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Stonewall updates gay-friendly university guide

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Reader comments

  1. Disappointing by the failures in bullying policies, staff training etc at some universities – and here was me thinking the higher education sector was more forward thinking on the issue of equality than many!

  2. Don’t believe it all. Lincoln University entry is out of date. It most certainly does have an LGBT society and it’s here:

  3. It’s still out of date.
    Lincoln does have an LGBT society:

    1. Sorry. Posted twice as first time I was informed there was an error.

  4. The Stonewall Top 100 Employers guide is utterly worthless as all that is required for inclusion is a financial donation to Stonewall.

    Does this list have any more credibility?

    1. Having been part of an organisation that sought participation in the Stonewall Diversity Employers Index (different from the University index – which this story is concerning) – I can categorically say that each of us in the project team had to put many weeks of work in to ensure that the organisation both reached the standards required by Stonewall and could evidence it. Its not simply about financial commitments.

      1. So you’re saying it *is* partly about financial commitment though??

        As soon as money enters the matter* the results will always seem tarnished.

        * other than a fixed-fee administration cost where *everyone* pays the same fee

        1. No, I am not saying it is about the money.

          It is a set fixed fee which covers Stonewalls admin and staffing costs.

          1. Why would Stonewall require to charge a single pennu for inclusion on their list. of Top 100 Employers?

            It is an indisputable fact that being a corporate sponsor of Stonewall bumps you up the list.

            The Top 100 Employers is a list without any real credibility.

            So I’m wondering if this university list is any more credible.

            Does Stonewall charge for inclusion on this list also?

          2. In order to get access to the following, I would expect any organisation (whether commercial or not) especially a charity to charge an appropriate fee:

            * Direct access to expertise on all areas of sexual orientation equality with support from your client account manager and good practice seminars throughout the year.

            Access to advertise on a website that is well regarded by many LGBT people who may be searching for jobs.

            Networking Opportunities

            Training Options

            Ability to use recognised branding

            Access to a highly regarded conference

            Benchmarking opportunities

            All this costs – and its right those benefitting (the employers) pay for it.

          3. Dan Filson 25 Jun 2012, 3:45pm

            I worked for HMRC which was NOT a ‘corporate sponsor’ but did work its way up the Workplace index. What Gary says is right and it seems dAVID just has it in for Stonewall – his own little chip on shoulder.

    2. Haha, I’ll admit the first thought I had was “Great, a list of donators”.

  5. Further to the comments above…

    I’ve just checked out some of the entries in on the website (including my alma mater) and they seem to imply that if the LGBT society wasn’t mentioned on the university website then they didn’t have one??

    But that doesn’t necessarily mean that the university doesn’t have one at all. (see above post about Lincoln)

    1. Oh, and you get extra brownie points in Stonewall’s eyes if you have a Stonewall representative.

      So no self-promotion there then, obviously.

      1. The easiest way to get on this list is to make a financial contribution to Stonewall..

  6. No menion on Stonewall’s uni site of Oxford University hosting anti-gay conference each year for the past three years:

    Clever LGBTs – go to Cambridge!

  7. Judging by the entry on the university I went to, the guide is useless and outdated. The information provided is a year or two out of date and the logo is two incarnations old. Obviously little research is done into this.

  8. I went to Salford (who got full marks for the first time this year) and graduated back in 1999 from the ‘Arts and Luvvie Magnet’ that was The Adelphi CAMPus [sic].

    I was very interested to read how much they have come on, even since the tolerant and accepting days when I was there. I think this site, whilst not perfect, is another tool students can use to aid their choices for further education, just like the Good Pub Guide and Tourist Information.

    I was (am) a Bi guy and had little or no information on what universities had to offer me other than the Prospectus. Whilst knowing University of X had an LGBT and active Anti-Bullying policy would not have probably held weight against the quality of Degree on offer, I would have found the information useful when torn between Ravensbourne and Salford.

    I like it. As another tool to use, NOT as a bible.

  9. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2012, 10:24am

    Good for Stonewall… hopefully this will encourage others to follow suit and improve so that all can feel comfortable applying.

  10. Dan Filson 25 Jun 2012, 3:52pm

    I wonder how easy is it, in the fast changing world of universities, to compile a list in any kind of pecking order of the gay-friendliness or otherwise of each institution. After all there might be a thriving LGBT society working flat out, but in a university of 10,000 students and a macho drinking bar culture how far does that go? How supportive are tutors etc? Is homophobia consistently challenged? Do support staff subscribe to the university’s culture? Good luck to readers of this, but I take a pinch of salt as with guides that sweepingly describe Brighton or Manchester as gay-friendly rather than just pockets of these cities.

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