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Video: Imagine if you could face execution for being blond, bald, short, elderly or blue eyed

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent. This video puts visually what I have been saying for over 40 years.

  2. It is politically and financially expedient for some political parties or religious groups to select a minority group, name it as an “other” and direct blame on to it, and call it a menace that must be “fought”.

    They therefore will resist the concept of sexuality as an innate and immutable concept because to do so means that they must confront themselves as hateful bigots.

    I was born this way, I choose to live an authentic life. Those who would target women like me do so for money and power and yet style themselves as more moral and “better” than us.

    We all know better.

  3. Great video.

    Hopefully it will be widely and globally distributed – especially becoming viral on the internet – tweet it and facebook it guys!

  4. A great idea and well put together video, let’s hope it will make some people realise the error of their ways!

  5. Shocked!

    BBC News channel have just covered this.

    Question – is the new DG announced today a homophobic Catholic?

    1. What did the BBC say? was it along the lines of those pesky gays fighting discrimination again?

      1. It stated that a new campaign was being launched to promote equality globally for LGBT people. It even had a banner across the bottom of the screen encouraging people to access the Kaleidoscope Trusts website and was positive about the aims of the Trust.

        I was shocked. Pleased but shocked.

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