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Denmark: Newspaper editor refuses to write about gay marriage laws

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Reader comments

  1. In a way it’s reassuring to know that even in a country like Denmark there are bigoted twits (I’d have used another word but this website wouldn’t allow it).

    Still, circulation of 10,000 – should anyone be bovvered?

    1. hte dingbat can do as he pleases. Marriage is now a fact for the GLB community.

      If you’ve ever heard of the signal vs noise ratio (radio / TV signals vs the hiss etc

      He’s just noise.

  2. That There Other David 22 Jun 2012, 1:18pm

    The guy does own the newspaper too. He’s quite right that he gets to choose what it covers.

    It would be a shame if the locals were mobilised into a boycott over his attittude though wouldn’t it? I can imagine a paper with only 10k readers couldn’t take much of a drop in those numbers and ad revenue before it started haemorrhaging cash.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 22 Jun 2012, 1:31pm

    A 10,000 readership is not much to worry about. Would that were the readership of the Daily Heil and Telegraph.

    1. Cardinal Capone 22 Jun 2012, 2:02pm

      Well it probably is if it means the ability to read and not just look at pictures.

  4. I would SO attend a church whose pastor was called “Roar Pedersen”. That name is overflowing with epic win.

    1. It’s just Roger – though that too has its, ahem, alternative meanings too.

      1. Actually his name is “Christian Roar Pedersen”. I know him, and he’s a very nice guy! :)

  5. Garry Cassell 22 Jun 2012, 1:58pm

    Boycott the newspaper..organize ….yes there are bigoted F***king as*****holes in Denmark like here in Canada..

    1. Cardinal Capone 22 Jun 2012, 2:08pm

      Get a grip. Overreacting much?

  6. I suggest the LGBT communities of Denmark mobilise their own campaign against this paper (including allies) and demonstrate to this editor/owner the strength of customer opinion but refusing to buy – and co-ordinating this with encouraging advertisers to boycott the newspaper.

    If it can work against the likes of Murdoch, this guy is chicken fry!

    1. Cardinal Capone 22 Jun 2012, 2:08pm

      For heaven’s sake, get a sense of proportion. It’s a tiny paper in a live and let live country, and the owner is not spreading homophobic propaganda, he’s just not talking about the issue at all. Would that our own homphobic papers would take tge same stance. Why is this even on PN?

      1. We complain when governments restrict journalists – why should we not complain when journalists restrict openness and honesty and debate on all issues?

        1. Spanner1960 23 Jun 2012, 12:27pm

          Because it’s his bloody newspaper!
          Freedom of speech also includes freedom not to speak.
          If the readership and more specifically the paper’s advertisers are aware of this owners views, then they can choose to boycott it. That’s what democracy is all about.

          1. If he wants to not report news – then he should run a magazine etc not a newspaper which reports news.

            Hopefully, his censorship will be addressed by customers walking away in droves.

  7. I think I prefer this option to the moral-panic ramblings of the Daily Mail and Telegraph.

  8. All right, it’s your right. Just know that people who want to be informed, regardless of their own opinions on same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues, are not going to buy your newspaper anymore. After all, who wants to read a newspaper with important news missing ?

  9. He’s an ignorant bigot. He claims giving gay people equal marriage rights is ‘wrong’. He should be asked to explain why it’s ‘wrong’. In the end it will be clear that he thinks it’s wrong merely because in a book written back in the bronze age by desert men that homosexual acts are ‘wrong’. It’s wrong because they say it’s wrong. They do not offer any objective explanation as to why it’s wrong.

    I’d say his newspaper and he can go to hell but I’m not a religious (aka stupid) person and I know such a place doesn’t exist.

  10. I love the logic of this guy… he disagrees with gay marriage in the Danish state church, and then follows up with the observation that a minister of the church should stay out of the issue!
    So now newspaper editors have more right to determine church matters than church ministers? What a danish douche!

  11. The rational, reasoned response of essentially closing his eyes, sticking his fingers in his ears and saying “lalalala I can’t hear you.”

    Ridiculous mental child. Let him have his little tantrum and toss his teddy from the pram, it just makes him look a fool.

  12. Who cares about Vesthimmerlands Folkeblad? If you are lucky, you can buy it in small tovns like Aars or Overlade, where some people belong to the right wing christian group Indre Mission. However, it is not a newspaper you can buy in big cities like Aarhus, Odense or Copenhagen.

    1. I’m glad you’ve said that. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this newspaper has had more publicity in the last few days than in its entire existence so far!

      1. Spanner1960 23 Jun 2012, 12:29pm

        Who was it said “No news is good news”? ;)

    2. I love the names of those towns. Is it possible to be Overlade?

  13. Agree or not, if he doesn’t report the news, doesn’t he and his paper become irrelevant? It’s more like a newsletter now.

    1. He seems blithely unaware of what he says about himself as a journalist. He admits that he will spin news that he doesn’t like, in this case by deleting it. Once you do that, and so openly too, you don’t get trusted again. No reader will ever truly rely on his paper again.

  14. They must be anti-gay Christians who refuse to print the truth. Another sign that anti-gay Christians are not about the truth but think they can hide the truth and then nobody will know. Somebody needs to investigate them to find out what else they are hiding or have done to LGBT people.

  15. I would like to hear him prove his justifications and reasons for saying that it is ‘wrong’, and to produce proof that his circulation (not his print run) is 10,000. Circulation figures are the single biggest lie told by newspaper and magazine editors and are normally exaggerated in order to encourage advertisers. I would suggest that 1,000 maybe nearer the mark or give him the benefit of the doubt and say 5,000. He is obviously not a very responsible editorby refusing to publish LGBT news, something like CNN in America

  16. Well it’s his loss. Anyone wanting that news knows that alternative news outlets are available.
    I’d have thought that anyone with a strong opinion on gay marriage would want to know what was happening with it, but that’s just me.

  17. Jock S. Trap 23 Jun 2012, 10:22am

    What a bigot!!

    Disagreeing is one thing but to be homophobic about it is another. What makes him think he has the right to deny others from hearing such reports?

    Bad on all levels… let’s hope people stop contributing to this Newspaper.

  18. He is cutting off his nose to spite his face, with, I suspect, few people noticing or caring.

  19. A publication obviously for quick recycling!

  20. johnny33308 23 Jun 2012, 5:13pm

    Even in progressive countries with almost unlimited freedoms, there are those who hold tightly to their evil bigotry, professing ignorance and a pathetic disregard for Humanity while doing so. Now everyone will know the bigotry of this editor…shame on him!

  21. Why the hell does the headline of this story still mislead – and undermine our efforts for equality – by saying “gay marriage” when the story is about equal marriage?

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