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IDAHO founder begins hunger strike for UN resolution on decriminalising homosexuality

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Reader comments

  1. While I applaud them for their actions, isn’t a hunger strike a bit extreme? After all, Hollande has only been the President of France for a short period of time and is already making changes for the better for our French friends.

    1. It is extreme and will, hopefully, get the appropriate publicity. They quite rightly describe the situation as urgent. You see, Paddy, not all gays are just interested in Kylie!

    2. It’s an extreme situation that requires extreme action. In something like 80 countries in the world being gay is basically a crime. This is one of the worst crimes against humanity. People being punished for who they are (homosexual) esp considering being homosexual harms no one else.

      Even if homosexuality was a choice what’s happening would still be a serious tragedy.

    3. I completely agree guys (or gals) so let’s hope that the hunger strike does not last too long before President Hollande actually honours the promises he made. Good luck too to those guys taking part in the strike.

  2. Terry Stewart 28 Jun 2012, 12:22pm

    Dont see anyone here called Paddy, unless you are being Anti-Irish in your reference to Mr McCabe.

    This is a Hate crime and I suggest you refrain from such insults and that the aministrator removes your Racist comment.

    1. I think he is referring to another user on this site who uses the name Paddy. If he was indeed referring to me I do not take umbridge to be called a paddy and I doubt others would too or indeed consider a hate crime.

      1. Terry Stewart 28 Jun 2012, 2:47pm

        There was no one called Paddy here, at the time of the posting. It was directed at you. I do take umbridge to Racist comments towards my community.

        It is a Hate crime and I treat such comments to be an attempt to hurt and be offensive.

  3. Good for them.

    Hoiwever a UN resolution means nothing as it will be non binding and pretty much every African and / or muslim country (along with Russia and Chins) will reject such a resolution seeing as thay are so primitive and backward when it comes to homosexuality.

    1. China I meant., Not ‘Chins’

    2. It’s not binding but it will send out a strong message.

  4. People are being imprisoned, tortured and killed by their governments just because they are LGBT.

    Many countries with laws against gay sex go after people for their perceived orientation, securing convictions with little or no evidence of any sexual activity.

    This is systematic persecution. These people need help now.

    Hunger striking is a terrible thing. My thoughts are with these gentlemen’s loved ones.

    But is it justified in this situation, to try to save the lives of others?


  5. God Bless this man for standing up for truth, justice and equality. If only we had more brave people standing up like him.

  6. How sad they feel it necessary to do this…its France as if they will be bothered by what they want….

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