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Northern Ireland: Police officers disciplined over inadequate response to homophobic crimes

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Reader comments

  1. Its disappointing that PSNI have not acted appropriately in handling issues of homophobic hate crimes.

    Vince Creelan is a man of great integrity and I hope the issues of the crimes and with PSNI have now been fully resolved.

    1. Couldn’t agree more!!!!!

  2. Paddyswurds 19 Jun 2012, 12:04am

    The PSNI is just the RUC with a new name and badge. Chris Pattens plan should have been implemented in full not just do a make over on the RUC which was institutionally corrupt.

    1. CommonSense 19 Jun 2012, 1:02am

      Give over about the RUC, nobody cares and it’s the least of people’s problem’s their police officers not miracle workers, nobody cares what their name are or what badge they wear as long as your protected, safe and happy what more can you ask for.

      Your simply complaining for the sake of complaining.

      1. Yeah Paddyswurds. Give over demanding accountability from the police. They’re not answerable to taxpayers like you. So it took them 12 months and twelve seperate reports of homophobic attacks to actually deal with the problem. They’re not miracle workers ya know.

      2. Why do I get the feeling you have an agenda to push, CommonSense? Any interests to declare?

        1. CommonSense 19 Jun 2012, 1:47pm

          First of all, do you even live in Northern Ireland, the police here deal with a lot more than drunk scum, like they do in England, they receive death threat continuously, and are regularly bombed, but paddyswurds isn’t complaining about the police not dealing with the attacks or such, he’s making wild accusations calling them the RUC, what a moron.

          Many serving police officers in the PSNI are NOT corrupt and most of the RUC officers no long work in the PSNI. The PSNI is a completely restructured organization than the RUC.

          Im not defending that they did about not dealing with the attacks and such but calling them the RUC because they didn’t deal with the attacks is just mind boggling

          1. You may not have noticed, but the PNSI ARE the RUC under a different name, CommonSense. That is a fact. Not a controversial point.

            And I wasn’t aware I had to live in Northern Ireland to form an opinion about their police force. Should I have to live in London to say the Met Police are corrupt, racist and and immune to prosecution or accountability (such as the killers of Ian Tomlinson and Mark Duggan)?. Should I have to live in Leicestershire to say that its police don’t give a stuff about disabled people like Fiona Pilkington? The police only do what they do best. Defending the rights of the priviledged with brute force.

            It would have cost them nothing to investigate and prosecute the scum responsible for this much sooner. They chose not to. Naturally, the police being the police, nobody is going to lose their jobs for this and any changes made will be merely cosmetic.

  3. I hope they demand a seven figure sum.

  4. “The PSNI, however, has been quick to point out that the Ombudsman’s Office report found no form of institutionalised homophobia, though it said it accepted the findings of the report, and will train its officers accordingly.”

    Evidence, were it needed, that the police do not exist to protect the innocent, promote social harmony or the rule of law.

    Of course the police are institutionally homophobic and racist. Northern Ireland is a homophobic state and the police ARE the state.

  5. Jesus moran 19 Jun 2012, 2:12am

    Yes sue the hell out of them!!!!

  6. New Aussie 19 Jun 2012, 3:33am

    Wish to god they would investigate Strathclyde police. I was truly shocked by their behaviour over Stewart Walker’s murder last year:

    1. Ruling out homophobia without even investigating it despite there being a strong public perception that this was a homophobic crime.

    2. Release a statement to the press that Walker had only just been accused of pedophilia without also disclosing that they knew this allegation to be totally false as a way of damping down media calls for homophobia being investigated.

    Truly truly appalling.

  7. God help them now- they won’t be getting any support at all- and to say that this was not homophobically inspired is just laughable. y advice to this couple is to move somewhere more civilised.We have had nothing but total support from our local (English) police.

  8. This does not surprise. I do believe the PSNI are homophobic overall. 5 years ago, I was in a relationship with a man who ended up being abusive; both emtionally and physically. I called the PSNI one night the abuse was was heavier than usual. A male and female police officer arrived at my door. The proceeded to enter my home. The whole time I was speaking to them, my ex was calling me a liar and laughing at me. They did not say 1 word to my ex. The whole time the female officer was taking notes while the male police officer just stood there listening to my cries for help. Do you want to know what the male officer’s response was? “We do not have time to break up a little gay spat” and with that, they left. I had never felt so helpless and scared in all my life. I had to leave my home that night and never return because I feared for my life. I truly hope that couple sue the PSNI for all they are worth.

  9. Vincent from Belfast 19 Jun 2012, 9:07am

    Hi .. I am one of the guys involved in this case. There is no doubt in our local area there was, possibly still is a very serious issue with a number of officers and their mindset regarding homophobic hate crimes. I will continue to ask the politicians, justice system and the police to look at why it is so difficult to take wrong doers to task in large public service providers. I trust that the contract the police have signed up to in court as part of the settlement of our case will make a difference, be another stepping stone in the journey re making homophoia unacceptable in the Police and getting the support for LGB&T people. For those that still suffer…. do not take it, challenge the police, ask questions of them, complain to your policing Ombudsman, use a third party system with a local gay support group…. individually we can make a difference in the long run. Like Darren’s story here in this thread there remain to many examples of poor practice/discrimination & victimization.

    1. Sorry to hear you have had a bad series of experiences with PSNI, Vince.

      Its important public bodies and public officials are seen to act appropriately. It is not enough that policies are in place, some officers act responsibly and leaders say the right things. It needs to be a consistent service from all officers.

      Hope your problems with hate crime are decreasing – preferrably stopped.

      It seems even if there is no institutional homophobia in PSNI – there certainly is in this station and it needs dealing with.

      Congratulations for standing up and being counted.

      1. Craig Denney 19 Jun 2012, 11:47am

        The Police ‘marker codes’ (such as violent, weapons, escaper etc), do they also indicate a persons sexuality? Because when I was being attacked, I phoned my local Police Station and the first call was picked up, but subsequent calls were ignored and I could only get through if I used a different phone each time I called.

        I told them I was doing this and they had a go at me, saying I should of waited until someone picked it up.

        I reckon they have a ‘marker code’ for Fag’s?

        1. In my experience as a police officer – I never saw marker codes for orientation. I saw every other listed marker eg violent, escaper, breaches bail, concealer, drugs, weapons etc

    2. We were in this situation a few years ago- and the local police just weren’t interested. Their attitude was “what do you expect if you live openly as a same-sex couple” The ONLY way we managed to get a serious response was to pay for a CCTV system to be installed- and then threaten to send footage of the homophobic attacks to our local BBC News programme whilst omplaining of police complacency. THAT really worked- the police don’t want adverse publicity!

  10. So if the PSNI claim that there is not institutional homophobia in the PSNI, then I would like to know HOW the 8 police officers have been disciplind.

    Have they been sacked?

    If not then why not, as clearly these 8 officers are not fit for purpose as police .
    I suspect the 8 officers have been put on desk duty for a while with no real consequences to themselves.

  11. Police attitudes to lgbt people are probably still very varied and patchy across the country. Thames Valley Police are now reckoned to be very good on the issue but I used to hear some dreadful stories back in the 90’s – a lesbian friend was ‘glassed’ by youths shouting ‘effing man-hating dyke’ etc outside a gay pub, and, when told all this, the Police voiced doubts that it was really a homophobic attack. I wonder what they would have had to do and say to fit the definition??

    1. Absolutely, Riondo

      There are some very good police forces and some very bad ones.

      There are others which can do amazing work and also have horrendous examples of how they work. Some have the structures in place and then don’t deliver. Some have structures in place and deliver relatively consistently, some have structures in place and fail to deliver – some just don’t care about having the right structures in place.

      Derbyshire and Hampshire have made great advances in dealing with homophobia.

      Unfortunately for those services that are eitehr improving or largely getting it right, they remain tarnished by those forces or officers that fail – sometimes deliberately so.

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