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London: First national conference on LGBT end of life care tomorrow

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  1. An event very much to be welcomed (he selfishly said with more than half a century behind him!)

  2. I pray it turns out positively for all concerned. There are very important and sensitive issues being discussed.

  3. GingerlyColors 21 Jun 2012, 7:22am

    Palative care in the UK sucks, and not just for LGBT people either. Every week some 12,000 people pass on and yet there are only 3,000 hospice beds in this country. Many people die in hospitals, which are basically places where people are supposed to get better and many of our nurses or doctors are either not trained or bothered to deal with dying patients.
    Most people like to have the option to die at home but this can be limited to LGBT people who often have no offspring to help care for them in their final days. We all have our appointment with death one day but everything should be done to ensure that our passing will be made easier even if the government has to step in.

  4. I wish we had an earlier notification of this event as I would have attended it.

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