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Texas: Dallas gay couple arrested for marriage equality protest

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Reader comments

  1. an arrest does not mean a charge being made and there will only be punishment if they are found guilty of an offence in a court but of course they would need to have been charged by police first.

    1. Certainly there can only be a punishment if they are found guilty

      The remainder of your comment is true for England & Wales, although I am not clear of the legal process in Texas – I think they can be convicted without penalty in some states where certain circumstances come into play.

  2. Great protest and publicity.

    Hope it encourages more people to stop and think.

    1. Derek Northcote 7 Jul 2012, 4:51am


      I think that the more these injustices are highlighted the more sympathy to our inequality is achieved.

      1. Not clear what you mean Derek?

        Do you mean more sympathy to us being made to be inequal, or you our campaign to ensure we get equality?

  3. They are charged with criminal trespass and face up to a $2000 fine and 180 days in jail each.

  4. The fact that the Police think they are nice could be the real seed of radical change here!

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