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Ethiopia: Newspaper warns of gay ‘infestation’

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Reader comments

  1. Seriously… can they be more stupid and backwards than this? Next thing they will say is that “homsexuality” is being bottled, labeled and exported! How can people tolerate this pack of blatant idiotic lies?

    1. That There Other David 21 Jun 2012, 11:18am

      They don’t know any better that’s why. This is what happens when communities are cut off from the wider world and their local religious leader is the only one with any real education. They swallow whatever BS gets put their way, then regurgitate it later on in life as fact.

      Face it. Nearly all of Africa is completely lost to us. All we can do is encourage our own governments to give asylum to LGBT people running from persecution.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:49am

        Problem is religion won’t let then see any better. Then they preach religion is about love and peace. Something we all know is hypocritical and so damaging to this world!

    2. Scott Lovely 21 Jun 2012, 11:35am

      I think we all know the type of organisations that plant these scare stories, and who funds them.

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:50am

        Yes indeed usually from the So called ‘Land of the Free’!!

        Another bunch of hypocrites!

        1. floridahank 21 Jun 2012, 8:55pm

          I’d like to see how you received your detailed information for
          making the USA the country that did indeed pass on
          this attitude.

          1. Lets consider some of the US “Christian” organisations operating in Ethiopia:

            Abiding Truth Ministries:
            A designated hate organisation, that suggests all homosexuals are N4zi’s. In another nation in East Africa local LGBT groups have raised concerns about ATM actions (its not unreasonable to suspect similar practice in Ethiopia). Ugandan LGBT rights group Sexual Minorities Uganda has filed a lawsuit against American citizen Scott Lively for violation of international law in a Massachusetts federal court. The organisation is accusing the conservative Christian group Abiding Truth Ministries of inciting the persecution of homosexuals in Uganda. The case brings to light the role of American evangelical missionaries in the rise of homophobia in the country.

            United Pentecostal Church –
            work with the Apostolic Church of Ethiopia and do not approve of liberal groups within Christianity who are accepting “the so-called ‘gay-rights’ movement as a legitimate lifestyle.”

          2. Assemblies of God –
            There is a chapter of the organisation in Ethiopia who are actively supported by their US partners. They have a leaflet which is titled “Homosexuality: Legitimate, Alternative Deathstyle”, and promises “the facts behind today’s headlines,” declaring that “what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home can hurt you!”

            Just a random choice of a few organisations in Ethiopia seeking to dogmatically indoctrinate people in anti gay rhetoric that is neither grounded in fact nor scriptural.

            Lying and bearing false witness is a sin.

            It also happens actively supported by US, Finnish, Swedish and other evangelicals in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria and no doubt other African nations.

            The lies might have worked for a while in the USA and Europe – and they may well for a time in Africa, but the scales of blindness and indoctrination will fall – and people will come to see the lies and recognise strengths of reason, logic, truth and honesty.

            Equality will come

  2. Paddyswurds 21 Jun 2012, 11:17am

    The final paragraph of this story is very telling. British and American fundis are the problem in Africa in general and in the xtian countries of Africa in particular. They are raking fortunes from the collection plates while at the same time spreading unbelievably evil and hate filled false rhetoric to mostly illiterate people and frankly I can’t see a simple answer as both the British and American governments seem totally unwilling to do anything about these hate spreading “churches”……

    1. It is sad that the holy ones are obviously taking advantage of ignorance and poor education in so many of these countries. Morally it’s on the same level as a con artist taking advantage of people who are disadvantaged. But isn’t exactly what these cults having been doing for years? It’s just getting more difficult for them now in countries with higher standards of education.

      1. That There Other David 21 Jun 2012, 11:29am

        The most religious countries have always been the ones with least education and the most poverty. The fraud of everything being better in the next life if you do as you’re told now has much better results when promised to those that have nothing.

      2. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:53am

        Indeed… ignorance, poorly educated and the most hateful.

        Question why we should fund those countries who clearly abuse our help by treating it’s own human rights so appallingly!

    2. That There Other David 21 Jun 2012, 11:28am

      Is it possible to prosecute under UK law any UK based organisation that spreads incitement to violence in other countries? If not, why not?

      1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:55am

        People should somehow have the right to challenge any human right violations in any country I think! For the sake of humanity we should be able to prosecute all countries that incite violence and hatred.

  3. Well you can understand their concern can’t you? They don’t want anything to threaten the well run, corruption free, prosperous ,progressive technological powerhouse this country has become.

  4. “in collaboration with homophobic religious organizations’ that we know are actually based in Sweden, United Kingdom and others countries… They want to incite the government and the society at large to further stigmatize, persecute and attack the LGBT community in Ethiopia.’

    Africa is a main target for homophobic religious organisations for spreading their outrageous anti-gay propaganda. They know exactly that they will go nowhere with their homophobic rubbish in the educated West so they are trying their luck in poor, uneducated regions, so far with a lot of success unfortunately (think of Uganda and others).
    Absolutely disgusting.

    1. Disgusting indeed, but at least they are being compelled to reveal just how disgusting they are.

  5. The real exploitation here was western anti-gay groups cynically spreading hate-mongering lies to Africa via evangelical churches.

    Anti-gay groups are looking for international allies as they become marginalised at home. They preyed on countries where human rights protections are minimal and the public has little access to scientific information about sexuality.

    Anti-gay groups may reap short-term domestic benefits from this strategy. In the US, Republicans have sought independent votes by arguing the White House is trying to impose gay rights on religious nations against their traditions.

    But as this rhetoric escalates, it becomes increasingly dangerous. It may not be possible to put the genie back in the bottle. When gay people are portrayed by mainstream media as the “enemy within”, there is a strong possibility of acts of collective violence against LGBTs.

    I wonder what Jesus would think of Christians going to Africa with fake science to deceive people into hate?

  6. Africa has always basically been lost because of colonialism and the subsequent spread of ‘Christianity’. With Catholicism the main problem here. People in Africa seem to take the churches teachings to an extreme. Look at the spread of AIDS and poverty for example because contraception is seen as ‘evil’ so people have bigger families and cannot feed everyone. I therefore believe that the Developed countries who pludered Africa should bare a lot of the responsibility for these types of attitudes and should help to combat them as much as possible.

    1. PLUNDERED – sorry

    2. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 12:04pm

      Though I get what your saying and do agree Let’s not forget that South Africa has Marriage Equality and well before most other countries.

      1. Totally forgot about that I apologise for my generalisation. As you so rightly point out South Africa took that first step and should be an insperation to the rest. Although they do still have their problems too.

        1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 1:26pm

          Too true, Michael!!

    3. It’s as well not to generalise though, especially given that Catholicism in Ethiopia has a negligible following. The Ethiopian Orthodox Church seems to be doing a pretty good [ie bad] job all on its own.

    4. you cant change these people any more then you can change the holy ghost of the catholics named Hitler, Mussonlini, and Franco.

      And of course Machiavelli

    5. Ethiopia was never colonized and people who differ in opinion are not summarily deemed lost.

  7. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:41am

    Disgusting!! Such hate.

    Surely also racism as well as homophobic.


    1. Jock S. Trap 21 Jun 2012, 11:47am

      How long will it be before Ethiopia, yet again seeks help for it’s people because it’s own corrupt government. How many of us will see starving people and yet again help…. and this is what we get?

      Sadly these countries should be denied money if they feel so opposed to the countries that provide it but then either way we’re in a no win situation.

      We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t and all because their own government mistreat their own people.

  8. It is the same incoherent line that right wing extremists try to use in the USA, now they are manipulating people in other areas (sometimes not educated sufficiently to make a logical judgement on the truth of the comment or with inadequate information to make a logical reasoned judgement on the comment) – this manipulation is callous, foolish and inhumane:

    “God punishes Rick Perry, has Thunderstorms pound Texas; tornado hits homosexual infested Austin”!topic/alt.politics.homosexuality/xTC2KEypBj0

  9. This is the actions of an organisation like WBC

    “The Westboro Baptist Church has come under the idea that God hates America, because liberals have allowed gays to have rights on God’s Country. While we support the fight against the gay-bear agenda, we as Real Americans do not appreciate being accused alongside liberals of allowing gays to infest our country, as we are doing the best that we can to stop the gay infestation (we are already doing overtime as it is). In addition, they say that the reason our troops die is because we let gays run free. Anyone who doesnt support our troops is a hippie commie and that is not acceptable. “

  10. To be infesting is to:

    “to live in or on as a parasite”
    Collins Medical Dictionary

    Now I certainly do not live in anyone!

    So I would love them to explain what they mean by infestation!

  11. This is the same nation that seeks to reduce access to information by threatening to imprison people for using Skype and other internet services:

    Yet is happy for rhetoric and propaganda from extremists like this to be published in newspapers – seems odd standards!

  12. Stupid backward nation that needs to have all international aid cut off.

    1. Not sure this is the answer!!! Maybe better education or removal of the governments (oh wait I forgot there is no oil and most of the other resources have already been stripped. Silly me!!!!).

  13. Jim Pickett 21 Jun 2012, 12:25pm

    Interesting in all the comments calling Ethiopia stupid and backward and demanding the west halt all aid – no mention anywhere of the many, wonderful, brilliant, courageous, and amazing LGBT friends and allies in the country. They are anything but stupid and backward – and need our help, not our disgust at such a serious time.

  14. Does anyone know how influential evangelical Protestantism has been in Ethiopia?

    I believe the proportion of Catholics in Ethopia is negligible, and the Ethiopian Orthodox church (which most Ethiopian Christians belong to) is independent of Western organisations, so would I be right in thinking the biggest danger today comes from US-funded evangelism?

    1. Well if the following articles are accurate (I appreciate not all are reliable sources) then it would appear there has been significant evangelical growth in Ethiopia with significant American influence and support in terms of tax incentives etc from the Ethiopian government.
      “The evangelical church in Ethiopia is among the fastest-growing in the world. Believers have doubled from 4 million to 8 million people since 1984”

      1. Did I say not all reliable sources – really not any – but the accounts are sufficient to suggest there is massive evangelical influence in Ethiopia – that this should occur in times preceding homophobia increasing, and dogmatic denial of freedom of speech or access to media/internet etc is surely, not a mere coincidence?

      2. Rudehamster 21 Jun 2012, 5:03pm

        This is the same Evangelical infestation that has seen Uganda and Nigeria make the similar ridiculous claims. The US Evangelical churches are throwing money at them in order to gain credit.
        It’s disgusting to think that these dangerous bigots are tax-exempt in the US and have free reign to spread their bigotry.

  15. Another day another anti-gay story that defies belief!

  16. GingerlyColors 21 Jun 2012, 2:11pm

    Are they refering to the same Europe and US that exported foreign aid to Ethiopia? It was us diseased westerners that threw money into buckets to help that country when Bob Geldof was promoting his Band Aid, Live Aid and Sport Aid campaigns.

    1. And where did all that money go. It doesn’t seem to have made a big difference does it. They still appear to be starving no matter how much we give them. People need to realise that desparate people will believe anything even the vile crap that is spewed from their governments mouths. We shouldn’t tar them all with the same brush though.

      1. It went where all such aid goes…into the pockets of the political and religious leaders, so that they can continue to live high on the hog while the rest of their people suffer, starve and die. Unfortunately, trying to get such people out of office and replaced with people who would actually care about Ethiopia’s people, would require an invasion force that would only garner hate and fear for whatever country that tried it. *sigh*

        1. Though again Nigel if it was Oil rich I am sure they would have it on the Agenda to invade. As there is nothing there for the Western Countries nobody really cares. Instead we can just continue to throw millions in aid to a country that from the recent reports of famine etc doesn’t seem to be getting any better. AND apparently doesn’t want the ‘pink pound’.

      2. In November 2007 the magazine The Economist reported that there is tangible evidence that the foreign aid given to Ethiopia reaches the people it is meant to, based on a visit to the South of the country. Roads, schools and water systems are being built and “there are few complaints about corruption, a fact that continues to make Ethiopia popular with foreign donors”. However, the article also notes that, despite almost a decade of well-intentioned development policies, Ethiopians remain mired in the most wretched poverty.

        In March 2010, the BBC claimed that it had evidence that millions of dollars, earmarked for victims of the Ethiopian famine of 1984-85, went to buy weapons. Rebel soldiers apparently diverting the funding to their organisation in an attempt to overthrow the government. However, following a complaint from the Band Aid Trust, the Editorial Complaints Unit of the BBC has carried out an investigation and concluded that the reporting had no evidence to support it, and

        1. the BBC has since apologized to the Trust for the ‘misleading and unfair representation it created’.

          There is some evidence of misuse of aid funds by both the Ethiopian authorities and other agencies. However, there is also evidence that in terms of basic survival that Ethiopia is predominantly able to feed itself without international aid. This year the only crisis (despite a famine) has been due to an influx of refugees from Somalia. Aid is still used to help develop Ethiopia. Whether this is now justified is debatable.

  17. How are these retards able to get away with calling us an ‘infestation’ – if similar race based comments were made at them – It would be deemed by civilized societies as racist and inhuman –

    1. ‘if similar race based comments were made at them – It would be deemed by civilized societies as racist and inhuman’ Much the same as calling people retards I guess!!!!!

  18. I think we should help Ethopia out by not sending them any more tainted “LGBT” tax “dollars” through foreign aid. Let’s help with their purge buy never sending them another Pound, Euro, Dollar or any other currency.

  19. 75 partners a year,7-9 partners a day – LOL, must be something really wrong with me, having been with the same partner for the past 8 years, maybe i need to seek therapy.

  20. Jesus moran 21 Jun 2012, 4:45pm

    Hahaha poor ignorant people !!!

  21. Rudehamster 21 Jun 2012, 4:58pm

    ‘gays have an average of 75 sexual partners a year, and their ‘promiscuous’ nature propels some to have seven to nine sexual partners a day.’

    I should be so lucky.

    1. That wouldn’t even leave time to catch your breath. LOL!!

  22. They should be grateful of the aid they receive from us…’the plotters’.

    Lovely way of saying thank you isn’t it.

    *shakes head* And they wonder why they are struggling.

  23. I see the infestation coming from bigots and haters from within Ethiopian society! Welcome to the 19th Century, Ethiopia! Don’t bother sending a telegraph, I live in the 21st Century!

  24. Everyone can make a small difference don’t put money in the Christian Aid envelope, and question where your money is going next time you support a charity. I can’t think of anything imported from Africa but if you see it don’t buy it.

    1. Imported from Africa: palm oil, gold, diamonds, oil, cocoa, timber, and precious metals including some that are essential for computer wiring. It would be nice if we could boycott all these (though the knock-on effects for LGBT Africans may not be so good), but I doubt we’re in a position to do so.

  25. It looks like the anti-gay Christian infestation has taken over in Africa, but then again the Christians have been sending in money and people to convert them from savages to Christian savages who apparently hate as well as their anti-gay white Christian savages.

  26. ‘Infestation’? What are we? Monsters? The only thing being infested here is their ignorance and stupidity. Can’t believe what people would said these days. But take a look at Muslim newspaper, you will usually come across homosexuality as western import. I wouldn’t care if these people are dead.

  27. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 21 Jun 2012, 9:43pm

    “The paper also alleged that gays have an average of 75 sexual partners a year, and their ‘promiscuous’ nature propels some to have seven to nine sexual partners a day.”

    I’m wondering if this could be a high estimate for number of clients seen by sex workers, thus combining homophobia with prejudice against sex workers? Alternatively, of course, they just made the figures up on the spot.

  28. Damn right we’re promoting homosexuality! It’s just as normal as heterosexuality!

    Seriously Ethiopia, wtf?

  29. Spanner1960 23 Jun 2012, 12:38pm

    Yes, you too can have “Homosexuality” (TM).
    Are you still stuck with that annoying girlfriend, whilst all your gay mates are out partying and shagging? Get new HomoSexSwap (TM) from PharmaCom Industries. Within days you will never look at another female again!

    Now also available for girls too! LesboSexSwap, and if you care to dip into both sexualities, BiSexSwap is the product for you! Only $19.99 from all good snake oil merchants.

    Coming soon “ReligioSwap”, “GenderSwap” and “Black2White”!!!

  30. AreYouSick 18 Jul 2012, 6:47pm

    Ethiopia is a country rich in culture and not party to the popular whims of the day like homosexual behavior. Their adherence to the teaching of God has blessed them since the beginning of time, not like the Roman empire and other superpowers whose ruin has come from the deviant behavior like homosexuality. Ruin yourselves but if independent Ethiopia wishes to have no part of it, good for them and may God continue to bless them.

  31. U homophobic people should know that there are gay people whom u love that didnt get their same sex desires from americans or europians as this unethical reporter wrongly stated. They’re all in ur homes and place of worship, could be ur brother, sister, best friend, son, daughter, ur relative…who is feeling isolated and lonely, wondering if maybe u love him/her for who he/she is or for his/her sexual desires. U should love a person for who they are and not for their sexual desires. God loves all gay and straight people equally. No gay chooses to be gay, but rather born gay and it is not a disease. God doesnt want us to judge or hate people, but yet u judge and hate gay people knowingly saying they should be killed. Who are u to be taking a life that God has created! Think of what kind of demonic people u will be. Ur actions will drive u far away from God. Please download and watch a movie entitled “Prayers for Bobby” it could lead u to a better understanding. “So please, before u echo amen in ur homes and place of worship think and remember a child is listening”, to every homophobic words u say that could ruin his/her life.

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