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One Washington state anti-equality measure fails

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Reader comments

  1. Excellent to see this duplicitous attempt to try and ban LGBT people have civil rights has failed – particularly due to lack of support.

    Of course, civil rights should not be decided by referenda – but its particularly pleasing when those who seek to deny civil rights resort to desparation of having a vote and fail to garner support.

    The people are showing the bigots which side is the right side of history to be on.

    Roll on equal marriage …

  2. So this one can be defeated if the LGBT pull together and actually bother to vote.
    It’s no good assuming others will vote and it’ll pass. It needs EVERYONE to vote against this if you want to keep your rights that others are fighting for!

  3. All this is good news but a competing measure seems to have gotten enough signatures for these peasants in WA State to have yeat ANOTHER go at trying to deny us the rights that they enjoy.

  4. Good luck to our LGBT brothers and sisters in Washington State and let’s hope that the referendum passes with success and equal marriage is finally made legal.

  5. Jock S. Trap 5 Jul 2012, 11:53am

    Why don’t these bigot stop looking at things that don’t concern them and focus instead… on … well their own marriage for a start.

    I’m glad they have failed. They have no place in a decent society when all they can spew is hatred, exclusion and discrimination.

  6. This is not news.

    The other pack of scumbags already have enough signatures, so yet again in the US there is to be a referendum on a minority’s civil rights.

    That is so grotesque and so horribly offensive and undemocratic.

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