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US gay military groups merge

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Reader comments

  1. Jock S. Trap 3 Jul 2012, 11:17am

    Let’s hope they continue to speak for LGBT rights and create a better society for all.

  2. This is a smart thing to do to make an even stronger group. All LGBT groups need to merge to make themselves stronger to fight the “war” the anti-gay Christians are fighting to stop gay marriage and LGBT people getting all of their equal and Civil Rights. Power to the Gay People.

  3. @Malcolm “All LGBT groups need to merge to make themselves stronger…”

    That would be risky. If a catastrophe happened to the group (e.g. theft of funds, pedophilia or child porn scandal, racist statement, violation of privacy, disastrous advert), the group would collapse and there would be nobody to take over.

    Also, having different groups allows for divergent strategies that otherwise would weaken each other. It can be useful to have a radical group that does outrageous protests and rants that create visibility and urgency, and a more reserved evidence-driven group that the establishment would find more palatable for negotiation and fundraising.

    Having different groups also allows the groups to have a narrower focus that may better match the interests of stakeholders. Some people are motivated by lesbian but not gay or trans issues, bullying but not marriage, etc.

    The Right has been very effective even though it is made up of 100s of groups.Admittedly, LGBT groups are much poorer

  4. Billy wingartenson 5 Aug 2012, 5:47am

    I’ sure they will. SLDN was focused on the leagal aspects eg defending servicemen who were to be or threatened with discharge.

    Outserve was more of a political group, though they worked together re rallies which I attended – I live near DC.

    FYOung makes other good comments about why you dont want all lgbt groups to merge- things are different in different states etc

    as well as large organizations become bureacratic etc.

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