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Israeli politician criticised over further anti-gay comments

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Reader comments

  1. I wasn’t abused as a child. I am well over 40 years of age. She is a stupid twit.
    In the whole of my life, I cannot remember a single day when I didn’t hear or read a homophobic remark.
    It’s very wearisome.
    She really does have issues.

  2. How does SHE know? Is she some sort of expert on sexuality? WHY is she bothering to make these statements at all?
    She SOUNDS like a closet lesbian herself to me.

    1. a self loathing Jennifer Saunders look-a-like who should be thoroughly ashamed of her headline grabbing poison –

      1. I think that may just be deeply insulting to Jennifer Saunders. :-)

        1. I agree! Leave Jennifer Saunders alone lol! :-)

          1. really – that’s what you took from that last comment? –

      2. Tim Chapman 24 Jun 2012, 9:57am

        What has her appearance to do with it. It annoys me when people on here attack people for how they look when they don’t agree with what they say. I am ugly, so should my views be disregarded? Perhaps only the drop-dead gorgeous should vote?

        When people comment on my appearance I say ‘I was born with this face, what’s your excuse for yor manners?’.

      3. I think she’s kind of cute actually. Too bad the inside of her head isn’t as pretty.

    2. that remark is deeply offensive to lesbians. take it back!

      1. you homo’s…you seem to think anything that you dont like hearing yo can throw your little rattle and your dummy out of the pram and get what you want. wake up. you dont mind persecuting the rights of religious people, do you. swing and roundabouts. welcome to democracy. grow up

    3. Are you an expert on sexuality? Can you give me even 1 fact or bit of evidence to prove that homosexuality is naturally legitimate? Please, no immature and mindless insults, just facts. Thanks!

  3. A police complaint has been lodged against MK Anastassia Michaeli for offensive comments she made last week about gay people.

    The complaint states that Michaeli’s remarks were not only insulting, but constituted criminal incitement, as they legitimized attacks on homosexuals.

    Zvi Elhayani, who filed the complaint, told Israeli media that, “From my point of view, this is a complaint about violence and incitement. It is inconceivable for elected officials to vie with each other over who speaks more brutally and extremely. Michaeli’s remarks create a bad atmosphere for an entire community.”

    “Silence in the face of incitement by public figures has got to stop,” Elhayani continued, adding that the police treated his complaint with the utmost seriousness.

    This is the same “politician” who was recently suspended from the Knisset for pouring water over another MK.

    I hope the Israeli police investigation leads to charges against her.

    1. So do I – except this kind of self promoting self loathing Bitch will scream – Gay Mafia if she is charged…

  4. Young girls get pregnant, get abortions … and in the end they become lesbians.’


    1. It’s incerdible isn’t it. The things the homophobes manage to dream up… I have to hand it to them for their creativity!

  5. She is an anti-gay Jew, after all the Jews have been through and they attack their own kind, makes no sense to victimize your own people but that is what the Christians and Muslims do. Another example of a race killing them selves is the black on black crime of Africans attacking Africans and the white Christians are behind it because they want the African land so they just have blacks kill blacks and then take the land. That kind of evil I can understand but for a Jew to attack a Jew, that makes no sense, Jew;s are still victims of groups who do not like them. They need to work together with the LGBT people to make things better not attack each other. But then again there is always someone who has some interest in getting two people to fight be it evil or to get their land or what ever.

    1. Another example of a race killing itself is to be found in the 20c history of Europe (15m in WW1 alone), is it not?

  6. What I like is the last ‘quoted’ paragraph of the article! Very profound.

  7. Here argument is a classic case of reductio ad absurdum, the defacto recourse of the stupid and uninformed. People like her should just be laughed at.

  8. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2012, 10:08am

    Absolutely shameful comments from someone who holds position of any power.

    It’s wrong, it’s uneducated and serves no purpose to modern society.

    This woman and all like here are a disgrace to make such assumption and don’t think of the damage these comments make.

  9. “She further alleged that critique of her statement was motivated by sexism.”

    Does she not see the irony? What an ignorant person she is.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Jun 2012, 2:04pm

    Israel’s version of attention seeking Nadine Dorries! What is it with these twats? I suspect their sex lives are practically nil to be worrying about what we do in our bedrooms.

  11. Every day I come on here and some stupid woman is making even more stupid and dangerous speeches.

    1. In all fairness there have been some blindingly stupid comments made by men (eg Lord Maginnis) recently too.

    2. i think the balance for stupidiy is probably weighted more towards the male side of the scales Sue.

  12. The funny thing is that she has 8 kids, so odds are that she might get a surprise when they all grow up…

  13. Yet another sad individual who can only define herself by whom she hates!!!

    “… gays were sexually abused as children, therefore commit suicide at 40 …”

    What rubbish!!! I was NOT abused as a child and I’m now 62 !! Disproves your point, you poisonous bitch!!!!

  14. floridahank 24 Jun 2012, 11:11pm

    I’ve been doing some research on sexual orientation and came up with a question for your response. I’d like your honest and serious reply as this is a serious question regarding overt behavior and desire.

    Where do you put a person who is married and has never engaged in homosexual behavior but who reports homosexual fantasies and acknowledges being strongly drawn to members of the same sex?

    Where to you put a person who is in a homosexual relationship but never engaged in heterosexual behavior, who reports heterosexual fantasies and acknowledges being strongly drawn to members of the opposite sex?

    Please, only serious replies because
    this is an interesting question.

    1. Potentially bisexual?

      Potential fantacists

      1. floridahank 25 Jun 2012, 1:05pm

        So extactly how do you view human sexual development?

        Are you saying that heterosexuality holds the possibility of including 2 sexual choices – hetero and homo, but that the makeup of homosexuality cannot include 2 sexual choices — homo and hetero but only daydreams or fantasy?
        Are you saying there are 2 totally different dynamics working when sexual differences are viewed?
        I believe that homosexuality can be molded if the circumstances are properly introduced at an ideal age. I don’t think it’s necessarily a craving that has to be fulfilled in many cases. I believe it’s too complex to have an 100 % ultimatum end — other factors seem possible to encroach on sexual development and behavior.

        Since there is no totally accepted medical/biological research that has proven that sexual orientation is always in one’s genes or DNA, etc. I see no black/white answer to this situation but see the subject much more involved and that hetero and homo
        acceptance can be manipulated.

        1. What do you consider ‘an ideal age’ for moulding sexuality?

        2. Hank

          Orientation is not a choice. There is no choice in orientation.

          Its interesting that your very first response to me is to view orientation as a choice. It isn’t.

          Of course, some people will repress their orientation due to environmental influences but orientation, in itself, is innate.

          You say there is no totally accepted research about origins of orientation. There is a groundswell of opinion which demonstrates that orientation is developed pre birth but with a variety of biological influences be they genetic, intra uterine or otherwise.

          There is a spectrum of sexuality – from entirely gay to entirely heterosexual, with different expressions of bisexuality in between. Where an individual is on this spectrum is not a choice – thats determined pre birth. Whether one follows through on orientation or acts against it (potentially causing psychological harm – or not) is a choice. Its possible a choice of whether to be true to oneself or to live a lie.

  15. You don’t need to be an expert at anything to see that homosexuality is illegitimate.
    How can it be legit? Can anyone give me even a shred of evidence that it’s legit? No, this boils down to what people want to do, and they don’t like being told they’re wrong. You can try all you like to find some legitimacy in it but you won’t. My proof is that when a man and woman come together, the species reproduces. If everyone was gay, the species would die out. You have no argument. End of story.
    You think because you have feelings for the same sex that you should act on them? Has it not dawned on you yet that this may be confusion? That a staggering number of homosexual people have been abused as children? Has this slipped your notice? Stop trying to legitimise something which is abhorrent to nature and can only lead to problems for all those poor children you’re going to try and raise in an un-natural way.

  16. Wow so typical…full of riticism but not a shred of fact anywhere to be seen. Tell you what, someone give me some physical evidence that homosexuality is naturally legitimate, and I will believe! Please, no immature, mindless insults, just facts. Anyone?

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