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Poll: Obama’s equal marriage support not moving divided public

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Reader comments

  1. In shocking news Americans actually think for themselves and it takes more than one (half-hearted) endorsement from the President to shift them.

    None of the people I’ve seen lobbying the President expected this to change many minds, it’s simply good having a friend in high places. There’s still a lot of hard work to do, and no magic bullet, in order to advance equality in the USA.

  2. A big fight on his hands to win over the American public.

    But they will eventually see and come to terms with this change

  3. Be honest, how many of us thought Obama would win over any GOP voters with this one?
    Fact is if you’re voting Republican then you’ve pretty much nailed your colours to the DOMA mast anyhow, though I’m still utterly confused why there’s such a thing as Log Cabin republicans.
    They fill a twilight zone category like jews who still fancy Mel Gibson or turkeys who look forward to Christmas.

  4. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2012, 10:06am

    I think what is important is that Obama as President Has express his opinion. It will make people think.

    It’s encouraging that younger supporters are strongly in favour but I still think the bigots only object for attention and other just don’t understand so assume the worst.

    Thankfully the younger are our next generations and hopefully the more of them will leave the bigot numbers decreasing.

  5. The president knew perfectly well that his declaration would produce little overall change, and that few likely to oppose equal marriage for whom it would be a major issue in the Presidential Election would vote for him. But it is likely to give a boost to his likely support base, and he knows this too. The greatest value in his coming out for equal marriage will be seen in the mid- and long-term; that a sitting President actually did it.

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