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New Archbishop of Uganda called gays ‘unacceptable’ but opposed death penalty bill

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Reader comments

  1. Cardinal Capone 25 Jun 2012, 7:00pm

    Well, I find the new Archbishops views unacceptable, but I’m also opposed to him being put to death. However I’m also opposed to him being imprisoned for long periods or at all, and there lies the difference between us. He has no respect for human rights.

  2. It’s come to something where I’m actually a little happy he doesn’t want us dead. That’s how bad Anglicans are getting.

  3. Uganda. One of the most backward countries in the world and he certainly lives up to its reputation.

  4. It comes to something when thinking that their view that a certain category of people should be imprisoned because of how they were born is progressive – but compared to some Christian leaders, this man is progressive. However, he still does not get it, he is still bound up in hatred, inhumanity and bigotry. Uganda’s people need a great deal of help due to the people leading them (whether government or church) and from the pollution from American and Scandinavian evangelical organisations.

    1. He is progressive only for the savage nation of Uganda.

      For any civilised country he remains a disgusting pigf***ing bigot.

      1. How original! I’ve never heard such a comment before!

  5. This f***er is an ignorant, uneducated, brutal bigot.

    I doubt very much the morons in the Cult of England will condemn this scumbag though – church unity is more important to the Cult of England than human rights.

    Religion is a cancer that destroys everything it comes in contact with.

  6. He opposes the death penalty for being LGBT? Is there no limit to this man’s generosity of spirit or understanding of the human condition?

    1. Well he’s a christian.

      Of course he’s a hateful monster.

      1. Well, Desmond Tutu is also a Christian…

  7. The fact that countries like this are lining up against LGBT while countries like Denmark and other progressive countries have already introduced SSM speaks volumes.

    1. Uganda is a backward dump though.

      Not a penny in aid or trade should be given to that hellhole

      1. Have you even been to Uganda? I have. Your atitude is as bigoted as those that you are against.

  8. Jee thank bishop – by the way the deity you worship – is non existant – so isn’t this bigotry of yours just hatred cloaked in justifying superstition?

  9. It’s been announced that Gad Beck, gay holocaust survivor has died. Sadly in places like Uganda gays are still being targetted.

    1. Thank you for this post, Richard.
      I’m embarassed and ashamed, but must acknowledge that I had been in total ignorance of his life and example.
      I’ve started reading up on him via Google and Wiki and I’d heartily recommend others to do the same.
      Thank you again for your most timely posting, Richard.

      1. No problem, hopefully PN will do an obitury about him to highlight his bravery.

        1. Hear, hear

  10. That is a start with a long way to go. Only insane people want to kill people based on their sexuality.

  11. So this deluded person wants to be able to be seen as both merciful to gays (let’s not kill them) and condemning of gays (they are not acceptable).

    This deluded creature wants it both ways.

  12. Dear god! This is the sort of man that will be invited to attend the next Lambet Conference. And he thinks it’s fine to lock people up for being gay – how progressive! Is it worth continuing the Anglican communion if this is the price worth paying?

  13. Jock S. Trap 26 Jun 2012, 11:14am

    Another shameful man. Yes he’s against the death penalty but still wants to see the LGBT community punished and tormented for who they happen to be.

    This attitude serves no purpose in the 21st Century and I still feel Uganda needs to be suppended until such time as they can provide adequate human rights for all.

  14. That There Other David 26 Jun 2012, 12:42pm

    If ever an indication was needed of just how low Uganda has sunk it’s the fact that this is one of their good guys.

    Stories like this illustrate how people slip into evil without even thinking.

  15. Christopher 26 Jun 2012, 12:44pm

    One wonders what might have happened had the Europeans stayed home over the last 500 years… does anyone know how the idigenous religions dealt with homosexuality? Was there a berdache culture, as in North America?

  16. “I think taking someone to jail for a period of time would be sufficient.”

    Oh do you, archbishop? I could retaliate by saying a period in jail for sheer stupidity “might be sufficient” in your case – but I won’t, since I’m not some anachronistic brute.

    1. What is wrong with the Colonial Church? Better our/your folks had stayed home and left them to the Mosley, almost as crazy, but we do not have to apologize for them. Does anyone in Africa read that bit about the two commandments, Love the Lord thy God, AND love thy neighbor as thyself for the love of God. Slipped by them I guess. Peace- for a change.

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