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Scotland: Six in ten LGBT people have seen homophobia in sport, report says

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Reader comments

  1. Omar Kuddus 28 Jun 2012, 4:23pm

    Homophobia and Bullying, especially of our LGBT yoth MUST be stoped and stamped out, at any cost, to enshore that our future generations NEVER experiance either.

  2. It’s amazing the tripe some users on these news websites spew forth…

    One idiot has just stated that we are after “extra rights” – Sure about that? Not equal rights, but extra rights?

    Another user has stated a more pleasant comment, but still of the opinion that it’s nonsensical – only talent should matter. The point is that talent can be shocked into decline by bullying and abuse.

    Last year I was running like a machine until my ex coach started calling me gayboy, paedophile and faggot etc. My confidence was destroyed.

    1. Sorry to hear that happened to you, SeanH. The vilification and other discriminatory treatment of LGBTI people can be incredibly destructive and far too many of us have experienced it.

      I wish stories like this one would include intersex athletes and sportspeople. Intersexphobia, interphobia, or what you will, is also destructive in sport and far too many intersex athletes have been penalised simply for having been born different.

      How many competitors in the coming Olympics have been subjected to discriminatory treatment due to being perceived as having bodies that do not look female enough? Whole football teams have been subjected to medical interventions on this basis, and the careers of many elite athletes destroyed.

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