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Last known gay Jewish survivor of the Holocaust dies

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Reader comments

  1. That There Other David 25 Jun 2012, 9:44pm

    That’s sad. We’re slowly losing the generation that went through this, and with it the first hand horrors it involved.


    1. Benjamin Weinthal 25 Jun 2012, 10:13pm

      This Article was first published at the Jerusalem POST.

    2. That’s true, but all the same how wonderful he lived such a long and, I trust, ultimately fulfilling life. Outliving most of his tormentors too I hope, for what that’s worth.

  2. Rest well and thank you for being a voice for equality and part of the change towards acceptance at a time more torn than ours. x

  3. Paragraph 175 …every gay man should see that film at least once.

    Sincere sympathy to Gad’s family, loved ones and friends.

  4. Remember every day of your life- and NEVER forget.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 25 Jun 2012, 10:21pm

    Rest in Peace, Gad Beck! We owe you a huge debt of gratitude!

    In this day and age of anti-gay rhetoric and campaigns to disenfranchise us of our rights, we must NEVER forget that it could happen again.

    C4M/CI and all the hate groups who thrive on denigration, dehumanisation and villification of LGBT people are on notice. We will NOT forget your hatred and we put you on notice that your vile, mendacious statements about us will not go unnoticed or unchallenged.

  6. Lest we all forget. Thank-you for your bravery and inspiration. Sincere Sympathy to every-one who loved you.

  7. I was reading about what happened to these men in the Third Reich the other day including some extracts of Heinz Heger’s famous Men With the Pink Triangle book. These crimes should be infamous for just how demonic they were. The numbers were not extraordinary compared to others, but for the people concerned, it must have been unimaginable horror. Did even the victims of Imperial Japan or Democratic Kampuchea’s human slaughterhouses suffer as much as they did?

    They were treated worse than the jews. Humiliated, tortured, worked to death, castrated, brainwashed, experimented upon. Upon “liberation” the survivors were later re-incarcerated and most probably never spoke of it for the rest of their lives. All the postwar German government could cough up was some compensation to the handful of remaining survivors six decades later.

    Rest in peace Gad Beck and all those who had their all their dignity taken from them and worse. I hope you are now in a better place than this world.

    1. David Myers 27 Jun 2012, 9:05am

      Actually it was, in some cases worse than that. Some pink triangle prisoners were not even freed from the death camps and were kept there for up to six months after all the other prisoners were freed. Many probably just gave up at that point and died from lost hop and dispair!

  8. David Waite 26 Jun 2012, 1:29am

    Yesterday and today I helped to deal with an issue of homophobia at my local Pride parade. I’m an old man now but I’ve been a lifelong activist partly through the inspiration of Gad Beck, Frank Kameny, Harvey Milk and others. I refuse to be sad at this news except for those of us who must now wake up each morning and remember our world has lost Gad Beck as a living presence. If ever there was a hero living and breathing among us, as marvelous as anyone in our best loved fables and novels, it was he. I’m glad he lived so long; he richly deserved and enhanced every day he had.

  9. very sad news, his book is one i have read several times (in both english and german) and is a very clear reminder that while a large number of men died/were incarcerated in horrific conditions based on their sexuality an awful lot of poles, jews, russians etc who were also gay as well suffered too.

  10. Reminds us that even today there is still an undertone of threats against us.

    So we must never become complacent, be vigilant as the fight is going to go on for some time to come.

    Future generations are the ones who are going to enjoy the fruits of our labour and our fight for equality/ acceptance

  11. We still have Jewish and other survivors today of the HIV/AIDS Holocaust that is going on now, it was made by evil people like the CIA who are killing off people they think are undesirable.

  12. jamestoronto 26 Jun 2012, 5:26am

    There, but for our own resistance and vigilance, go we. Thank you Gad Beck and all the other fighters of your generation. When the world as darkest you provided a glimmer of hope that has become a beacon to-day. Rest in peace.

  13. I salute you, Sir. May you Rest in Peace and be remembered as a great and brave gay man who had to endure so much in your fight for the rights of LGT Community and your fellow countrymen.

  14. If you can – get hold of the DVD entitled “A Love to Hide”. It’s all in there.

  15. Nelly MANchester 26 Jun 2012, 8:47am

    RIP from MANchester

  16. Very sad. Such desperate and horrendous experiences he lived through and had to live with for the rest of his life. RIP.

    It does give us cause to recall the horror and inhumanity that humans have, can and do cause to other humans because of who they are or what they are.

    It should give us cause for thought, reflection and motivation to ensure that never again will such atrocities be allowed to occur.

    The sad thing is that atrocities are occuring and may well still occur on a similar scale today. We must stand against the events in Uganda, the Middle East and elsewhere. We must also stand strong and resolute against those who hide under a cloak of “respectable” theocracy and expose their evil.

    Gad Beck’s suffering in war and in peace should not be in vain, but an inspiration to continue the fight to prevent inhumanity, indignity and inequality.

  17. Deepest sympathy and respect.

  18. An inspiring story of dazzling courage and endurance in the face of evil. We truly stand on the shoulders of giants.

  19. Jock S. Trap 26 Jun 2012, 11:00am

    A sad day, my heart goes out to his family, partner, friends and all that knew him.

    While Gad Beck has passed he will never be forgotten.

  20. Given what he had to endure he did incredibly well to make it to 89.
    I remember him in the film Paragraph 175 and the courage he showed in standing up to talk about something which most of us would struggle to recount.
    He also highlighted an aspect of the holocaust that many were not aware of,, that being when liberated from the concentration camps the attitude from the allies towards inmates who were gay. As it was still illegal to be gay these inmates were often overlooked as victims and perceived as having somehow brought the horror on themselves.
    It is sad day but also one to be thankful that he came through it and made to 89.

  21. Rest in peace brother – you’ve had a rough ride of it this end. Condolences to partner.

  22. There are things that I admire and look for in other people: courage, integrity, modesty and commitment to seeing things through. Gad Beck displayed all of these characteristics. The world is a better place for his acts of courage, but is now a poorer place as a result of his passing.

    May he rest in peace and may we all be humbled by this incredible man’s courage and compassion.

  23. What a man. Beautiful love and courage and a real fighter. One of the founders of the changes and progress we are experiencing towards the LGBT Community today.
    May you rest in Peace. Your dreams and hopes are in the process of being realised.

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