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Oreo unveils rainbow cookie image for Pride

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Reader comments

  1. Wait for those dried up old hags One Million Moms to start calling for a boycott!

    1. Already happening!

      From US Examiner:

      “Along with the photo, Oreo noted “Proudly support love!” Oreo also tweeted the photo from their official Twitter account, with the notation “Celebrate your pride for love!”

      Within moments of the posting, dozens of contentious posts began to appear. No other posts or statements from Nabisco were posted, namely why a food company would step into the middle of such a controversial issue. Within two hours of the photo posting, it had been shared nearly 20,000 times. Over 103,000 “liked” the photo, and nearly 10,000 people commented on it. A Facebook user named “Danette” posted “So very disappointed in Oreo and Nabisco!!!! Guess I’ll be buying more Keebler now…” Her post was bombarded with responses that attacked her personally. “Annette” posted “Boycott Oreo, lose weight. Sounds like a win-win deal to me.” Another Facebook user, “Ryan,” posted “I’ll eat the jesus-hating gay-loving cookies!” ”

      Or on Dallas Voice
      “Of course, comments on the post

      1. have been both pro and con and already there are those rising to action to boycott Oreo and Nabisco products. But this image points out that such a boycott could almost be impossible. And even if people did, that just means more for us.”

    2. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 11:18am

      @D McCabe….
      …they don’t exist. “They” are one old man in Tupelo Mississippi, Donald Wildmon, who is also The American Family Association. He used to be a “reverend” until he lost his marbles and then his church for being just plain crazy.

  2. Must go out and buy some Oreo’s …

    1. I think I might buy some shares in Kraft!

  3. shoryotombo 26 Jun 2012, 11:11am

    Where’s my milk? I can break this diet. Besides, it’s for a good cause!

    1. But you don’t know if Kraft Foods support homophobia or not.

      This story is merely reporting on a PR stunt and reveals nothing about the culture of the parent company.

      1. Do you not think if they supported homophobia they would be pulling this?

        1. Yes.

          They could very easily be financing ‘pro-business’ homophobic bigots, while engaging in meaningless PR stunts like this.

          1. Jock S. Trap 27 Jun 2012, 8:06am

            Or they could be Very supportive!! Why put a downer on progress? See it for what it is!

          2. It’s not ‘progress’.

            It’s a meaningless PR stunt by a company which uses genetically modified ingredients in the cookies it sells in the US.

          3. Jock S. Trap 27 Jun 2012, 12:38pm

            Two separate issues dAVID!

            So do tell if it’s just a PR stunt, considering they know they’ll probably get the bigots going,who do you suppose they are trying to do, if it’s not to show support and progress?

  4. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 11:11am

    ….Donald Wildmon, aka One Million Moms, will soon be reduced to eating grass if any more American food companies come “out” for Equality. This latest news is just so delicious…I can’t wait for the next inevitable announcement supporting us and Americam GLBs in particular.

    1. Spanner1960 26 Jun 2012, 11:18am

      I was about to say the same thing but you beat me to it.
      Not just food, but clothes, furniture and pretty well all the US retail sector are standing up.
      IKEA bravely started this years ago, and it’s great to see everyone else now following their lead.

      1. de Villiers 26 Jun 2012, 12:43pm

        McDonalds in France has a gay advertisement – venez come vous êtes (come are you are), which is very realistic.

    2. wait till Mc Donalds release the Mc Gay burger and burger king release the Big Homo lol

      1. You say that as if it’s a joke?

        I’ll bet their PR departments are cooking up some such scheme as we speak (while simultaneously abusing their gay and straight staff, and selling substandard, unhealthy products and causing massive environmental damage)

        1. Jock S. Trap 27 Jun 2012, 8:08am

          Why can’t you see progress for what it is? Would you prefer these companies didn’t show Any support at all coz I reckon you’ll whinge about anything.

          1. Again – this is not ‘progress’ – it’s a PR stunt.

            If you genuinely believe that a multi-billion dollar company which such an appallinbg record in environmental matters would risk a single dollar to support us, then you are painfully naive.

      2. de Villiers 26 Jun 2012, 12:42pm

        McDonalds in France has a gay advertisement – venez come vous êtes (come are you are), which is very realistic.

        1. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 1:52pm

          Yea you said already… You got shares in McDonalds or what??

  5. Heh – good one. I could even temporarily suspend my dislike of sugary things for this!

  6. Seems Oreo have already come under attack from “One Million Moms” last year!

    Soon they will only be able to eat food they grow themselves and wear clothes they knit themselves – given how many organisations support LGBT equality – Bring It On!

    1. Having a rainbow coloured Oreo cookie does NOT mean that Kraft Foods supports LGBT equality.

      It simply means that they have a rainbow coiloured Oreo Cookie, and that their PR department knows that the 4,000 member ‘One Million Moms’ will throw a fit, and that the gay press will breathlessly report on the storm in a teacup.

      This story is a victory for Kraft Foods and nobody else.

    2. You could cause serious cognative dissonance in their ranks by telling them God creates rainbows ;)

    3. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 1:58pm

      ….Actually Steve, OMMs is one old man in Tupelo, Mississippi, Donald Wildmon, who runs The American Family Association and OMMs is just another letterhead he dreamed up. He won’t be hard to feed or clothe so they won’t have much growing to do to feed him…..

  7. Does Kraft Foods give health insurance cover to the partners of LGBT employees?

    Does Kraft Foods pay their staff a living (as opposed to a minimum) wage?

    Do Oreo cookies contain any genetically modified ingredients?

    Does Kraft Foods make financial contributions to the political campaigns of homophobic bigots.

    Stories like this really annoy me. They are nothing but unpaid for advertisements designed as PR stunts.

    LGBT rights do not exist in a vacuum you know.

    Oreo Cookies have rainbow colours?

    So what? I still don’t know whether the company supports homophobia or not.

    But Pink News is offering them free advertising?

    This is not news., It is a PR stunt on the part of Kraft Foods, which reveals nothing about whether they are gay friendly or not.

    I wish Pink News would start charging companies like Starbucks and Kraft Foods to run these stories. It’s very bad business to give free advertising to companies.

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 12:11pm

      To be fair dAVID, i don’t think Nabisco would risk the loss of what could be a considerable sum were this sort of campaign go wrong. Grant it that would be unlikely given the non reaction when other companies made similar stands, but advertising or not we should acknowledge the affect this will have on American public opinion and that can’t be bad for anyone much less American GLBs and Gay people worldwide….

      1. The advertising industry has realised that to appear to be ‘progessive’; is good PR for their brands, as it attracts a younger customer and young customers are the gold standard for these multinationals.

        There was an article on Pink News (or another gay news website) about this in recent months

        This is a PR stunt on the part of Kraft Foods. Nothing more.

        And that’s fine – companies engage in PR stunts all the time. But we should recognise them as such.

        It’s good PR for them for sure. But none of us have any idea about whether Kraft Foods is genuinely gay friendly or not.

        I daresay Pink News did not contact the LGBT Employee group at Kraft Foods to discuss working conditions there.

        1. dAVID: “But none of us have any idea about whether Kraft Foods is genuinely gay friendly or not.”

          Translation: “I have no idea whether Kraft Foods is genuinely gay friendly or not – and I am too lazy to be bothered to find evidence. I hate corporate organisations so I am going to show my lack of research by shouting out accusing questions without bothering to find out the facts. Oh and because I don’t know the facts I will presume all other readers of Pink News also do not know the facts and are either too lazy or unable to research the facts themselves”.

          Ignorant and disappointing attitude from dAVID

          1. It is an indisputable fact that Kraft uses genetically modified ingredients in their products.

            You do accept that I hope?

          2. And this has exactly what to do with LGBT rights?

    2. According to the Human Rights Campaign:

      Kraft does:

      Have a non-discrimination policy which includes sexual orientation

      Have a non-discrimination policy which includes gender identity and/or expression

      Provide domestic partner health insurance (including parity in spousal and partner COBRA, dental, vision and domestic partners legal dependent coverage)

      Ensure parity in spousal/partner soft benefits (bereavement leave; supplemental life insurance; relocation assistance; adoption assistance; joint/survivor annuity; pre-retirement survivor annuity; retiree healthcare benefits; employee discounts)

      Offers equal health coverage for transgender individuals without exclusion for medically necessary care

      Seeks to challenge cultural issues regarding LGBT matters (diversity trainings, resources or accountability measures)

      Support a company LGBT employee resource group or firm–wide diversity council that includes LGBT issues,

      1. OR have publically stated they would do if an interest were expressed to them (in Krafts case there is such a group)

        Engages in appropriate and respectful advertising and marketing or sponsors LGBT community events, organizations, or legislative efforts

        Seems, to me at least, that there is a cultural view in Kraft of supporting LGBT issues and this is not merely a stunt, as some suggest. A simple google search provided a wide range of material to demonstrate Krafts support of gay people. Perhaps, before slinging mud – some people should check their facts first?

        Kraft have a long history of supporting gay issues – including marketing issues such as sponsoring the Gay Games for which they received a great deal of negative campaigning from right wing groups – that they continue to market with LGBT connections and support LGBT issues internally shows they are determined as an organisation to show support for LGBT rights.

      2. Oh and even more

        It appears Oreo’s support equal marriage:

        “The right wingers are crying because Oreo put out an FB status supporting marriage equality. MORE COOKIES FOR JUSTICE MINDED PEOPLE!!”

        1. And their environmental impact?

          And whether they use GM foods?

          And whether they make financial contributions to homophobic politicians.

          Kraft is a multi-billion dollar conglomerate whose SOLE mission is profit.

          If you believe that they would support LGBT issues if it damaged their bottom line then you are extremely naive.

          LGBT rights do not exist in a vacuum.

          But you seem to believe that they do.

          1. No but this story is about LGBT rights.

          2. Well, I am no expert in environmental issues (although I do try and do my bit) but it appears Kraft are trying here too:


            They do use a small number of GM products (easily found on their website).

            Here is a list of their political donations in 2010, some I would not have chosen, most are not homophobic (one or two are mixed on their LGBT stance) – no donation is huge:


            Sure, Kraft get some things wrong – so do I and so do you.

            The fact is that the LGBT community may be small, but it and its backers are vocal, often rallying support for companies deemed to be on their side and organizing boycotts against others.

            Companies are even competing to have the most creative gay-friendly internal policies, according to a February report from the Economist. American Express has a “pride network” with more than

          3. 1,000 members; Cisco offers LGBT workers a bonus to make up for an irregularity in the U.S. tax code.

            “Failing to treat gays equally is very likely to drive them to seek employment elsewhere,” according to the article. “Since they are perhaps 5-10% of the global talent pool, bigotry makes a firm less competitive.”

            You might find this study interesting which explains why the motivation (albeit economic in the main) to support LGBT related work practices are good for organisations:

            “Nearly all federal contractors and Fortune 500 companies reviewed in this study have stated that diversity is good for the bottom line. Most of these companies explicitly include sexual orientation and gender identity in their non-discrimination policies, and many explicitly state that differences in sexual orientation and gender identity contribute to the diversity of a workforce. In addition to showing

          4. that policies that promote diversity in general make good business sense, a number of employers have also expressly linked the inclusion of sexual orientation and/or gender identity, or the extension of domestic partner benefits, to positive business outcomes.”

      3. Oh and according to the HRC Starbucks offers equal protections to LGBT employees as it does to straight employees.

        THe trouble is that Starbucks treat ALL their staff like crap.

        HRC is a puppet of big business with even less credibility than Stonewall.

        1. dAVID

          You have a history of when someone provides evidence to cause your rhetoric to be questioned that you will sling more mud to discredit the evidence.

          The fact is Kraft are gay friendly.

          Now, frankly, you have a history of slinging mud (sometimes justifiably – although not always) at many groups. Often this includes corporate organisations.

          In this instance your prejudice and stereotyping of corporate organisations is leading you to make assumptions and not seeing good work that the organisation is doing.

          Sure, they could improve in some things – but so could you and so could I.

          1. The fact is also that Kraft Foods use genetically engineered foods.

            Including in Oreo Cookies.

            So chow down on those gay friendly Oreo Cookies – neither you nor Kraft know what the health impacts will be.

            But hey – who cares that they use milk from GM cows – they are ‘gay friendly’.

            Except when it comes to health of course

          2. In what way is that remotely related to the story?

          3. Exactly, Kris

            There is evidence to show dAVIDs claims are not true about Kraft homophobia – so rather than welcome some positive news for gay relations he chooses to attack Kraft on another issue totally unrealted, so is his anti corporate venom. Disappointing.

          4. You may not like HRC and have an axe to grind against corporate organisations – thats your business.

            HRC do not list Kraft as a corporate partner, of any category. Nonetheless, Kraft received a virually perfect score in terms of LGBT policies and practices in their review.

            If we want corporate organisations to support LGBT people – we have to benchmark them – if we benchmark them and want them to continue to see them improve and consistently achieve when they do well – we have to support that and welcome their equality.

            dAVIDs rhetorical questions (which he patently has not researched as there is oodles of evidence to the contrary) are unhelpful and clearly motivated by malice.

            He claims to support LGBT people – his efforts in this regard are both counter productive and counter intuitive.

        2. David Myers 27 Jun 2012, 8:53am

          What Gary said! Most of your comments are not interesting nor are they given much weight period. Why don’t you give it up!

    3. Jock S. Trap 27 Jun 2012, 8:11am

      Instead of asking the questions why don’t you research and tell us?

  8. One Million Moms has got about 4,000 members you know.

    These multinationals know full well that when they engage in PR stunts like this that the gay media will breathlessly give then free advertising.

    However we still have no idea whether Kraft is a gay friendly company, or wheher they use GM ingredients, or their environmental impact.

    It’s like the gay media are colluding with these corporate giants.

    The same story is true of the Westboro Baptist Church – that cult is so tiny that without the oxygen of publicity it is utterly irrelevant. Yet every single time the gay press line up to give them publicity.

    Very strange behaviour indeed.

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 2:09pm

      One Million Moms is one old ex reverend in Tupelo Mississippi,
      who runs The American Family Association and OMMs is just another letterhead he has dreamed up. He once said OMMs was over 700,000 strong so it would seem he has become a little more realistic. I doubt there are 4000 “moms” in Mississippi who can read, never mind write letters to anyone. The American religious right are ashamed of this crank and his organisations of hate, as they are making their already bad name, worse were that possible…….

    2. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 5:11pm

      …..publicity isn’t necessary always good and I would hazard a guess that most of the exposure generated by Gay news stories about the likes of WBC is negative, as it would be about OREOs and any other outfit that dared to come out negatively against Gay Rights. Gay people are pretty shrewd and can recognise Pinkwashing when they see it, as was the case in the “Pride” stunt in Tel Aviv recently, while Israeli politicos sat in the Knesset slagging GLBs off and saying the vile stuff they did …you seen the stories as I did.

      1. Also the evidence is that Kraft genuinely supports LGBT staff and communities

        1. Wrong – Kraft treats their LGBT staff the same as its straight staff.

          They treat ALL their staff like crap.

          1. Where is your evidence that they treat ALL staff like crap?

            I have found evidence to suggest otherwise:


          2. They don’t treat ALL staff like crap.

            But google ‘Kraft Foods Employee Abuse’ and read some horror stories.

            Plus it is an undisputed fact that Kraft Foods are among the greatest users of genetically modified ingredients in their products.

            So chew away on those ‘gay friendly’ Oreos but don’t whine when the health problems arise later on.

          3. So your comment that Kraft treat ALL staff was crap was untrue, inflammatory and bogus?

          4. dAVID

            You said:
            “Kraft treats their LGBT staff the same as its straight staff”

            You also said:
            “They don’t treat ALL staff like crap”

            Which is it?

            You can’t have it both ways.

            I would argue this is evidence you should research before you through mud without knowing the facts. More importantly, perhaps you should think before you mud sling.

            A U turn of the quality of George Osborne that – as others have said!

          5. Oops

            dAVID said

            “They treat ALL their staff like crap.”

            then said

            “They don’t treat ALL staff like crap. ”

            Can’t be both – its a bit like the Archbishop of Canterbury trying to be all things to all people.

  9. “seven cream fillings in rainbow colours”… looks like six to me, like the gay rainbow flag.

    1. Well spotted!

    2. Yep. Seems someone sometime didn’t check the natural sprectrum out; not for the Flag nor the biscuit.
      The rainbow’s colours: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. [from Wiki]

  10. mmm, wonder what flavours they would use :)

    1. Paddyswurds 26 Jun 2012, 2:12pm

      …there won’t be a rainbow coloured Oreo. That is just an advertising pic. I doubt if they will produce the product as the cost of retooling would be prohibitive for a short run ….

      1. And why waste money when this is only a cheap PR stunt.

        1. dAVID…Please just do us all a favor and shut up! Thanks.

          1. No.

            I will not join in this pathetic outpouring of joy that a multi-billion dollar company is using the gay community for a meaningless PR stunt and that a news website is reporting it as ‘news’.

        2. Someone needs their milk and cookies.

      2. David Myers 27 Jun 2012, 8:55am

        Not to mention the sugar over kill and the difficulty in keeping a six layered cookie such as pictured from squishing out all over the place if you even attempted a bite. ;-)

  11. Can someone please explain to me why this ‘story’ is news?

    In what way are LGBT rights impacted by the fact that Oreos put an image of a rainbow cookie on their website?

    Has Pink News charged Kraft for publishing this story as it’s a free advert for a multi-billion dollar company who has an appalling environmental and public health record,

    They should do.

    Giving free advertisements to companies for meaningless PR stunts is appalling business sense.

    1. Well for someone who doesn’t think this story is news, you are cedrtainly mouthing off about it a lot!

      1. Of course I am mouthing off about it.

        I am completely disgusted that Pink News is giving free advertising to a company which routinely abuses its staff, and uses freak ingredients in its products, simply because the company engaged in a meaningless PR stunt.

        This is meant to be a news website.

        1. It’s certainly good news if almost ANY company endorses gay rights. There are far too many organisations that oppose them, so each one that supports us should be warmly welcomed.

          Of course, it doesn’t mean that any such company is perfect in everything else that they do; Kraft certainly deserves censure over Cadbury’s for example. But just as one can welcome a politician’s support without endorsing their party’s entire manifesto, one should welcome a company’s efforts to be gay friendly.

          The only exception might be if the PR was a smokescreen for continuing homophobic practices elsewhere. But the onus would be on you, dAVID, to provide that evidence. You seem to denounce any efforts as a matter of principle.

          1. They are NOT endorsing gay rights.

            They have published a picture of a rainbow coloured cookie.

            And the onus is NOT on me to prove they are homophobic or that they financially support homophobic politicians

            Pink News should have done that research befoire publishing this ‘story’.

            And quite clearly Pink News has not done this research before giving Kraft some free advertising.

        2. They are reporting news of a corporate organisations supporting gay pride. You might not like that news but nonetheless it is news.

          News is often defined as something which makes people talk out recent events – this clearly is making YOU talk.

        3. David Myers 27 Jun 2012, 8:56am

          Don’t feed the troll. Ignore it!

        4. Paddyswurds 28 Jun 2012, 4:22pm

          Well the answer dAVID, is to never eat any American made food stuffs as almost everything American made these days has GM or is contaminated with GM. They are the worlds main producer of GM products and because of the wind and insects etc everything supposedly not GM is contaminated…….

  12. Seeing as corporations are allowed to make massive financial contributions to political candidates and campaigns in the US, I assume that Pink News has checked to make sure that Kraft Foods have not made any financial contributions to ‘pro-business’ homophobic bigots in the last 2 years? (Think about the Target controversy – that’s a company that also positioned itself as ‘gay-friendly’ yet who were backrolling homophobic extremist Tom Emmer).

    Pink News HAS done this research I hope?

    Can Pink News vouch that Kraft Foods has not engaged in this type of despicable hypocrisy?

    If not then why not? I mean it’s a very reasonable question to ask.

    1. The onus is on you, dAVID, to provide any evidence. Until you do, it’s unqualified good news.

      1. Why is it good news?

        In what way does the fact that a multi-billlion dollar company (which uses genetically modified ingredients in its products) has posted an image of a rainbow cookie, improve the lives of any LGBT person.

        Are you really so desperate for validation that you cannot see this for the meaningless PR stunt that it is.

        If so then it is quite pathetic.

    2. Before you cast questions about integrity – perhaps you should seek evidence to support your claim – particularly when your questions above have been shown to be untrue and you have had to make almost as many U-turns as George Osborne in your allegations about Kraft

      1. Kraft Foods routinely uses Genetically modified ingredients in their products in the US (not in Europe where these are banned as a health risk).

        But hey – let’s ignore the health risks – they have shown a picture of a rainbow cookie after al.

        1. Whether GM products are used or not is of no connection to their LGBT staff policies and practices.

          Clutching at straws much?

  13. That cookie looks DELICIOUS!!!!

    *grabs the cookie and runs away* bwahahaah!

  14. From One Million Moms: “We firmly oppose Oreo taking sides in the cul…wait, Oreo’s? Did you say Oreo’s? Even the ones with Double Stuf? Give up my Oreo’s? Let’s rethink this a moment.”

  15. Jock S. Trap 27 Jun 2012, 8:06am

    Excellent… really like this.

    Well done Oreo!!!

  16. Okay. I’m calling off my diet for good. Need to get my Oreo now. Quite happy to see Oreo supporting LGBT community.

    1. In what tangible way does Nabisco posting a picture of a rainbow cookie support the LGBT community?

      It might make YOU feel warm and fuzzy inside (although that may be the geneticaly modified ingredients) but it’s a meaningless PR stunt.

      And to repeat, it is absolutely incomprehensible that a news outlet like Pink News would give free advertising to a company by pretending that the advert is somehow ‘news’.

      1. So much for thinking that this was not news – you keep foaming and keep clutching at straws with your disconnected arguments.

        Perhaps you should lie down in a darkened room!

  17. Did Kraft Foods pay Pink News for running this ‘story’?
    If not then why not?

  18. dAVID, please give it a rest…

    For all I know, Kraft may be the world’s biggest user of GM ingredients, they may employ 10-year old slaves forced to work 36 hours per day, and their cookies may each contain a bucketful of sugar. If so, I strongly disapprove !

    But when it comes to anything that’s gay-supportive then in return I’ll certainly support them ON THAT ONE ISSUE, stunt or otherwise.

    Yes, it IS news and I hope PN DOES give them free advertising because it encourages more to follow suit.

    Credit where credit is due !

    1. Absolutely, Gerry

      100% endorse your comments

      And no, dAVID that is not putting gay rights in a vacuum – it selectively supporting an organisation who support LGBT people.

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