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Comment: Did C4M members help lay the groundwork for teaching same-sex marriage in schools?

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Reader comments

  1. The “nature” of same sex marriage? You know that the idiots who whine about this immediately start picturing positions in their heads (something I don’t do when considering heterosexual marriage).

    So what can be taught about the “nature” of same sex marriage – sometimes it happens because sometimes people are gay, fall in love and want to be together. Lesson ended.

    The whole thing is a fatuous smokescreen, like every other bloody arguments the bigots have offered.

  2. well, Christian Institute were the ones arguing in the European Court that a civil partnership is not the same as a marriage, they helped our cause there because they can’t sincerely argue that it is the same to the government now.

  3. “Now children when you grow up you will meet someone special, you should treat this person well and one day the two of you may fall in love and decide to get married to commit to that person. Now you children should understand that marriage is a special bond that should be treated with the utmost respect both for your own and that of others”

    Give or take a few paragraphs about family and what’s the issue?

  4. Craig Nelson 3 Jul 2012, 6:09pm

    I think children are going to work out that same sex couples exist and, if same sex marriage is legalised, can marry.

    Education is there to help children to grow up, acquire some important skills and knowledge and be able to adapt to the world as it exists.

    I don’t see education’s role as being to create some pretend parallel universe. Like the real world but with some key differences e.g. pretending gays don’t exist up to the age of 15 and then wondering how to deal with homophibia exhibited towards the people you’ve spent the last 10 years assuring children they don’t exist, even while they know full well (e.g. from the TV) that they do.

    1. LOL (just teasing here, but it’s such a funny typo…)

      Homophibia: the act of lying (“telling fibs”) about homosexuality in order to advance an anti-LGBT platform.

  5. Just as well then that the majority of this country have the brains and decency to ensure a bigoted crackpot (not to mention in your case fictitious) moron like you would ever find themselves in a position of power. So sorry to have to disappoint you “Aiden”

  6. brilliant strategic failure by the Christian lawyers! Tripped up on their own poop! LMAO

  7. Keith Farrell 3 Jul 2012, 6:25pm

    it the same old stupid argument, today I changed my status on fb to civil partnership, because that option has only just been added. I ended up having to explain why I changed from married to Civil Partnership after I was asked what is wrong, why did I change, so I posted this……..I have been asked why I did the change in status, as far as we are concerned we are married, but the legal definition is ‘Civil partnership’ facebook did not allow the term Civil Partnership until a couple of days ago. This is why you see so many postings about marriage equality from me. The term Civil Partnership is discrimination at its finest. If we are supposed to have the same rights as the government is so fond of stating, why use the term civil partnership. Every marriage is a partnership, and every marriage tries to be civil. but to be equal means we need to be able to legally use the same term, “Marriage”.

  8. In government???? Ha ha ha….. Aiden, you couldnt be trusted to write a shopping list, you daft freak.

  9. Fortunately most people in the electorate would never vote someone as mentally deranged as you into power, Aiden (or whatever your name is, or whichever photograph you are choosing to pretend is you today …)

  10. I suppose it’s true in a way. If we didn’t have bigots like the CI and their ilk we wouldn’t have to pick out LGBT people as a group to refer to when teaching children about equality and tolerance. It’s like saying that racists ’caused’ anti-racism education.

    Certainly I think that recent cr*p from the anti-equality groups has drawn attention to how nasty their views are, so that’s been educational for many people in itself. The sheer paucity of their arguments against equal marriage is obvious and can only win us support from people who wouldn’t have been much interested otherwise.

  11. I think the line from Hamlet Act 3, Scene 4, 207 is most appropriate here…
    Seems the CI has been “hoisted with it’s own petard”

  12. I’m confused by the fuss. When we get marriage there will only be one civil status – marriage. The government isn’t introducing a new status called same sex marriage. Surely pupils are taught the nature of marriage and it’s importance. Isn’t that the whole point of the change that there no longer is a distinction between them and us.

  13. Attention-seeking hysteria. You can teach that it exists, that it has obvious benefits, and even, in an open educational environment, explain and debate about why some people don’t like it. Like Section 28 itself, their real agenda is to treat children as idiots who can’t see the world around them and fill them with bigotry based on lies and misinformation.

  14. I’m bi and in an opposite-sex marriage, and have friends and family members in same-sex partnerships/marriages in different parts of the world. My son comes home all the time with things learned in class or the playground about boyfriends, girlfriends, marriage, dating…. Simple questions need simple answers: “Can a man marry a man, mum?” — Yes in this part of the world darling, No in this part, and then there is this thing called ‘partnership’… Oh and guess what? His 7 yr old head didn’t explode, he didn’t start doing hard drugs on the spot, nor eating his bodily effusions, and neither did he instantly (gasp!) turn gay (Yes, bigots, he can actually understand LGBT people exist and are equal human beings and still love the blonde girl who sits next to him at lunch). Call me crazy but I’m figuring that kids can handle the information.

  15. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to share your thoughts and fantasies with us, Aiden. But why did you bother?

  16. The calibre of our present-day politicians is generally low, Aiden, but you are now offering a vision of truly abysmal standards for them.

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