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Video: Hillary Clinton sends acceptance message for WorldPride award

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  1. One of the VERY few members of the Obama Cabinet who has not endorsed marriage equality and therefore still stands by her previous public position that marriage should be restricted to heterosexual unions. This is particularly bothersome since both Obama and Biden have come out in full support of marriage equality, as has Clinton’s husband (former President Bill Clinton) and her daughter Chelsea.

    No excuses Secretary Clinton!

    1. Terry Jackson 7 Jul 2012, 8:05pm

      I understand what you mean, Hayden, but her position isn’t a political one. The job of the US Secretary of State is one in which her own political beliefs (of which marriage and religion both are) must be off the table. I’m certain that, upon stepping down, her views will be made clear. Until then, there is no reason to politicize a role such as hers, especially when there has been no person in the world during the past four years who has been more outspoken about equality for those in the LGBTQ community… not even Obama or Biden.

      So, you see,,, there aren’t excuses, but there are reasons.

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