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Musician Frank Ocean praised after revealing first love was for a man

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Reader comments

  1. I’m so proud of Frank. I’m so happy for him, too. A few articles have been trying to claim Tyler, the Creator is homophobic due to the lyrics of a few of his songs. Wrong. Tyler, the Creator has publicly supported gay rights and gay marriage previously on his Twitter. I’m glad PinkNews have not accused him of this.

    1. Those few songs are still probably having a negative impact though, and still hurt. An artist’s work has power, otherwise it’s not art. However, I agree with your point, and the article in The Guardian made for some refreshing and optimistic reading. Well done to the man.

      1. As you yourself have stated: it’s art. Art is open interpretation, opinion and debate. Even though some of Odd Futures lyrics might appear homophobic, as Tim Jonze from The Guardian stated, they are not laced with the same venom as other artists like Cypress Hill. Hip-hop and R&B are so overtly masculine; having anti-gay slurs and being degrogtery toward women is to be expected of hip-hop and R&B artists. This is why I am excited about Frank O coming out. This will help CHANGE that. For the better.

  2. very touching. hats off to Frank for sharing his story with us.

  3. If his songs are as emotive, honest and well written as his admission about the relationship he will be worth listening to. Well done Mr Ocean.

  4. Ok, now I’m confused… his brother is “a toilet”?!?
    How is that even possible?

  5. I read this first on the BBC site, and it was reported slightly differently:

    “By the time I realised I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless. There was no escaping, no negotiating to the women I had been with, the ones I cared for and thought I was in love with … I know I’m only brave because you were first. So thank you. All of you. For everything good. I feel like a free man. If I listen closely I can hear the sky falling too.”

    ‘Malignant’ is an unfortunate choice of word, isn’t it? Still, brave of him to be so honest in a milieu not noted for its inclusivity.

    (What does the sky falling sound like, I wonder.)

    1. I think he’s just explaining how the love felt, not the fact it was gay love! Like when we call something infectious…but it’s more emotive, I guess!

  6. what he said about his first love bought tears to my eyes, I went through a similar story when I was 17.
    My friend (who is now married) and I are still friends. (Sadly for me, I am still in love with him. Frank is right, you can’t negotiate with your feelings… I have tried.)

  7. AngkorBiz 6 Jul 2012, 1:52am

    I agree, if his musical lyrics are anywhere near as touching as his words here, then he will be worth listening to. It’s so hard for a hip-hop artist to ‘come out’ at the beginning of his career, so much easier when it’s over.

    I also found his words very touching… Unrequited love is the hardest!

  8. LOVE his music…i dont care if hes gay or not…but more power to him to be who he is….

  9. News like this bring tears to my eyes, good tears. It makes me realize there is no force in the universe more powerful than love.

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