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London: WorldPride time was changed to reduce numbers

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Reader comments

  1. Pride huh?

  2. This reeks of trying to redirect blame.

  3. If the Mayor had supported Pride then he would not put extra obstacles in the way of the organisers.

    1. Caped cruisader 6 Jul 2012, 7:32pm

      Celebrate! The hiv police panel member emaijed by crusaid’pain n suffering to alot of people get another job in 2004 paid 2 keep quiet by gay tories will be attending !:-) act up london

  4. I feel like the Mayor has gone out of his way to ruin the event.

    1. Sister Mary clarence 6 Jul 2012, 9:00pm

      I don’t think that the mayor had to go out of his way to ruin it. The shower of wasters, sorry the Pride committee, has done a good enough job on their own.

      Its no good pointing the finger at other people. The Pride committee has sole responsibility for this fiasco and they were aware long ago of all the rules and regulations they had to comply with.

      The knew their costs (or should have) and they should have been able to project their income.

      It is my view that the Pride in the centre of London, whilst in profile terms is very good, from the point of financial viability it is weak. Other than through sponsorship, income generation is extremely challenging, and this seemingly is where they have fallen down. Although, it must have been abundantly clear from an early stage the challenges they would have, and equally obvious from an early stage that income and expenditure where a significant distance apart.

      The blame lies squarely with the Pride committee.

      1. Dan Filson 7 Jul 2012, 12:19pm

        I have to agree. But the issue of funding may depend on quite where funds ave gone in the past. What I would like to know is the split between the costs to Pride of staging the march/parade/procession and the costs to Pride of other events, primarily any big post-parade open air music events. Do performers expect and get fees? Contractors certainly do, and not paying them for 2011 is a sure formula for them seeking their fees up front for 2012 which immediately sets up a cash flow problem. What financial competence was there amongst the Pride Committee, what fundraising expertise etc ? If you have free use of Trafalgar Square and a £100,000 grant from the Mayor’s Office (part of which may well be required to pay for the police presence, and some for the litter clean-up costs), the march / parade / procession should have been viable in its own right and capable of having motorised floats and all the rest. Banning motorised elements & moving the start time smacks of intentional sabotage.

        1. Sister Mary clarence 7 Jul 2012, 1:29pm

          This is my point, if you have shafted people before of course they are going to want money up front. Similarly if you have no business relationship with a company they will often want a payment before undertaking work. Also when applying for licenses, you pay at the time of the application, not a few months down the line. This though is all part and parcel of the business planning process. It is not something that only comes to light at the eleventh hour.

          The policing cost for an event with floats is seemingly higher. I don’t this this fell out of thin air and should have been another line in the business plan.

          I notice from the Pride website it is listing 41 floats. I imagine 41 groups are screaming for blood at the money that have wasted.

          I also think that people need to be realistic about the last minute bail out from Gaydar and Smirnoff. Having only just re-organised everything because of the funding crisis its not reasonable 3 days before to expect it all to change back

  5. Peter Hillier-Palmer 6 Jul 2012, 9:05pm

    How often do we get World Pride AND when the gay world looking at this farce unfolding what are they going to think of us a nation! There is going to an impromptu sit-in at the from of the march to try to delay the start. This is a cynical move by Boris Johnson to wreck the whole thing. He has cancelled Soho too! Give me a mega phone and I will scream the place down, this makes my blood boil!!!

  6. Caped cruisader 6 Jul 2012, 9:26pm

    7 years after emailing a hiv police panel member ‘pain n suffering to alot of people…get another job ‘CRUSAID TRUSTEES STILL REFUSE TO APOLOGISE ! Act up london

  7. Caped cruisader 6 Jul 2012, 9:30pm


  8. Caped cruisader 6 Jul 2012, 9:37pm

    Scamdals and cover ups welcome to londons world pride the lgbt community voices censored hiv disabled abandoned in lödons aids charity sector

    1. I cannot tell what language you are typing.

  9. David Wainwright 6 Jul 2012, 10:37pm

    Back to HYDE PARK for PRIDE 2013 only use of the Royal parks can accommodate the numbers safely Kensington Hyde and Green Parks are now REQUIRED .

    1. Cardinal Capone 6 Jul 2012, 11:28pm

      Here here, there’s nothing special about Trafalgar Square anymore, there’s nearly always a stage putting out some sort of loud music, we used to get 1 million people on the marches ending up in parks with all sorts of events. But I and my family will be there tomorrow for the first time in years, to support equality, and worldwide decriminalisation.

    2. Cardinal Capone 6 Jul 2012, 11:32pm

      That’s another thing, these days many gay people have families with children, and extended families that want to attend. Maybe it’s time the event was more family friendly, like Pink Dot in Singapore.

    3. She certainly wouldnt want you, Aiden

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jul 2012, 12:46am

        Quite! Ex-gay therapy hasn’t worked for him nor has praying away the gay! He’s to be pitied.

    4. Aiden,I’m sure we met in a Royal Park, one
      Dark Knight?

  10. London is loosing ground in many ways. What depressing addition to the general picture – and hard to understand how this will make sense to the GLA (including the MET) when the consequences are felt. The GLA and the Mayor should have risen to the challenge and helped out.
    It seems possible to have far more impressive Pride events in Brazil and other places… where the Mayor would have ceased the opportunity to make a statement of support that would have reverberated around the world – not least with the current focus on Europe’s inability to act as well as the somewhat understandable focus on London as the countdown to the Olympics is on. The Olympic Park is also an outstanding disappointment – which you will have noticed if you have been there – or if you go one of these days.
    Get the drift?
    Rather sad and depressing.

  11. David Wainwright 7 Jul 2012, 12:05am

    Don’t forget to remind Boris Doris and her ADMIN TEAM that Stonewall was a RIOT and we are not SHEEPLE to be fleeced of our pink pounds , can you imagine how much London transport will make out of us alone tomorrow ?
    PRIDE is a PROTEST , ,,,, BE PROUD and do not allow them to treat us so shabbily and SHAMEFULLY.

    1. Been thrown out of your own political party – thoguht you said UKIP were too liberal for you?

    2. Pride bitter Aiden?

  12. Perhaps your organisers need to communicate with other nations in regards to how they have achieved the goals and to put on their parades, in the face of high demand, funding and organisation with all the Government departments and community involved.

    As Sydney Mardi Gras has been down this path and has arisen from the ashes to put on a fine parade. Still has problems like any other business. Communicate.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jul 2012, 12:47am

      And Sydney still manages to put on the best parade ever!

  13. Wow the true colours of boris – not raindow! Seems confident after his new term in office that he should not care about the minorities like a true blue. Well, we will not forget! :o)

  14. According to BBC radio Boris decided not to attend due to other commitments that he has had for several months – so it appears he had no intention of keeping his promise made during his election campaign to attend Pride. The appalling management situation is merely a convenient smokescreen to hide his broken promise and lack of support for a LGBT symbolic London event.

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