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London: Gay arts festival GFEST cancelled

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Reader comments

  1. The handling of Pride this year has been a utter disgrace.

    Cancelling things only days before is unacceptable. Many people would have spent a lot of money and time arranging things and buying goods in preparation.

    The organisers need to sacked.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 5 Jul 2012, 11:38am

      I want to know they’re real reasons for cancelling, not some empty sound byte in which they try to shunt the blame onto someone else. The fact they couldn’t get funding from the Arts Council says more about the organising committee than it does the Arts Council. Also I’ve been to a few previous GFEST art exhibitions and the work on show was pretty mediocre as were the venues used.

      1. that is all 5 Jul 2012, 12:20pm

        A comment by someone who clearly has no experience of getting funding for an event from the arts council.

  2. Cardinal Capone 5 Jul 2012, 11:15am

    Was this GFest widely publicised? Sorry to say I’ve never heard of it till now. But times are hard, funding is likely to be a fight for anything. Often it seems the Arts is first to go, so maybe a different funding model needs to be found, or ways it can be done for free, or combined with other arts events.

  3. Suddenly Last Bummer 5 Jul 2012, 11:34am

    ‘Another one bites the dust’…I actually had to trawl google this year to see if GFEST was taking place. What an utter waste of time and effort for people who were actually considering submitting work for it.

  4. Jock S. Trap 5 Jul 2012, 11:40am

    What the hell is going on with these groups and their lack of funding?

    Yes I know it’s not easy in the current climate but you fund raise to fit the event accordingly.

    So two events, how many more?

  5. Arts funding has been slashed across the board though – not just for GFest.

    Sad that it is cancelled though.

    I think RBS should pay for it. Seeing as they seem to be clinging on to the billions given to them by taxpayers for dear life.

  6. GulliverUK 5 Jul 2012, 12:48pm

    Maybe everyone who is gay should set up a standing order for a few pounds a month and all this should go to our own community trust fund, to help provide funds for some of these events.

    We really can’t afford to not have these events take place, otherwise we disappear … back in to the closet.

    1. I have a better idea.

      Why not slash the ‘defence’ budget instead.

      If we did not have to pay for our weapons of mass destruction then we’d have billions extra to spend on a whole range of things.

    2. Suddenly Last Bummer 5 Jul 2012, 2:31pm

      Gulliver if there was little more transparency with all these various bodies involved in organising events your direct debit idea might work. However does anyone trust these people? I don’t. Why would I give away x amount each month to a group that can’t ogranise a Pride festival which has been an annual occurrence for quite a few years now? It has less to do with money and more to do with ineptitude.

  7. Dreadful news and more evidence, I think, that the LGBT community need to unite and resist the cuts. We must also resist any attempts to make us invisible and the LGBT community secondary to other priorities.

    1. de Villiers 5 Jul 2012, 1:38pm

      Being gay goes not mean a rejection of the policy that the government needs to cut spending – particularly when the government is borrowing over £2 billion per week and spending 33% more than it gets in tax.

      1. Cardinal Capone 6 Jul 2012, 12:17am

        I bet you just made those figures up .

      2. de Villiers 6 Jul 2012, 12:47am

        The figures are in the government red book.

  8. has funding been cit for events such as the Notting hill carnival

    With all the stall etc there they pay nothing back to the local commuinity for clear up operation etc

    1. Actually Lee funding has been cut for Notting Hill Carnival for sometime. The only reason why it still goes ahead is that the community, even LGBT people support it. We don’t seem to mind spending our hard earned cash at the pubs and clubs which is fine, but when it comes to Pride and GFEST, we don’t seem to want to part with our hard earned cash.

  9. Face it no one wants to support a homosexual event, if they do, they are likely to lose out against the Christians or business leaders that maybe Christians.

    Just get on with life and don’t take all this to seriously, there are better things to do then worry constantly about this.

    1. Paddyswurds 5 Jul 2012, 11:31pm

      I agree entirely. Is it not time to scrap all this so called Pride stuff, which was all OK in the sixties and seventies when we struggled to have any rights whatever?. Nowadays these rights come along (eventually) as and when other countries enact Gay friendly rights. If we must have pride bring it back to the original format with a parade and a party in the Park. Dump the corporates and their inordinate amounts of tacky advertising. and other vested hangers on who are just out to make as much money as possible while paying as little as possible. Pride years back was Fun and people friendly. nowadays it is replete with burley minders (thugs) and quite a lot of people one wouldn’t normally associate with ….. and is geared to sell as much booze asap. Bring back real Gay Pride in other words.

  10. If anyone is looking for a similar LGBT arts festival, they should check out Liverpool’s Homotopia…search “Homotopia” on wikipedia or find it on google, it has secured funding from Arts Council England until 2015, I’m astonished London’s festival can’t achieve the same?

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