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Cannes: Sexuality questionnaire pulled after ‘shocking’ retirees

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Reader comments

  1. By withdrawing the questionnaire, it is not going to make the issue of HIV in the over 60s go away.

  2. Suddenly Last Bummer 27 Jun 2012, 3:34pm

    The oldies are screwing young trade bb I assume.

    1. Cardinal Capone 27 Jun 2012, 6:42pm

      No, haven’t you noticed the French just never give up sex, whatever their age? Look how many mistresses Mitterand had in his old age. Plus their TV is crap.

      1. adamBATTAGLIA Posted on whit, your pictures are uallbievnbee. sure, i’m really jealous but also REALLY JEALOUS. congrats on what seems to be a successful trip so far. can’t wait to see the show.

    2. Spanner1960 27 Jun 2012, 9:41pm

      Who said anything about them being gay?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 27 Jun 2012, 10:10pm

        It’s not unheard of that senior hetero citizens have been known to seek the services of prostitutes. I read about a significant number of the older generation in America were seeking the sexual services of prostitutes and succombing to HIV. This doesn’t surprise me.

        1. Cardinal Capone 28 Jun 2012, 12:08am

          Ther are entire 19th century operas about them.

  3. Janet Lameck 27 Jun 2012, 10:12pm

    Isn’t it shocking how so many so called “straights” are coming down with HIV/AIDS????? Much more than the Gay population.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 28 Jun 2012, 12:10pm

      Actually, they outnumber gay people globally but then the homophobes will brush it off and say they must be gay anyway. It’s tantamount to saying cancer is a straight disease because more of them get it than gay people. Ignorance for some is bliss.

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