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Audio: Australian Salvation Army chief: ‘Gay people should be put to death’

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Reader comments

  1. It’s amazing that people think they can say this sort of stuff about LGBT people.

    Imagine if Peter Tatchell said all Christians should die, just imagine for a minute the buahaha that would cause?

    But saying people who have sex with people of the same sex should die is just acceptable in some circles.

    Disturbing (and typical). At least this one is honest.

    1. He makes the Salvation Army and all Christians look bad. How do evil people like him get to be a Salvation Army Chief?

      1. The Sally Army is just another one of those religios groups that targets the poor and vulnerable with their religious views.

        True charity is given freely with no conditions – their version is corrupt.

      2. Spanner1960 24 Jun 2012, 12:28pm

        I wouldn’t describe him as ‘evil.’
        He is just another ignorant sheep that does what his silly books tell him to do.

        1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 12:44pm

          Sorry but anyone who calls for the death of others with such disregard for life is ‘evil’ plain and simple.

        2. If saying that other people deserve to die due to how they were born is not evil, then what is?

        3. It’s evil in my book. Those who killed gay people in WWII, were they not evil? What’s the difference? It’s all about hate. They’re exactly the same, it’s just a different uniform. If they don’t sack him for what he said then I’m going full steam ahead attacking the Salvation Army on all my blogs and posts until he’s gone. As for if I see one in the city centre shaking a tin, I expect they’ll be getting an earful.

  2. “he argued that being gay was a “choice” like consuming alcohol. ” or believing in a backward and clearly mentally unstable religion.

    1. It shows you how small minded they are. They believe being gay is a choice well they need to look into there own backyard and realise that so is believing in the Salvation Army scripture.
      LGBT are people as well and they deserve to be able to enjoy there lives being defined for the person they are not the sex of the person they love!!!!!

  3. There was another mad man who said the same thing in World War Two and we all know how that worked out for him.

    1. Have to admit when Craig said “Well that’s part of our belief system” on being pressed about those verses in Romans that form part of the SA handbook which imply we deserve death my first thought was “Fundamentalist Nuremberg defence”.
      But hey, still send us your cash cause it all goes to worthy causes, right?
      (Other worthy causes are available).

      1. A (slightly editted) version of Adolf Eichmann’s defense speech would seem to be the sort of this Andrew Criabe would say if he followed through on his views that gay people deserve to die:

        “I cannot recognize the verdict of guilty. . . . It was my misfortune to become entangled in these atrocities. But these misdeeds did not happen according to my wishes. It was not my wish to slay people. . . . Once again I would stress that I am guilty of having been obedient, having subordinated myself to my official duties and the obligations of war service and my oath of allegiance and my oath of office, and in addition, once the war started, there was also martial law. . . . I did not persecute [gays] with avidity and passion. That is what the government did. . . . At that time obedience was demanded, just as in the future it will also be demanded of the subordinate.”

        As the Nuremburg trials said
        “The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not

      2. relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.”

        In the same way ideological doctrine does not relieve a person from responsibility under international law if a moral choice is possible – it is possible to choose not to either kill gay people or encourage their killing.

  4. Helen Wilson 23 Jun 2012, 7:15pm

    I believe all members of the Salvation Army should be burnt alive in their churches this weekend. If what they say is the word of God, then not one of them will perish… If they are unwilling to undergo this act of faith then they are not true believers and should STFU!

    Craibe should be first to pour petrol over himself and strike a match…. Lets see his faith in action!

    1. You will never see that happening because religious people always have an answer for that: You should not tempt your god…
      Very convenient.

      1. Paddyswurds 24 Jun 2012, 2:27pm

        I am quite sure we can find someone to strike the match for him so he can truly call on his “god” to save him without his “tempting god” excuse.

  5. Give ’em a cross and a uniform and and watch ’em hate! Mindblowing! Is he still in job?

    1. Yes, he’s still in a job because he’s true to the mission statement of the Salvation Army.

  6. I am completely astound by the comments of this terrible excuse for a man.

    People like him really should not be given airtime

  7. Well, with that little beard and what not, does anyone else think he looks – you know – a bit gay?

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 8:42pm

      Ffs…not all xtian crazies are gay. I’m sick of this old chestnut appearing every time there is a story about these weirdos almost as if being would make him even worse. frankly I wouldn’t want to be Gay if this sort of non human being were Gay….. the very idea of belonging to the same group as this creep yeukk. It is bad enough that I have to breath the same air as the kunt….he will get his cumuppance you watch!

    2. Can you be “a bit gay”…?

    3. Denisthemenace 24 Jun 2012, 8:41am

      As a gay xtrian I find the comments of this gay offensive. Hi God is not the loving God I know and worship.

      Got something to hide methinks. If he believes that crap, why hasn’t he put someone to death himself??

    4. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:00am

      Er… advice Al… grow up maybe!

  8. “Joy FM” Oh the irony. But at least, as another poster has suggested, he is being honest and not wrapping his bigotry up in the clearly insincere niceness that some like to hide behind.

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:03am

      Yeah I am divided on it. Whilst I do prefer to know his feeling about us I do question whether he should be given airtime to express them. Too many vulnerable people out there and this isn’t what they need to hear. Though to be honest does anyone need to be told we should be put to death? I guess it’s not like we hear it enough.

      The problem I have is those that tell us call themselves religious!

  9. It’s not us who should die, it’s all the religious freaks.

    1. Amen to that!

    2. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:11am

      No-one should die… people should respect each other but it is just a sad state of affairs that those who scream for Religious freedoms and tolerance clearly only want it for themselves, with the attitude ‘Stuff’ everyone else.

      1. Absolutely, totally agree.

        Murder, whatever the motivation, is wrong.

  10. What is most definitelly a choice is religious belief. What is also a choice sometimes, is blindly following that religion, or learning to think for yourself and read between the lines to get the meaning of what is in the bible, and I don’t recal Jesus ever saying that someone should be put to death.

    1. Perhaps religious belief is not the choice it is often quoted as being. That people born in Western Europe are likely to be Christian, if they have a religious belief, people in the Arab world likely to be Muslim, people in Ireland likely to be Catholic suggests that cultural indoctrination plays a big part. Sadly, although they have the choice not to be bigots, they have been brainwashed into that way of thinking. That’s the scariest part of our move, here in the UK, towards “faith based” schools. These are geared towards teaching kids WHAT to think, rather than HOW to think – a terrible disservice.

      1. religious belief is ALWAYS a choice.
        you exposure to whichever particular denomination simply improves the odds of you CHOOSING one denomination over another. but it remains that it is nothing more than a choice.

        people who at a later date decide to become atheists rarely “struggle” with their choice. never will you see an atheist break his decision of non-belief to surreptitiously attend a religious service, or mutter a prayer under his breath.

        1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:09am


          Religion has always been a lifestyle choice, nothing more. People Choose to be decent ju7st as people Choose to be bigots.

      2. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:07am

        People are Not born religious they are taught it, children are forced into it.

        Ironic that this is all that religion says about us without acknowledging what they do and in that they are projecting their own actions.

        Being Gay, Lesbian is how we are born, one does not teach it, one is created this way. I do not struggle with it as many in religions suggest, unlike them I am perfectly happy with it and fail to see what my life and what I do in it has anything to do with anyone religious.

        1. Saw an interesting debate on this which I thought was worth posting.

          For my merits – religion is a choice. A choice of hope for cowards.

          Is religion is a choice, in the same way that other beliefs are choices? For example, if I chose to subscribe to the moral belief that removing one’s clothes was wrong, I wouldn’t expect the Chippendales to make any special dispensation for me should I choose to work for them. Similarly, if religion is a choice, I wouldn’t expect any special dispensation for wearing religious icons which do not conform to a company’s uniform policy. I either have to give up my religion of choice, or work somewhere else.

          Or is religion is more of a psychological and visceral calling? If, for example, I was blind, I would expect employers to do everything in their power to adapt to me. I could not stop being blind. Is religion more similar to this – You can’t ‘physically’ stop believing?

          Or is it the latter, but still fine to discriminate, just I would be

          1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:21am

            Indeed… the fact it is a ‘belief’ in the first place means it is a choice. Though these people are too uneducated to see that how someone is born, is a choice since not one of Us had a choice.

            Fact for the religious… a belief is not born it is a choice.

        2. be discriminated against if I had an unshakable belief that all women were evil?

          Or is it something else altogether?

          As for the whole choice v calling debate its hard to say, if you are born into a religion its a case of the blind leading the blind and diffucult to break out of.

          The question of whether religion is a choice is, of course, particularly significant in these days of resurgent, assertive religiosity.

          If one’s religion is inherent, an integral part of who one is, then the religiously inclined can claim certain protections from being ‘offended’ and certain privileges within society. So while one may disparage political, economic, scientific or aesthetic beliefs, to do so to religious beliefs is presented as parallel to disparaging someone’s ethnicity or gender.

          If it is a freely chosen viewpoint then they must take their chances in the rough and tumble of discourse. It is my experience that few religious people are comfortable with that. Sooner or later any group

        3. which is drawn together by a shared religious belief will start to assert that, by virtue of that belief, they are entitled to special access to the political process, which is not afforded to groups drawn together by a shared interest in, say, steam trains. That exemptions should be made when their beliefs conflict with the law, that certain arguments should be forbidden, that a measure of deference be paid.

          It would be arrogant and foolish to demand that every simple, decent fisherman, farmer or forester who sustain a simple faith take a step back and view their beliefs from a rational, skeptical perspective. But if someone steps up, engages in the public sphere and starts citing authority, then the gloves can come off.

          Religion is not always a choice, but in the society in which we live, it generally is.

  11. Don’t you hate it when bigots ‘sit on the fence’ when ask to give an opinion –

    ‘All those peddling hatred through unproven superstition should die.’

    hey that was easy to say…

  12. That There Other David 23 Jun 2012, 7:46pm

    Why is anyone suprised by this? The Salvation Army has always despised us, despises us now, and will despise us in the future.

    I’m glad he came out and said it though, instead of hiding in the shadows talking in riddles. They all want us either corrected or murdered. He’s just honest enough to voice it.

  13. People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. I am sure he has never committed a wrong against another human being or against his god, right ???
    Its nice to see he relies on the religious “doctrine” to “allow” his hatred and possibly instil murder into the minds of those who choose to be led.
    I really like the stammering well,well’s. Seems he may be questioning his belief in a doctrine that is too old for today’s mainstream society and has no ability to adapt progressively.
    How very sad there are still people out there like that, may his pedestal fall hard and fast.

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:15am

      Indeed, it must be handy to have religious texts to justify one’s bigotry and hate.

      I am much happier having my own mind, thinking for myself and living the life I want.

      Of course that is what threatens them… fear of thinking for themselves.

  14. I never give to the Salvation Army when they beg on the streets for “good” causes.

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 8:45pm

      …next time I see them begging on the street I will visit the nearest toilet before giving them a “donation”………..

    2. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:16am

      Well no, why would anyone give to people who want us died!

      I don’t and thankfully Major Andrew Craibe has cemented that for a lifetime.

      1. There are other organisations carrying out similar good work with the homeless etc, that we can choose to support.

        1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 12:50pm

          Indeed, there are, Centre Point for example but many more…

      2. Paddyswurds 24 Jun 2012, 1:18pm

        Read my comment “again” Jock….

        1. I thought Jock S Trap was replying to Peter ….

          That is how it seems to me.

          1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 3:09pm

            I was replying to Peter, thanks Elaine.

          2. Paddyswurds 24 Jun 2012, 9:28pm

            oops sorry Jock…

          3. Jock S. Trap 25 Jun 2012, 9:18am

            No probs Paddyswurds… :o)

  15. Garry Cassell 23 Jun 2012, 7:54pm

    Seems like there are a “few rooms not completely finished upstairs”..this guy and others in the SA are not that educated…they still think there is an actual tooth fairy..

  16. Kornelijus Norvidas 23 Jun 2012, 7:57pm

    He looks so innocent in this picture… Well, one more lesson for me.

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 8:47pm

      He looks positively manic….

      1. Denisthemenace 24 Jun 2012, 8:45am

        He looks positivley gay to me

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jun 2012, 8:05pm

    Vile, disgusting, subhuman piece of sh_t! I hope he’s never allowed to set foot in the UK. He should be on the Home Office list of undesirables. Send him bad karma, may bad things happen to him.

  18. Just wait while I see one of the SALLY ARMY’s old blokes rattling his collection tin in my face outside KENDAL’s here on DEANSGATE MANCHESTER; they regularly pitch there.

    I shall tackle him about this.

    I have already fercked off a dozen assorted ‘elders’, ‘sisters’ and ‘presidents’ from the Church of J.C. -Latter Day Saints- while trying to have a quiet sarnie in Piccadilly Gardens.


    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:18am

      Will be Very interested to hear how you get on Keith!

  19. Looks to me as if he’d help out if we were short- ‘handed’; such a dinky little muff there on the chinny-chin-chin..!
    Ratzinger and his Gorgeous George come across in much the same way as do so many others who preach one thing and DO EXACTLY THE FERKIN’ OTHER..!

    I cap-locking shouted…!


  20. This man is a disgrace and insult to the Salvation Army. Please don’t get me worng; faithfull readers of my rants in these threads will know I’m an atheist and not a friend to religion, yet even I respect some of the the Sally Ann’s work. They usually shut up and get out on the streets to feed the hungry and dress wounds and bloody well try to help. This bastard insults all those in the Army who work their whastsits off to try and make life a bit better for those at the very bottom. What an arsehole (and not in a sexy way!)

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 8:50pm

      I would imagine he will not be long in the Sally army when this shyte hits the fans…….

    2. No, he’s not “a disgrace and insult to the Salvation Army” – he’s representative of their views. Something to think about when they come rattling their collection boxes.

    3. That There Other David 24 Jun 2012, 10:19am

      There has been plenty of evidence over the years that what he voiced is EXACTLY what the Salvation Army teaches. This in no “lone gunman”. The entire institution is corrupt as hell. Stop acting like an ostrich and you’ll easily see that.

      1. Hello Paddyswurds, You may be right. David, I fear you may be righter than anyone would like and I have to say I certainly never gave money to the Army when I lived in England. That There Other David, no need to attack me and name-call. You know nothing about me. I could well agree with you, if you laid your evidence out. Jumping to insults will convince no-one. If you have some references to support what you say, I’ll read them. Otherwise, a little more maturity in your personal replies might be a fine idea.

  21. floridahank 23 Jun 2012, 8:15pm

    Part of the interview “RYAN (interrupting): But how is that Christian? Shouldn’t it be about love”

    The problem is when things are taken out of context in the Bible is when you
    get into trouble.

    When you refer to God’s love, you must include his totality, which includes judgement, and that means you will be accountable for your actions if they go against Scripture.
    What is your understanding about God’s love and how do you related it to judgement? You can’t accept one asspect and deny the other. It’ all or nothing.

    1. So where do you stand on the obvious retorts then, eg shellfish, mixed fibres and adulteresses?

    2. And that’s the part I refer to as the Fundamentalist Nuremberg defence “Hey it said I should stone them to death in the bible… see it’s there in black and white in Romans, we’re only obeying god’s orders”. Think on…

    3. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:28am

      Shameful! That is Your opinion and one I and others don’t believe, yet you always feel the need to force it on others no matter what.

      It is you that is wrong. You choose your religious ‘belief’ you have no right to force it on others esp if they don’t wish to believe or even hear it.

      “It’s all or nothing” .. Well I’ll take nothing, think for myself, enjoy My life and leave you with the crap of believing you can’t life or think for yourself!!

      1. floridahank 24 Jun 2012, 10:03pm

        I’m not forcing anything on anyone. But when someone refers to God’s love, I’d like to know what that person’s definition of God’s love is. Too many people seem to have a very limited view of God’s totality. He is perfection — love, hate, forgiveness, punishment, patient, long-suffering, and many other qualities/characteristics. Only the Holy Bible gives us a “human-like” God, so one either accepts Him or rejects Him. No
        other so-called religion has such a God that can be understood by the Scriptures that have been passed down for 4,000 yrs. Also, if one wants to discuss God, you have to
        read the Bible (apprx. 75 hours) and to really get a deep understanding of all the difficult questions/issues involved you should expect to give it 500-1,000 hrs of serious study.
        Other wise a person can get into serous spiritual, moral trouble by simply taking things out of context or looking at the Bible as some mythical book.
        So, to talk about God’s love, you should know its entire content

        1. The problem is, Hank, you took one portion of the interview and concentrated on that.

          You misread the entire message.

          You cherry picked – how surprising!

        2. Can’t we just say “God is pretty capricius and has wild moodswings” as an accurate reflection of the OT. Have read the bible and that seems to be a fair assessment.
          You only have to read as far as Job to know that “God is love” is a bit of a sweeping statement.
          Progressively smiting someone to test whether they still love you back is what most people class as an abusive relationship.

          1. floridahank 25 Jun 2012, 6:07pm

            Hey Flapjack. Since you refer to Job’s situation, I guess you believe in Satan as well….right? Because without Satan, Job’s suffering doesn’t have any explanation, because the conflict was due to Satan ‘s statement that Job was righteous because he was protected by God’s hedge around Job. That’s the crux of the crisis for Job. Will he continue to be blameless and upright. fear God and shun evil, even when he stands alone without any protection from God? That’s when a man loves God, when he can stand that way and we can see that God loves him.

        3. Jock S. Trap 25 Jun 2012, 9:24am

          Ah yes the ‘all other religions are evil, you only go to Heaven if you are a Christian’…… Hypocrite!!

          For your sake I hope your right coz all the other religions say exactly the same.

          Also if there truly was such a place as Heaven and people like you go there why on Earth would I want to?

          Again, I have no interest… so why do you feel the need to lecture?

        4. Paddyswurds 28 Jun 2012, 11:28am

          “He” is none of those things Hank, mainly because “he” does not exist, either here or up in the sky/space. “He” is an invention of illiterate desert herdsmen wandering in the deserts of Palestine 4/5 thousand years ago, who had no idea where the Sun went at night or indeed the explanation to many things around them. Their leaders needed an external force to explain these things to their people, hence the birth of deities, and now we are up to somewhere like 35,000 of them.
          What informs you categorically that your particular deity is in fact the real one or that “he ” actually exists……. If you refer to the buybul as proof, then is there not as much proof that Zeus, Thor, or indeed Peter Pan exists. or for that matter Santa Claus?
          99% of western children under the age of 7 will swear on their lives that Santa Claus exists……

    4. Thou shall not kill.

      One of gods 10 commandments. What will god do with someone who willingly and freely breaks that one and god knows your intent, so simply not doing it when your heart is filled with hate is no good when it’s your time to be judged by god.

      The 10 commandments are the main ones, god loves us, people hate.

      1. floridahank 25 Jun 2012, 5:52pm

        David, you say, “god loves us.” Do you love God? If so, do you hold to all his
        standards, not commit sin, as for repentence when you do? I think not. You’re either with God or against God, no middle ground.

        So if you don’t follow God’s Commandments, how do you make commandments for us to follow because you have to make Commandments that everyone will follow, or there
        will be anarchy and everybody can make their own Commandments, even when those
        disagree with yours. There has to be absolutes, not relative Commandments.

        If you know better than God, maybe you ought to write a Human Bible for us read and follow.

  22. Robert White 23 Jun 2012, 8:17pm

    Am I supposed to act surprised?

    Here in the US the “warm home fund” that lets me give money to people who cannot afford their light and heat bill as part of paying my own, is funneled through the vileness that is the S.A.

    I still donate because freezing to death in ones own home is not a good thing, but it makes me barf in my mouth a little bit because those idiots get a cut.

    1. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 8:53pm

      Obviously this idiot has never stayed overnight at a YMCA,
      the worlds official Gay bonking shop, where the gay, the curious and simply horney lad goes for a quickie…..

      1. Denisthemenace 24 Jun 2012, 8:50am

        Where is this located and why didn’t I know about it????

        1. Paddyswurds 24 Jun 2012, 1:25pm

          They are located in most large cities all over the western world….Can’t believe you never heard of the Young Mens Christian Association hostels, Also YWCA for girls… I am an atheist and i know about them but never had the need to stay in one….

          1. Some of the YMCA’s in New York are really good value B&B as well as other social facilities.

            I always am in two minds as to whether to try one (have not as yet – because they are supposed to be such good value, well equipped and reasonable locations, but not sure about what YMCA attitude to LGBT issues and cynical that they may be anti-gay).

    2. There must be alternative schemes. Look them up.

    3. Paddyswurds 23 Jun 2012, 9:42pm

      It is possible to set up your own scheme and the tax credits are even better than simply donating to for example The United Way…My cousin here in Ireland set up her own charity with a couple of like minded people to build houses and drill wells in the Gambia. Too much goes into undeserving pockets with the big six charities such as Goal, Trocaire etc…..

  23. I agree. The sally army in the US has had a policy of discriminating against gays within their organization since the Bush administration enabled religious groups to do so. And here it is – the naked truth… there is no gospel of love, but there is a gospel of hatred.

  24. In the US there is a movement to put fake money in the Salvation Army’s collection boxes. Dollar bills that are obviously fake – and therefore not attempts and fraud – but which indicate that the Salvation Army’s homophobia and bigotry are why real money has not been donated. We should do the same here.

    1. Typo – “attempts at fraud”

    2. Yes, there was an article on them on the HuffPost. It was a bank note shaped printable, which read that the “donater” wasn’t happy to actually support the SA because of their non-inlcusive aid politics.

  25. I had a plastic bag through my front door asking me for donations of bric-a-brac and clothes for the Salvation Army, they will be back to collect.


      1. Or maybe just a note explaining why your charity donations will be going elsewhere in future.

        1. Saves getting your hands dirty!

        2. That There Other David 24 Jun 2012, 1:20pm

          AND a dog turd!! :-D

    2. I’d be taking me a big steamer in that bag and hand it back with a smile.

  26. Surely, this is incitement to hatred?

    If a leader of an LGBT organisation in Australia said on radio that Christians who engaged in homophobia deserved to die – then I am sure Mr Craibe would consider this inciting religious hatred … so is the case here.

    This behaviour is unacceptable and wrong.

    Direct action needs to be taken against the S Army and the Australian Police need to urgently investigate this incitement to hatred based on homophobia.

    1. Sue De Nimes 24 Jun 2012, 1:40am

      Have you read some of the comments on here?

      1. Is that supposed to be a justification for CVraibes comments?

        If so, then you are as bad as he is!

      2. Which ones? Do you get some satisfaction out of being a bottom feeder to sustain your preconceived notions about gays?

      3. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:32am

        Sue … If your happy taking abuse, hatred and violence fine but don’t think the rest of us are happy to sit back while vile bigots make such comments.

        Unlike you we have Our Own Mind and Unlike You we’re not afraid to use it.

      4. Yes I have read all of the comments on here, Sue

        Your point is?

  27. From December: “I’ve seen the discrimination the Salvation Army preaches first hand,” Browning wrote. “When a former boyfriend and I were homeless, the Salvation Army insisted we break up before they’d offer assistance. We slept on the street instead and declined to break up as they demanded.”

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:33am

      That is totally shameful!!! They need to be highlighted for the bigoted organisation they are and hopefully people will stop funding them.

  28. Not up to putting much effort into our ‘salvation’ then is he? :-p

  29. It appears the Australian Salvation Army have released a statement distancing themselves from these comments.

    “Salvation Army members do not believe, and would never endorse, a view that homosexual activity should result in any form of physical punishment. … The Salvation Army believes in the sanctity of all human life and believes it would be inconsistent with Christian teaching to call for anyone to be put to death. … The Salvation Army sincerely apologises to all members of the GLBT community and to all our clients, employees, volunteers and those who are part of our faith communities for the offence”

    The Salvation Army promises to treat each person with dignity, respect, and non-discrimination, but this pledge means very little unless it is accompanied by a reversal of the Salvation Army’s discriminatory, anti-gay teachings
    caused by this miscommunication.

    1. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:34am

      Good to hear but tell that to Hue-Man above.

      I wonder if it’s ok to be Gay unless you actually as for help?

    2. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:36am

      If the Sally Army do feel strongly about these comments them let see them remove Major Andrew Craibe from his post!

      He clearly serves no purpose.

  30. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jun 2012, 10:46pm

    Now when I see them begging for donations especially around Christmas time, I’m going to walk right up to whoever it is and just tell them they’ll get nothing from me because of their unchristian and bigoted behaviour towards gay people. Let them rot.

  31. Bill (Scotland) 23 Jun 2012, 10:49pm

    I used to give very generously to the Salvation Army, until about 15 years ago, when I came to understand their policy regarding homosexuality, since when I have refused them any further donations and have been quite vocal with them whenever I have come across them since and they have had the temerity to ask me for donations.

    What this man is saying is no surprise at all to me – it is all a part of their code of practice.

  32. If we’re going to put people to death, let’s start with phony Christians.

  33. There is no doubt that sexuality is not a.choice and has been scientifically proven as such. The comments regarding alcoholism were also wrong by Major Crabe. Numerous clinical studies have authoritatively shown that the causes of alcoholism and that for some it is a disease which causes a craving for alcohol. Choice is not an option for these people.

  34. The Salvation Army is virulently anti-gay in everything they do. They’ve campaigned against gay rights on many, many occasions. They lobbied the US government to be exempt from all kinds of anti-discrimination laws and from laws requiring contractors to offer domestic partner benefits. Like the Catholic Church, they threatened to close places they run if they don’t get their way. Of course all the while demanding tax money from the government to run their empire. They’ve run similar campaigns against abolishing discriminatory laws in several other countries.

    It’s an evil organization without any redeeming value. Nothing but extreme proselyting under the guise of “charity”. Their real goal is to convert people to Christianity. If they were actually about helping, they wouldn’t hide behind being a “church”.

  35. 158.The passage in Romans reffers to those who went from one partner to another in a wild, partying spree. Not talking of those who stay true with just one partner. Those who stay loyal and loving to one person whom they love.

    1. Tim Chapman 24 Jun 2012, 10:24am

      Why the thumbs down? Vince is pointing out why this Salvationist was wrong to use this scripture against us.

    2. I don’t think it’s very clear what the passage is about, like a lot of Paul’s rantings. If Jesus had known him I suspect that he would have been horrified by his abrogation of Torah and probably considered him a nutcase.

  36. So in the same week that the Australian Christian Lobby celebrate that Queensland dilute civil partnerships and backtrack on surrogacy – whilst spouting vile dogmatic homophobia – the Salvation Army want to kill us all?

  37. Paul’s writings have been taken out of context and twisted to punish and oppress every identifiable minority in the world: Jews, children, women, blacks, slaves, politicians, divorced people, convicts, pro-choice people, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transsexuals, religious reformers, the mentally ill, and the list could go on and on. Paul is often difficult and confusing to understand. A lot of Paul’s writing is very difficult to translate. Since most of his letters were written in response to news from other people, reading Paul can be like listening to one side of a telephone conversation. We know, or think we know, what Paul is saying, but we have to guess what the other side has said.

    1. Vince we don’t know what the questions were, but the answers guven by Paul seem fairly unequivocal in their condemntaion of gay sexuality.

    2. Frankly if Paul’s writings are that wide open to a negative interpretation and sited as such with that regularity, wouldn’t it just be easier all round to say Paul was at best a misguided windbag who’s been quoted to justify bigots everywhere and consign him to the dustbin of dodgy philosophies?

      1. floridahank 25 Jun 2012, 9:22pm

        Flapjack….You can say whatever you want, but it’s obvious you haven’t given proper study to the Bible. To read the Bible it takes about 75 hours. To study it throughly through many of the expert’s findings who’ve been studying it in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, Aramic, etc. for 50+ years, it’ll take another 500- 1,000 hours for you to feel like you know what you’re talking about with any expertise.

  38. These vile Christians are obsessed with gay people. They can’t get enough of gay people.

    According to the Bible people who work on Sundays, those who are not believers and so on should be put to death. Yet, however, all these vile Christians talk about is gay people. Why don’t they call for the execution of Muslims and Hindus?

  39. Sue De Nimes 24 Jun 2012, 12:59am

    Crikey – that is ALMOST as bad as this hate campaign incited by some pretty nasty individuals.

    1. So they never got death threats? The police have confirmed no direct threats? Damn, I’m down a tenner then :(

      1. auntie babs 24 Jun 2012, 9:37am

        i was suprised by that too. (wish i’d taken the bet)

    2. They were bound to use this as a pr coup, they were just waiting for some idiot to send abusive messages.

    3. @Sue
      you apparently assume that gay people are to be held to a higher moral standard than the rest of the population? Yes we have bad mouthed twits in our midst, to the same degree as in any other random sampling of the population. However, it is a tragic fact that gay people have been subject to verbal and physical abuse, and even murder… by heterosexuals. So, in answer to my first question, I would have to say that perhaps we do hold ourselves accountable to a higher moral standard than do heterosexuals. I don’t know of any cases in which we have assaulted or murdered someone simply because they were heterosexual, do you?

    4. Oh so some internet contact without death threats is worse than saying every person in a particular minority should be killed – seems your standards are very confused!

    5. Sue

      The issue in Australia is that the Salvation Army Major incited hatred against all gay people by saying they should be put to death.

      In the instance where the fundamentalist UK Christian couple took part in a stunt, the police have said there is “no evidence of a crime being committed”. Whereas encouraging murder of gay people is an offence (which I understand the Australian police are investigating.

      If you believe the comments where death threats to an entire minority group are less serious than something the UK police says has no criminal content then I have to seriously question your morals and understanding of humanity.

      Are you realing trying to justify threatening an entire minority group with death threats?

    6. Why is it people assume that they can do something in the public eye and not expect consequences? I guess I am a really bad person for thinking this straight couple could have celebrated their big day in a loving way without putting other people down.

      Now, EVERY anniversary will haunted with the memory that we fought back against their bigotry. What a great start to married life, I wonder how long they will stay together after having shown such poor judgement at the very outset of their union. It’s very sad they made such a bad choice at this major milestone in their lives.

    7. What is most crazy, Sue’s attempt to justify inciting murderous hatred by comparison with a matter the police state is not criminal or the hypocrisy of Colin Hart (of the CI and C4M) in his condemnation of the internet comments to Rhys and Esther Curnow?

      Colin Harts comments: “‘Having people going out of their way to trawl through the internet to find personal Facebook pages, just so they can send vile and hate-filled rants, is appalling. I am sure many people will be shocked this young man and young woman can be subjected to this type of spiteful and distressing attack, especially when it is conducted by people who hide behind online identities. It is completely unacceptable that a small group of mindless bullies continue to try and close down this debate by sending out threatening, racist and harassing emails.’

      Isn’t that the tactics many Christians and Christian groups engage in? Where is the racism???
      Aren’t the CI and C4M organisations which encourage vile and hate filled

      1. rants against LGBT people? Don’t these organisations and members breach the law on equality and charity management in an appalling manner? Is it not true that there is an active investigation into trolling by Christian fundamentalists on PN where vile and appalling rants have been posted? Is it not true that the Salvation Army major actually committed a crime of making death threats but there was no crime in the case of the comments which Colin Hart is so upset about? The CI and C4M are small groups (who manipulate schoolchildren for political purposes), who are mindless bullies, who try to close down debate by sending out threatening, grotesque missives and messages that are harassing and homophobic. Does Mr Hart really not see the hypocrisy?

        1. right on Stu!

    8. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:40am

      Sue love…. your sick… take my advice… Get help!

  40. Sue De Nimes 24 Jun 2012, 1:01am

    Lots of nasty comments on here – not surprised.

    It is so true that those who are bullied go on to be bullies themselves.

    1. Are you trying to excuse the views of the Australian Salvation Army, as expressed by this individual?

    2. Spare us from your martyr complex. There is no duty to tolerate the intolerant.

    3. what is surprising is that you think you can impugn gay standards of behavior without any circumspection as to your own behavior … you are deliberately attempting to incite negativity to obtain the take-away that gays are abusive. You are a silly girl aren’t you.

    4. Is that why the Salvation Army Major issued death threats against the entire LGBT population – because he was once bullied?

      Is that your attempt to justify his conduct?

    5. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:43am

      Or simply put those that are bullied learn to stand up for themselves, then the bullies cry victims because of it.

      As the saying goes “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”!

  41. Sue De Nimes 24 Jun 2012, 1:07am

    This site is populated with hate filled bigots who preach violence and prejudice.

    Imagine for a second someone saying the things you lot come out with about homosexuals? You should all hang your heads in shame.

    1. They just have! Unless you didn’t read the headline of the article.

    2. You mean things like ‘Gay people should be put to death’? We don’t have to imagine it, we’re hearing it all the time.

      So before you give advice to gay people what they should do with their heads you should start by pulling yours out of your … you know what.

    3. Don’t worry he will love the feeling of martyrdom and know that he is in no danger. I’m glad when people like this speak their mind, it lets people know what these folk are really like.

    4. @Sue,
      if you think this site is full of hate filled bigots why don’t you leave, so we have one less hate filled bigot to worry about in our midst.

    5. Have you not read the article or listened to the interview of the Salvation Army major (which is easily available on the internet)?

      You will find that he encourages all gay people to be put to death.

      You will find that he preaches hate, violence and prejudice.

      You will find the reaction on here is arguably righteous anger against hate filled venom from a so-called Christian leader (whose own organisation have acknowledged the content of which is wrong and damaging).

      You should hang your head in shame, Sue, for attempting to justify or support someone who engages in support of a murderous apartheid against LGBT people.

      Imagine for a second someone said the things you are supporting about fundamentalist Christians!

      1. @Stu… she knows, she’s trying to get us wound up. Same old tricks. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t Julia Gasper playing sock puppets again :-)

    6. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 11:45am

      Er a lot of our community have to put up with these kind of remarks, or worse on a daily basis.

      I think you’ll find it’s from Your sort of people.

  42. Simple matter of existential economics … if the oppressed and marginalised were to suddenly cease to exist, the salvation army would cease to exist as well, and mr something would have to find something else to do.

  43. This is a sick man who should not be allowed to hold any positon of resonsibility at all. Full boycott of any and all Salvation Army units and activies must be put in place with immediate effect in an effort to close down this dangerous organisation. Anyone who says things like he has said is a danger to society and need to be watched very careful for any extremes in behaviour. The Norwegian Breivik who murdered 77 people is one of these type of people, this man is the same.

  44. It is very easy to be upset at such a comment by the Salvos Major, but for all overseas, the ‘Good News’ during the week in Australia was the release of the 2011 Census figures in relation to ‘religion’ Those of ‘no religion’ are now the second biggest grouping in Australia. The Anglicans have been passed and it is only the Catholics who are still the largest religious grouping in Australia. Such homophobic comments only continue to help the decline in support for religious organisations. We continue to fight back and whilst taking this constant homophobic bombardment from day to day, the ‘bigger’ picture is positive. Less religion will mean less ignorance and bigotry.

  45. Peter & Michael 24 Jun 2012, 8:26am

    Never give them any money donations, same for the samaritans, we don’t like the image they portray of ‘praying the gay away’ !

  46. Kerry Hollowell 24 Jun 2012, 8:29am

    How can this man or any people who share the same views be allowed near vulnerable people?

  47. Religeous fascists!

  48. Mmmm! Something about him just looks, well, gay!

  49. The really, really sad thing about this is that this arose from a debate already occuring in Australasia about the Salvation Army’s attitudes to LGBT people.

    The New Zealand Salvation Army has issued a statement a week or so back to apologise for their attitudes when homosexual decriminalistion was debated in the 1980s saying ““We regret and apologise for any hurt that may remain from that turbulent time, and our present hope is to rebuild bridges of understanding and dialogue between our movement and the glbti community, we may not agree in the future on all issues, but we can respect and care for one another despite this.”

    During the media debate falling out from this Darren Hayes tweeted “Important for gay people to know the true position of the salvation army when considering who to donate to. Sad.” This fed the debate and the tweet was picked up by many of Darren Hayes fans and the media.

    Hayes’ concern was valid – although the Salvation Amy’s statement made it

    1. clear it opposes “vilification of, or discrimination against, anyone on the grounds of sexual orientation,” it also adds:

      Homosexual practice however, is, in the light of Scripture, clearly unacceptable. Such activity is chosen behaviour and is thus a matter of the will. It is therefore able to be directed or restrained in the same way heterosexual urges are controlled.

      Responding to the negative attention, the Salvation Army initially confirmed the position shown above but added that it sought to help people, especially marginalised people – and that includes gays and lesbians.

      As a result of this fallout numerous Salvation Army leaders were interviewed by the media in Australia and NZ – some of whom said their position on LGBT issues was evolving.

      During this fallout, Andrew Craibe was invited onto the Melbourne radio station and – far from exhibiting an evolving position – indicated that LGBT people deserved to be put to death. He was clear, resolute and unashamed about this.

    2. The Salvation Army appear in their public persona through this debate to be confused about their position.

      This could in part be due to their having members who seek a stance which supports LGBT people – indeed polls in Australia show most people support equal marriage (and it would not be surprising if some Salvation Army people hold this view).

      However, all the reassurance that the Salvation Army seek to be progressive and support LGBT people is meaningless if a) other leaders seek to put LGBT people to death and b) the policy and doctrine of the Salvation Army is left unchanged.

  50. For everyone overseas and if you have a digital radio , you can listen to JOY FM via the internet. I think there are only three GLBTI radio stations in the world , so we are very proud of having JOY FM here in Australia. All staffed mainly by volunteers and funds raised from the GLBTI and their friends in the Australian community.

    1. I may well try to listen to JOY FM at some point. There are probably more than 3 gay radio stations – as there are two in the UK that I know of – gaydar radio and gaydio.

      But JOY FM seem to be doing a great job and I will tune in soon.

  51. Jock S. Trap 24 Jun 2012, 10:56am

    Wow, another vile, nasty person who clearly has little understanding of life.

    He is one of the most dangerous and what about anybody, young or old, who kill themselves as a consequence of his words? He should be directly made responsibly and charged accordingly.

    My question, why was this bigot allowed airtime? Also the Salvation Army needs to distance itself from this man, whether Australian or otherwise!

    Disgusting! The man is not fit to be in public.

  52. I am really shocked by this. Sure, the Starvation Army are bound to be Christian bigots but they are a big organisation – rather than a proxy little mid-western Baptist church – and I can’t believe this guy will get away with these statements

  53. There we have it, the real attitude, from his own mouth.

  54. He thinks people whom he disapproves of should be put to death and that an infallible, invisible spirit says so. I wonder which way round it is? Does this religion make people both psychopathic and schizophrenic or does it just attract that type of person in the first place?

  55. OMG, another escapee from hell! I can’t keep track of these idiots!

  56. Did anyone else think Craibe was protesting too much when pressed about the Sally Army’s links with Exodus international… he appeared to claim he knew absolutely nothing about what Exodus stood for whilst silmultaneously squirming and distancing himself from them in a very unconvincing way.
    If he honestly didn’t know who they were why was he so keen to claim he had nothing to do with them and splutter through the next 2 minutes?

  57. I smell a closet case. Certainly looks like one.

  58. Are we really surprised by the Salvation Army being militantly homophobic?

    The Salvation Army in the U.S. has been the topic of some controversy about alleged discrimination against LGBT individuals in their hiring practices. The New York Times reported that the Salvation Army believed it had a firm commitment from the White House to issue a regulation that would override local antidiscrimination laws. A disclosure of The Salvation Army’s request “outraged some civil rights groups and lawmakers,” and resulted in an immediate reversal of a previous promise to honor the request.

    The Salvation Army maintains that they were “not trying to get permission to discriminate against hiring gays and lesbians for the majority of its roughly 55,000 jobs and merely wanted a federal regulation that made clear that the charity did not have to ordain sexually active gay ministers and did not have to provide medical benefits to the same-sex partners of employees.

    The Salvation Army’s position is

    1. that because it is a church, Title VII of the U.S. Civil Rights Act of 1964 explicitly guarantees its right to discriminate on the basis of its religious beliefs in its hiring. To reinforce its position, it threatened to close all soup kitchens in New York City when the city government proposed legislation that would require all organizations doing business with it to provide equal benefits to unmarried domestic partners.

      In 2004, the Salvation Army threatened to stop all work and close all its offices and stores in New York City unless it was exempted from a municipal ordinance requiring that groups contracting with the city government offer benefits to gay employees’ partners. The City Council refused to make the exemption, however, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg’s administration chose not to enforce the ordinance. The administration right to decline to enforce was upheld by the New York State Court of Appeals in 2006, but it remains for each future Mayor to decide whether to enforce

    2. the ordnance.

      It’s not just in the US – In February 2000, the Salvation Army publicly (in their publication known as “War Cry” and in a letter to a Scottish Parliament committee) opposed the repeal of Section 28.

  59. Gay pop star Darren Hayes called for a boycott of the high-profile charity, a call backed by pro-gay lobbyists.

    The Salvation Army responded by pointing out they helped some of Australia’s most marginalised and needy people, including gay and transgender ones.

    Hayes tweeted to his 60,748 followers: “Important for gay people to know the true position of the Salvation Army when considering who to donate to. Sad.”

    He said asking people to control their sexuality was like asking someone to change their eye colour.

    Salvation Army spokesman Maj Bruce Harmer said most of Australia’s faith-based charities would be excluded from donations if judged on Hayes’ criteria.

    Maj Harmer said “The Salvation Army would suggest a more appropriate measure for people to use is to look at how an organisation treats and deals with members of the community who are marginalised, vulnerable, experiencing disadvantage or oppression”

    He went on to say “The Salvation Army is one of the most compassionate

    1. and non-discriminatory organisations in the way it works with people who are marginalised in our community, including many who are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.”

      He said gay people could be officers of the church if they vowed to be celibate.

      The same rule applied to unmarried heterosexuals.

      The statement, which described homosexuality as “unacceptable” to God and that it should be “restrained” with willpower, was its current position.

      Anna Brown, convener of the Victorian Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, said the charity had also opposed gay marriage at a House of Representatives inquiry.

      “Actively campaigning against marriage equality is counter to the principles of compassion and humanity, and these are the very values that motivate most Australians to donate to the Salvation Army,” she said.

      “It’s difficult to reconcile how an organisation seeking to alleviate social disadvantage can play a role in perpetuating views … founded in prejudice (that) cause significant

    2. harm to the health and wellbeing of gay, lesbian and transgender Australians and their families.”

      Personally, I think it is entirely appropriate for people making a moral decision to donate to charity to consider the ethics of that charity. If the charity support the view that gay people should be killed – then the question must be asked if they are an ethical organisation to donate to.

      I would argue the doctrine of the Salvation Army and its public statement of condoning the killing of gay people demonstrates it is far from a compassionate organisation.

      I would argue that the Salvations Army approach of actively campaigning against LGBT rights and equality demonstrates the inhumanity and hatred of its motivations.

  60. What I find remarkable about that audio track is the fearlessness and pride of the gay guy and gay girl who run the programme and deal with this ignorant man.

    There are some fine people in Australia, but there are a lot of real red-necks. They are to be found in Middle Australia. They live in nice houses, as in the TV serial Neighbours, and they believe they are good Aussies.

    This particular individual clearly was made to think a bit during this interview. Being made to really think, for a change, may possibly change him a little, but, on the other hand, he may just become firmer in his bigotry.

  61. Are there any practising LGBT Salvationists who read these pages?
    I ask because this Major Andrew Craibe seems to be a literalist interpreter of Scripture; so why avoid alcohol?
    [I have inferred from the original report that alcohol is a choice forbidden to believing Salvationists. Am I right?]

    A) In the Gospels, the first of the reported miracles of Christ was turning water into wine at a wedding reception where they’d run out. So surely this literally should be interpreted as approval of the human use of alcohol?
    B) Likewise, in the reports of Christ’s last Supper, “He took a cup of wine [……..] Do this in remembrance of me.” I think Salvationists choose not to do this. Why? For this, Christ’s instruction to His supporters, is followed ‘religiously’ by every other Christian denomination or sect that I’ve come across.
    So much for Major Andrew Craibe’s literalist interpretations.

  62. You have to enforce your own human rights by punishing those who violate them. Don’t expect others to do it for you. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was written for the average person to know when their human rights were being violated.

  63. The ten commandments are the most important words from god.

    Thou shalt not kill!!!!

    A Christian going against the word of god. They are not at war with us, we are not killing them so I would like to know how they can justify that.

    If they believe so strongly then for having the wish and intent to kill, they are condemning themselves to hell.

    As someone else said, Jesus never hated any and there is a part int eh bible that has been interpreted as Jesus saving the gay lover of a roman solder.

    And while we are at it, only god can judge us so them judging us is them acting as god which breaks the first commandment, there is only 1 god.

    By their own rules, it’s downwards they are going.

    1. floridahank 25 Jun 2012, 9:17pm

      You’re not correct. The most important words from God are : repent and you shall be saved.
      Until everybody accepts that they are sinners and not worthy of being in the family of God until they acknowledge their unworthiness and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior — all will perish. There’s no other way. But most people hate God and will live with their own laws.
      Too bad because there’s no other choice and the choice is yours.

  64. Jim Fields Nashville tn 25 Jun 2012, 3:15pm

    all we can do is pray that being a idiot isnt catching . ..but as much as it is out there .. it would see to be a epidemic .. I do love the way .that some just pick the parts of the Bible that suits their own view are used and other parts that condemn things like
    stoning your daughter or wearing mixed fabric or eating pork products or shellfish is ignored . but because its about sex and sex isnt suppose to be enjoyed by us mere mortals .. homosexuality is always at the top of the hate mongers .. Jesus Christ never spoke against homosexuality and as a follower of J C .. I figure if the he didnt speak of it .. then its cool with me .. being gay isnt a choice . I am 65 years old and I can tell you I knew why before I knew of sexual delights that I was GAY … didnt know what it was called but I knew I was one lol

  65. Australia is becoming more unappealing by the day.

    1. soapbubblequeen 27 Jun 2012, 10:56pm

      I’d hate to live there. I’ve never liked Aussie’s much. In my experience, they are loud, rude, ignorant, uncultured, racists and drunks. Granted, there might be a few civilized ones living in the cities, but on the whole, my experience of them has been very negative. Even gay Australian men can be homophobic.

  66. This is why so many members of the Salvation Army have left, like my self, because of it is so self-centered on its old fashioned beliefs.

    The are many more quotes in the bible that are used to back LGBT’s. Perhaps in these modern times the Army ought to re-read & STUDY the bible again.

    1. floridahank 26 Jun 2012, 1:41am

      Paul I’d like for you to point out proof for your statement, :”The are many more quotes in the bible that are used to back LGBT’s”

  67. Now its the Salvation Army, i am shocked i have supported them no end in the past and was led to beleive they were there to help all people regardless of colour/creed or religion, i am now at a loss as to weather i should continue to support the Salvation Army if this is what they truly believe then they have lost me as a supporter. “SHAME SHAME”

  68. BIGGOTS SHOULD DIE, THERE SHOULD BE A LAW AGAINST THEM. See, I can also say stupid things like this religious brainless biggot idiot t**t

  69. Richard Noordijk 27 Jun 2012, 6:20pm

    People need to read ” A Letter to Louise” found at and it will explain all points of contention regarding the Biblical stance as misunderstood by most ppl…it is a very eye-opening document. The base of anti-gay sentiment is found in erroneous translation and understanding of those Biblical quotations.

  70. soapbubblequeen 27 Jun 2012, 10:53pm

    Why are these nutcases given any exposure anyway? What does it actually achieve? Apart from pissing us all off!

  71. Religion should stay out of the bedroom.

    1. Religion is like cancer and should be treated as such.
      But churches hold governments – everywhere – by the balls.

  72. What makes this truely ridiculous is that he didn’t have the guts to either defend his beliefs or enter into an interllectual debate about them. Totally spineless

  73. I have just contributed to the SA Christmas appeal. I have emailed asking them to confirm their policy and to consider refunding my contribution if they do not consider me to be a valid human being.

  74. I am a bisexual Christian and I live with my parents who are both uniformed Salvation Army soldiers. They love and adore me and while they may not like my sexuality they said, if I ever get married to a woman, they will be right by my side. They would never condone what this man said.I told them what this man said and they were appalled saying he should be thrown out of the army straight away. Please do not tar all SA soldiers with the same brush. This man is a minority and does not represent the views of most SA soldiers. The SA do some incredible work and I urge people not to stop supporting them because of one small bigoted little man.

  75. Re my earlier post, I have had a reply! The Salvation Army in the UK were aware of this chap in Australia. He has been removed from his post I am told and the SA have distanced themselves from his views.

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