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Essex: Head praises ‘greatly loved’ trans teacher

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Reader comments

  1. robert pirie-warsop 6 Jul 2012, 9:36am

    do you know what would have been really progressive if this didnt even make the news, and the teacher was able to transition without media intrusion and without the parents having to be informed etc

    1. Although I know what you are saying, at this stage of the ”equality fight” I think that it is important for stories like this to come to light. It educates and informs the masses that ”this is the way the world is… this is normal, and acceptable”

    2. I agree. However, the head teacher is dealing with the world as it is and his action is both admirable and astute. He is making the school’s support for the teacher unequivocally clear and also pre-empting any garbled or malicious tales either reaching the parents or being stirred up by the bigots and trouble-makers among them. Some parents inevitably beef about their ‘right to be informed’ about anything happening at the school which affects or threatens their children (real or imagined). The head is both dealing with this a priori and making clear that he will not bow to hostile moves against the trans teacher.

    3. The traditional british media coverage of transgender people is a ‘point-and-laugh at the freak’ game. Ten years ago as a teenager this kind of press made me think I was sick and perverted. Only now with more recent positive press and good internet resources have I found myself able to come out to a few close people.

      Non-news should come later. For now, I think we should continue with the positive tone and provide a safe and more supportive society for the next generation of trans people. In my opinion people should feel safe enough to come out while they are still young.

  2. It makes me happy, and proud to be in a country and part of a soceity where things like this can happen.

  3. Awww this is lovely!

    1. Toni-Louise 6 Jul 2012, 11:23am

      Sadly it didn’t happen with the supply teaching agencies I worked for up to 2004. I had taught before transition and had an androgynous style but tied my hair back for school work. I informed them of my intention to transition and guess what………NO more career….at all and YES I did persist in asking whenever work might occur but no, they lost their nerves and since then I have never taught again…….I was a good teacher TOO….Was.

      1. theotherone 6 Jul 2012, 11:28am

        i was all geared up for a career in nursing at roughly the same time.

        i was told not to bother applying and i would have been a bloody good nurse.

        things change, to late for some of us but atleast other don’t have to suffer the same things.

  4. Marcwebbo3 6 Jul 2012, 10:04am

    As much as I understand what Robert says I agree with Nathan. Education is the way forward to ending discrimination.

  5. Great story. Well done to the Head for making it clear that s/he supports the teacher wholeheartedly and won’t tolerate any bigoted, hate led or phobic behaviour.

  6. Joanne Mason 6 Jul 2012, 10:51am

    Absolutely marvelous.

  7. theotherone 6 Jul 2012, 11:24am

    well this story has made my day

    1. Can you post a link?

  8. I think this is brilliant and as already stated he is dealing with it in a clear way and poutting it out there so that no one can sya they weren’t informed and already warning that bullying against the teacher will not be tolerated. Brilliantly handled for the society we live in NOW. Absolutley brilliant lets hope she continues teaching without any issue. Good luck to her and the head of school. Superb Story!!!

  9. Sue Brown 6 Jul 2012, 3:18pm

    The intelligent and compassionate comment left on the Independent article from one of the kids at the school made me cheer.

  10. Good luck to the teacher in question. She will still face many hurdles but it sounds like the school is right behind her, which is always a bonus!

  11. Julia Ford 6 Jul 2012, 5:07pm

    Fantastic news! I truely hope she gets even more respect for what she is doing .I am 100% sure that pupils teachers and all involved will see her a much more happy person when she returns as her trueself.

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