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Google launches ‘Legalise Love’ gay rights campaign

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Reader comments

  1. If nothing else it stirs up debate and makes people in countries with homophobic laws know that they are not alone.Google might not be able to make the change happen by itself, but it is well placed to get the message out there.

  2. Guys, I’m going to post this here to make sure everyone is aware of this early. Since our recent “occupation” from the Inspector and his sheep the Dodo I’ve checked in occasionally on the cranmer blog(know thy enemy) and seen this evening from the Inspector

    “By the way. Inspector off to the lake district day after. Hopes to continue posting, but depends on that broadband thing one is told. They’ve only had mains electricity up there since the 1950s. Radio telephone coverage surprisingly good. Saw someone use one of those things up there a couple of years ago. Thinks he was an outsider.

    If he can post, first on the Inspectors itinery is to wreak revengeful havoc on the pinkies. Thinks they’ve seen the last of him have they….”

    Having managed to get all the trolls off PN of late if the Inspector does indeed managed to post on PN can we agree to ignore and simply report him. I’m e-mailing PN to make them aware of this also

    1. Lol, you never get rid of anyone with an obsession. Does he worry so much about gluttons, adulterers, fornicators? I doubt it, perhaps PN holds a special interest for him?

  3. Thank you Google, this is very welcome indeed.

  4. Cardinal Capone 8 Jul 2012, 11:48pm

    Great news. They already sponsored Pink Dot in Singapore. Economic arguments seem to work best over there, as I suspect they do in Poland, too.

  5. Jens Oh Dear 9 Jul 2012, 1:58am

    Fantastic initiative! Google is such a big company in the world, so for them to go forward like this can make a difference for the many LGBT people deprived of basic human rights in countries across the world.

  6. radical53 9 Jul 2012, 3:39am

    We need more multi-nationals to get on board.

    Then everyone will start to listen.

    Good on Google.

  7. Jock S. Trap 9 Jul 2012, 9:55am

    Great to see Google wanting to try and make a difference.

    Let’s hope we see action too because of this campaign.

  8. This should keep the right wing fundies well exercised when they decide to boycott Google…

    …lots of lost fundies searching in the dark

    Now, if that doesn’t qualify a an oxymoron, nothing does!

  9. Yes, yes, yes at last. Thank you Google. It is very much needed in Poland. You will be up against the Roman Catholic church and the opposition facist party plus a weak ‘governemnt’ It is more of a political club than a government.
    The Roman Catholic Church continues its relentless anti-gay, anti-same sex marriage campaign. This is a great evil. The ‘church’ targets young people for its hate campaign. You may have a fight on your hands.

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