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London: Showers and cuts fail to dampen spirits at WorldPride 2012

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Reader comments

  1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 7 Jul 2012, 5:55pm

    I hope, next time will be better – even Her Majesty The Queen will attend. Yes, She have some hidden lesbian side, I know.

    1. GingerlyColors 8 Jul 2012, 12:26pm

      Please leave the Queen out of it. She does not express political opinions as it goes against Royal Protocol and she is a committed straight – she has been married to Prince Phillip for almost 65 years.
      And remember her mother, who employed gay people in her household including the likes of Billy Tallon even before homosexuality was decriminalised. The Queen Mother was the first person to realise that gays were more employable than straights because we are not hamstrung by wives and kids and have to keep buggering off work every five minutes because of a family emergency such as the baby won’t stop crying, the daughter’s come out in spots or the son has put the cat in the microwave.

      1. Pavlos Prince of Greece 8 Jul 2012, 3:23pm

        O yes, I have forget – the mythological ‘gay valets’! You can not be a homophobic, when you have unmarried attractive person at the household. No, no. Its grand privilege of holy see and Mr. Liam Fox, of course.

  2. admirable gay spirit… yea !!!

  3. The Prime Minister thanking Boris for allowing this event to go ahead. Great to see he has his finger on the pulse.
    Despite all the efforts of the Mayor and the GLA we actually managed to celebrate world pride and the event happened.
    Well done to everyone who took to the streets to say we are a proud people who will not be bullied.

    1. Despite the incompetenceof those on the Price committee charged to organise it, it went ahead, and despite the hype here, it was shameful.

      The West End is full to busting with gay people at the moment with nothing else to do than stand around and drink.

      Pride really is about a bt more thann throwing a small fortune at Bass Charrington once a year.

      Goodon those who did those who did take part but the responsibility for the shambles lays with the committee and not with the mayor, the council, the economy, anyone, or anything else.

      I’m disgusted

      1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 11:54am

        POWER to the PEOPLE , back to HYDE PARK next year via Broadcasting House at Oxford Circus . PRIDE is a PROTEST not a cash cow for commercial concerns and boy bands promoting their latest DROSS .

      2. I agree

    2. What absolute rubbish. The Mayor’s office gives more funding to Pride every year than anyone else. The only people to blame for the fact that this year’s Pride was less than usual are the organisers, who failed to admit a funding shortfall before it was too late for anything to be done to save the event as planned. To blame the mayor, simply because he did not step in and plug the gap, is ridiculous. The Pride committee should have admitted the shortfall much sooner and given the LGBT community a chance to fundraise for ourselves, which I have no doubt we would have done.

  4. According to the BBC and the Met Police, there were only 25,000 marchers.

    Seems like a damp squib to me.

    1. How come its in england there is so much hype about the build up to events that are such an anti climax, the millennium dome thing with queen looking like she’d rather be home with corgis, the jubilee thing up the river with a few fishing trawlers and now pride. I’m predicting the olympics ceremonies will be equally underwhelming.

    2. Helen in Ireland 8 Jul 2012, 9:20pm

      Only 25 000? Dublin Pride reports 30 000. If accurate, World Pride was substantially smaller, especially with the difference in respective population od the two cities.

  5. TV News coverage was poor – One local report (London) on BBC One (6.20pm) and one local report on ITV 1 (5.05pm)

    No national reports on any of the main channels 1-4.

    1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 9:29am

      Being disabled and now unable to travel or attend , I monitor the national news stations every year in the hope of having my spirits lifted with any coverage of the event , and the total news blackout each and every year is I find extremely insulting and homophobic in view of the fact that this is the 2nd biggest annual gathering of people on the London calendar. Usually I take the time to write to the BBC and complain , this year I shall not expend the energy as their reply is always dismissive.
      TIRED of being so insulted.
      MAybe next year the Parade should head for the NEW broadcasting house and sit down outside of it and remind Auntie that we pay her wages and are license payers .

      1. If the BBC is to be believed, they say things need to improve – but the lack of Pride coverage might indicate they’re not to be trusted.

        BTW here is the only report on BBC One yesterday (a local report in London)

        Other channels seem to be following the BBC, and ignoring LGBT people

        1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 11:45am

          I am in Plymouth Devon , where as far as people in Devon and Cornwall are concerned WE DO NOT EXIST , it really is the dark ages down here on the penisula , the absence of any coverage of this event on any of the news stations ( national) is extremely insulting , it could make a very real difference to those who are isolated in homophobic and rural communities or by age and disability , IT IS EXTREMELY INSULTING xxx

          1. I used to live in Yealmpton and used to travel around Cornwall and Devon – saying that LGBT people do not exist is wrong. There are dozens of gay or gay friendly hotels, B&bs etc. There are several gay or gay friendly bars. Cornwall and Torquay Pride. A couple of saunas. Several staff LGBT networks in major employers. Several LGBT social groups and support networks.

  6. Im pleased the Pride went ahead and hope those who attended had a wonderful time.

    We have SO MUCH talent in the UK we need to ensure that next’s years Pride does not suffer in any way. A Pride without floats cannot be allowed to happen again. theres a lot of work to be done.

    How do people become people of the Pride board?

  7. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 9:24am

    How did Europe’s once BIGGEST FREE FESTIVAL attracting over a million people get reduced to one attracting 25,000 ( according to the BBC) ?

    1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 11:52am

      I believe there has been a deliberate scaling down of the EVENT over the last 15 years , I believe the numbers attracted to Clapham Common ( many moons ago now ) 1 million at Europe’s BIGGEST FREE FESTIVAL , disturbed the powers that be .

  8. I was down towards the front of the march and we set off just after 11.00 am. We reached the end around 01.00 pm and we went into a pub on Whitehall called the Clarence for some liquid refreshment and to watch the rest of the parade pass by.
    The last of the marchers passed by at 03.00 pm. So why digit take a parade consisting of 25,000 marchers 4 hours from start to finish, because there was more than 25,000 marchers but authorities are trying to play down the fact the LGBT community took to the streets in numbers to say they will not have their pride taken away.

    1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 11:56am

      Going back to the birth of Gay Pride in London the police estimates were always half of the numbers actually present .

  9. Maybe a 0 missed of the numbers attending, thats been done before.

  10. Caped cruisader 8 Jul 2012, 11:26am

    Where were crusaid trustees after ‘pain n suffering tn alot of people get another job’ email to hiv police panel member in 2004 out and proud ?

    1. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2012, 11:48am

      You appear to be talkin all crazy again!! Do you know the language of tongues by any chance?

    2. Why, I do believe he’s speaking in fluent gibberish.

  11. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2012, 11:47am

    For all those who keep slagging off the Pride events because of how people dress and act….

    Did you see the majority of people that were wearing t-shirts and shorts or jeans? Did you see all those people in Uniform? I mean ok they were in the Armed Services but I mean what were they thinking?

    I am of course being sarcastic to those who can’t see more than a foot in front of their own noses.

    A good Day well done to all. A shame Pride spoilt it by lack of management but still to those that went, a day to be proud of.

    1. David Wainwright 8 Jul 2012, 11:59am

      Westminisinister Council and The Mayor of London Boris Doris , could have been far more accommodating and helpful , the no show by Doris says it all really , when you think of the amount of cash that flooded into central London yesterday , but then I guess with less on people are herded into spending more ££££££ quite clever strategy really.

      1. Jock S. Trap 8 Jul 2012, 2:08pm

        Couldn’t really care less if Boris turns up or not. It’s not whats important to me.

        Also if it was all about Westminster Council and Boris Why did we only hear about it a week before the event?

        It’s because it had nothing to do the Council nor the Mayor but purely because of the incompetence of London Pride and it’s committees own pride. Had this been other people’s fault it would have been leaked, people would have spoken. We can’t be silly enough to think people wouldn’t highlight this using the media and it would have been the right thing to do.

        Failing in management and putting own wealth before the event does seem to shine through and a terrible lack of management through Pride London.

        1. Sister Mary clarence 8 Jul 2012, 6:51pm

          I absolutely agree.

          I’m sick of the ‘not our fault’ brigade blaming everyone else in sight

  12. Cardinal Capone 8 Jul 2012, 12:04pm

    We enjoyed the march a lot, it was a great atmosphere, and it was better for not having floats. A really great day. Only stayed briefly for the entertainment in Trafalgar Square though.

  13. The whole event was a toal embarrassment to London- I was mortified to meet people who’d flown in from abroad.

    Westminster council was disgraceful in telling bars that they could not even play music that could be heard outside.

    As a result Compton Street and Soho Square were packed with people with absolutely nothing to do and no entertainment whatsoever.

    The whole of London pride committee should resign and be replaced by people with some organisational and commercial skills.

    There is no reason why London should not have a pride like Sydney or Madrid – there are far more gays in London!!

  14. GingerlyColors 8 Jul 2012, 12:31pm

    I hope the weather will be better for next year’s Pride and that they can have the floats back as well.

  15. Caped cruisader 8 Jul 2012, 5:55pm

    The world pride 2012 award goes to crusaid management who all kept their jobs after abusive email to hiv police panel member in 2004 Come and collect your award

    1. Yawn.

  16. Caped cruisader 8 Jul 2012, 6:00pm

    For using charity money to pay of a police panel member in 2004 and then forgetting to take them of mailing list aod writing asking for feedback world pride award nomination 2013 crusaid trustees! Come on down

    1. Another yawn.

  17. Whatever next disabled people not allowed a voice in gay press lol

  18. Gays at hiv positive nation magazine claim it was full of ‘secrets & Lies’ and ‘sordid truth about ukc aids charity will come out one day! OMG:-D

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