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Pride London chair stands down

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Reader comments

  1. He should have stood down long before today.

  2. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Jul 2012, 1:40pm

    A scaled back parade isn’t good enough. It’s a disgrace.

  3. Not good enough – the whole lot need to step down

  4. Good he has stepped down. Too late though.

  5. What a joke, and in the Olympic year too when the whole world is looking at us. The rest of them should resign as soon as it’s over.

  6. It’s instructive that the trustees do not figure on their website. How were these people appointed?

  7. London pride is a company, not a registered charity!

  8. The whole lot should step down next Monday and a full account of all their meetings and financial dealings published asap.

    2013 PRIDE, as suggested, must be run by people with no connection to this disaster, but must be fully financially competent and above board in all other areas.

    They have let the UK lgbt community look incompetent and so open to the laughing and gloating of homophobes everywhere.

    Bring back the ‘stocks’ for the whole board !!

    I simply cannot get to London by 10am, and do not want to be crushed in a sardine can like Traf Sq/bar etc.. this has ruined things for me and so may well not bother for the first time in over 25 years.

    1. Suddenly Last Bummer 4 Jul 2012, 3:07pm

      Agreed re some transparency over the meetings and finances of the event. I’m assuming the majority of funds were blown on cosmopolitans at Shoreditch house or something similar.

  9. Good riddance too, now get rid of the rest of them.

  10. Suddenly Last Bummer 4 Jul 2012, 3:05pm

    Dr Pat should now do the walk of shame, leading the Pride parade on a float entitled ‘Inadequate’ and sponsored by DeLorean or Enron or some other suitable ‘company’.

    1. Gemma Gillon 5 Jul 2012, 12:25am


  11. Jock S. Trap 4 Jul 2012, 3:14pm

    Simply not good enough. I expect the whole board to resign by Sunday…. fat chance I know but I get fed up with scapegoats. They are all in this together and they All failed, full stop.

    I for one will not be going to this complete farce now. I was intending to go but don’t want to be associated with the shame while the world looks on.

    Let’s hope the Olympics doesn’t fail in the same way.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Jul 2012, 4:51pm

      If it rains and probably will, it will put a damper on everything, excuse the pun. Why London was chosen is beyond me. We’re not exactly known for decent, reliable weather.

      This Pride will be the only one I will not be attending. Like you, I don’t want to be associated with it let alone support the incompetence behind it.

      1. London was chosen because it’s the best city in the world!

        1. Spanner1960 4 Jul 2012, 7:07pm

          Oh get real. It’s dirty, expensive, rude, full of foreigners and in some places downright dangerous. I can think of plenty more cities I would rather visit.

          1. As a filthy “foreigner” myself, I hope you stay in your nasty little backwater village forever and please do not come to London.

            I assume you never travel overseas either, since other countries are “full of foreigners” too.

      2. Gemma Gillon 5 Jul 2012, 12:21am

        Parade go’s in doors and away from the public eye during the games. Suspicious not ?

  12. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Jul 2012, 4:49pm

    I’m definitely staying away this year. If this were handled by competent straight business people, this wouldn’t have happened. I’d advise all foreign gay visitors to stay away too.

    1. You in a negative mood again, Robert?

    2. “straight business people”? What reason would they have to get involved other than the potential to make money from the LGBT community?

    3. If it were handled by competent LGBT people this wouldn’t have happened either.

    4. Staircase2 5 Jul 2012, 12:54am


      What a load of bollocks – I can’t see how the organisers’ chronic incompetence has anything to do with their sexuality. If anything, there are more than enough ‘straight’ people involved in this fiasco anyway…

      Boris Johnson, Westminster Council & the MET for starters…

      How is it possible that an event this ENORMOUSLY important for London (and the UK!) can have been allowed to get to this in the first place?

      I do agree with the advice for foreign visitors though – a complete and utter shambles…

  13. Simply not good enough. My BF and I have been planning to travel down on the train from ‘up north’ – it’ll be his first Pride event – so he could witness the outlandish floats as well as the stage events and parties later.

    We were doing some last-minute checks on the timings today and discovered the drastic changes to the event.

    Luckily our train arrives early so we can still make the ‘protest march’ (what will we be protesting though – organiser incompetence or worldwide civil rights!?)

    We had planned to stay up all night and enjoy the Soho street party atmosphere and depart on the 10:00 train Sunday.

    That’s no longer a safe thing to do so we’ve had to rebook our non-cancellable return tickets for 22:00 Saturday night which has doubled our travel costs.

    This kind of financial mess has happened before. The organisation needs a financial controller, a budget, and an escape-route schedule – if £XXX isn’t in the bank 3 months prior then cancel or scale back.

  14. Without meaning to disagree with all your comments this disaster is not just of the organisers making.
    There was a problem with the finance but it was not a case of not being able to pay for the event but not being able to pay for the event up front.
    The Mayors office were aware of the problem and could have made this event happen to it’s full capacity but the willingness was not there. The fact that Boris has chosen to not even attend World Pride in the Capitol city of which he is Mayor speaks volumes.
    Sponsorship had been secured, and additional sponsorship guaranteed to fill the possible gap in finance yet Westminster Council and the GLA have refused to budge on their compromise of an 11.00 am start with no floats.
    Yes the organising committee left themselves open by not getting cash donations up front from all the sponsors but it’s not true that they had failed to secure funding for the event.

    1. Errrr, why should the Mayor’s office (AKA London council tax payers) cough up to bail out these wasters?

      No one is responsible except the Pride committee for this utter fiasco. If they weren’t up to it (and they clearly weren’t), they shouldn’t have blundered on lying and misleading people.

      You will no doubt remember their denials of anything being wrong right up to the point we found out they wanted to call it off.

      How difficult can it be to organise this type of event? If you have not got the skills, you employ people who do.

      I hope someone has the sense to ask the police to look into what has happened and carry out a full forensic audit.

      1. Errr because Boris stated prior to his election he completely supported our London LGBT community and would lead the World Pride march. Err the amount of money involved to ensure World Pride would proceed is a fraction of the cost of each day of the Olympics, Err sponsors had agreed to underwrite the additional expenditure, Err Boris decided not to use his powers as Mayor to make an executive decision to support the event in light of it being unlikely to have additional cost to the public purse. In terms of events that have global appeal to our Capitol who has responsibility for ensuring planning is delivered Err I have no idea, I think I will ask Boris if he knows.

  15. What has happened to, what should have been an incredible event, is a disgrace!!! So glad I am not going!

  16. Gemma Gillon 5 Jul 2012, 12:19am

    Stay in the closet while the Games are on that’s what that says to me. Disgusting.16

  17. Staircase2 5 Jul 2012, 12:50am

    What a complete and utter farce…!

    Now its beginning to sound not quite so much as a ‘scaled back’ Pride as a complete and utter shambles…

    How can they force people to assemble an hour before the march even begins and then insist that ‘If the event in Trafalgar Square reaches capacity, access will need to be restricted’…?

    What kind of insane bollocks is that?

    They have (potentially) ENORMOUS amounts of people coming from all around the World (or they would be if the event weren’t so bloody badly publicised to start with!). How can they then start talking about effectively closing it down if those people have nowhere to actually go?

    Even the fact that everyone will CLEARLY try to head for Soho doesn’t seem to have been listened to by those bodies organising the event who are now effectively saying that there will not be enough room for everyone there (yet have cancelled all other events…!)

    This is a public Health & Safety nightmare just waiting to happen…

    1. It seems so easy for everyone to diss the organization and dr Patrick Williams, but who of you has volunteered? Who has sponsored?? Everyone can complain afterwards and dish out negative comments, but when you haven’t been involved yourself and only want to enjoy the fun, you have no right to speak imo.

  18. Robert thomas 5 Jul 2012, 7:01pm

    Total disgrace to London. So sorry to all the thousands of international tourists who have paid good money for an uneventful day in london this saturday. shame on all those involved.

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