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London: Funding boost for older people living with HIV

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Reader comments

  1. At last something positive for gay people from the Daily Mail! But – could it be Misinterpreted by Mail readers I wonder?

  2. Jock S. Trap 18 Jun 2012, 2:25pm

    This is a excellent start but more needs to be done to help those older living with HIV.

    To often it’s the young and newly diagnosed who are catered for either financially or in support and the older generation are left with little or nothing.

    Whilst it’s good money and support focused on the young and newly diagnosed often the older person who is HIV is left with nothing. There needs to be more of a balance.

    Whilst some do cope many others done and this needs to be addressed.

  3. Christopher 18 Jun 2012, 3:21pm

    Kind of sideways, but here’s news: my sister works for Merck. Apparently, they are the only one left that is pursuing a cure for Hep C – Pfizer and Glaxo have backed down from their curative research, under directives of their shareholders.

    Big Pharma. Run by the age group that were themselves innoculated in the ’50’s FOR FREE for polio, as the man who invented the vaccine donated it to the good of mankind.

    Sooner or later, the rich will be living under glass domes a la Logan’s Run… eating their own and calling it “renewal”.

  4. Spanner1960 18 Jun 2012, 3:45pm

    A nice gesture, but as usual, typically metrocentric. I am sure there are plenty of deserving cases right across the country, so why is it just concentrated on 9 square miles?

  5. None of the HIV over 50’s will see a penny of it.

    1. Where is your evidence to support such a claim?

  6. I wouldnt take a penny from the DM if it were to save my life. They can stuff their 30 pieces of silver. Not than anyone will see a penny of it anyway.

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