not exist. As far as I am concerned, it is way past time all decent, caring people stood up and fought back against the tyranny and evil continually perpetrated by all these religious establishments, as it is they whose actions and attitudes down the ages are nothing but the total the epitome of the evil succeeding and the devil pulling his greatest trick! And the worst, in my view, of all these religious establishments, is the Church of Rome! I could go on, and on, citing example after example of their hypocrisy, their deceit, their truly evil, despicable acts, but you know already! Don’t you!

  115. Peter Bradshaw 24 Jul 2012, 11:12am

    If he wants war let’s have war.
    Here’s the plan.

    Do as I do and go in as many RC churches that you can. Light as many fat candles as you like. The £2 or €7 ones if you happen to be on holiday are best. Then put precisely nothing in the collection box. Tell yourself you’re lighting a candle for every child the Catholic church has abused over the centuries. It works for me.

  116. “…war on gay marriage”

    Which of course will be read by some as “…war on gays”

    Hasnt the c hurch created enough wars already by its hatred of Jews that led to the holocaust.?

    1. TRUE LIBERAL 12 Oct 2012, 6:38pm

      Hitler was an atheist, brought up a catholic he thought of himself as a god like figure and dislike religions, particularly his own trying to tell him jews where humans. Have you never read any history about him? His 6 million deaths can be added to that great atheist Stallin who killed over 100 million of his own people.

  117. TRUE LIBERAL 12 Oct 2012, 6:35pm

    What a bigoted anti catholic article. My people had to suffer persecution from the protestant majority for years and now you queers are oppressing us both, but as a catholic it riles me that you scum are just taking over the mantle from WASP, your natural brethren. Christians do not deserver attack, and we do not deserve you nuts wanting to get married in our churches. You have civil partnerships, which gives you rights and even you could call it marriage legally (it would not make it so in gods eyes) but because we can’t trust you not to try to get married in a church through court battles we are therefore against gay marriage. Because you want to force us to say its not a sin well it is, you cant help being gay but you can choose not to have sex because if you cant choose not to have sex what defence have we against peadophiles who say they can’t help it? Logically none. So a small wrong leads to a greater one.
    Civil parternerships has all the legal rights already.

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