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Elton John criticises Ukraine’s ‘tragic’ anti-gay draft law

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Reader comments

  1. Anti-gay Christians can be found all over the world. These anti-gay Christians are responsible for the death and destruction of many people and are plainly working on governments to get them to discriminate and persecute LGBT people in different countries of the world. The people in these governments also are anti-gay Christians who will be responsible for the death and destruction of any and all LGBT people which is a crime against humanity. Anti-gay is a disorder that is contagious and is spread by the anti-gay Christians who need to get treatment for their problem. These anti-gay Christians have obsessive-compulsive disorders because they have too much attention on minorities like gays and also a social phobia of gays known as homophobia and other psychiatric maladies as well that need treatment urgently before they infect others with their disease. Make no mistake this is contagious and the more serious cases will need to be brought before a court of law for their crimes.

  2. Jock S. Trap 2 Jul 2012, 5:39pm

    It is appalling that while some countries are advancing and progressing into marriage equality some other countries are taking massive leaps back in Human Rights, LGBT Rights.

    It’s not good enough that these countries let religion demean humanity all in the name of their own religious freedoms to separate and discriminate.

  3. I’m not a fan of Elton John.

    But I wholeheartedly agree with him here.

  4. And to think there are STILL some MP’s in OUR House of Commons who think that Clause 28 was a good thing and should be revived!

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