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Australia: Equal marriage headed for a defeat in the Parliament

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Reader comments

  1. So Australian poltiicians think they have the right to oppose equality – no it is the universal duty of governments to protect human rights, dignity and equality of access.

    What makes this matter even more odious is that the majority of Australians (who these politicians are supposed to represent) agree with equality.

    Not that majorities are supposed to matter with regards human or civil rights.

    Gillard and her clan are clearly on the wrong side of history.

    For Gillard what makes it worse is every time she tries to justify her stance, her comments are risible.

    1. Two factors killed this: one being the NSW and Queensland Catholics in Labor that did a deal with Gillards for their support in her coup, the other being a former Catholic priest, Tony Abbot, whipping the Liberal party aqainst reform. The Catholics have Australian politics by the flipping goolies and it’s incredibly depressing.

  2. Although this is disappointing, marriage equality is really taking off at the moments, so Australians probably only need to wait a wee bit longer before their politicians realise how bigoted they are come around to it.

  3. Maybe not headed for defeat after all!

    According to Sky News Australia:

    “Federal parliament is unlikely to vote on same-sex legislation before the end of the year.
    Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt says he will not put his private legislation to the vote until there is more support for it.”

    “Committee chairman Graham Perrett, a supporter of same-sex marriage, said Australian laws must reflect the views and values of its people today.
    ‘It is timely for me to remind everyone that God did not write the Marriage Act,’ he told parliament.
    ‘It was written by lawyers and legislators in ink not stone.’
    Mr Perrett, who has two gay brothers, said it was undefendable and unjust that two people who love each other were unable to marry each other because of their sexual orientation.
    ‘The love between same-sex couples is no different,’ he said.”

    “Australian Greens MP Adam Bandt said the public was ready for change.
    ‘It should be done not just because it’s popular but because it is right,’ he

    1. told parliament.
      Mr Bandt later told reporters in Canberra he would hold off a vote on his bill until the numbers looked better.
      ‘But I’m optimistic of achieving reform within the life of this parliament with some more discussion and more persuasion,’ he said.
      The MP said Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s position on denying coalition MPs a free vote was unsustainable.”

      “The Australian Marriage Equality says it is glad the committee rejected the concept of civil unions.
      ‘There’s still a lot of work ahead but same sex couples know that a majority of Australians are on their side,’ national convener Alex Greenwich told AAP.
      ‘Once MPs realise they have nothing to fear from this reform, we are confident more will open their hearts and minds to the importance of marriage equality.'”

    2. Seems there will be no vote until equal marriage can be secured – which with the view of the majority of Australians in favour should not take long hopefully.

  4. Australia decriminalized sodomy in 1998, yesterday, certainly the equal marriage will come, even when the UK has legalized the Labour party has to officially endorse the proposal, Julia must fall in the next election which is already taken for granted, and certainly lose the leadership within the party.

    1. The majority of Australians are just waiting for that ding-bat, disgusting piece of humanity, JuLIAR Gillard to be ousted with her Labor Party. The problem is she will be replaced by a zealot Catholic, Tony ‘Noddy Ears’ Abbott whom, with the spiritual advice from his personal advisor Cardinal George Pell, is still living in the dark ages and is definitely against same-sex marriage, although his sister is an outed gay person. We have no common sense in our parliament here, and most of them are looking out for themselves.

      During this past weekend most of the Christian churches here promoted with great gusto against ss marriage and asked their flocks -in the name of the sky fairy- to sign negative petitions to send to parliamentarians who were just about to have a conscience vote on changing the law. Why should we be discriminated against because woodpecker politicians vote on their own ‘personal’ opinions – and we all know that “opinions are like arse-holes, everyone’s got one!”

  5. “First world??” country trying to pass as a beacon of equality and example to be followed. Umbilical cord still connected to its imperial colonial power. Nice people and beaches though…

    1. Jock S. Trap 19 Jun 2012, 10:37am

      “imperial colonial power”? er… what planet you on? lol

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jun 2012, 1:02pm

      You mean former imperial power, surely? Australia is an independent country last time I checked and has a different system of government than the UK, no vile unelected House of Lords either.

    3. I do not normally quote wikipedia, but if you read the page it says:
      Government: Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
      – Monarch: Elizabeth II
      – Governor-General: Quentin Bryce
      Now if that is not the case anymore, anyone can update the page and erase the 2 names above… but if true, and those 2 persons are still commanding the show in Australia, the umbilical imperial and colonial cord is still attached…

  6. Will not happen for many,many years. Gillard has to be got rid of and then to wait until 6-10 years of Abbott. Younger same-sex couples need to emigrate to other countries if they can.

  7. Just a little correction to your article: Australia has not changed its Constitution with regard to marriage. There was a change in the law, under the conservative Howard Government, to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, but the Constitution remained unchanged.

  8. The Welsh will be Welsh

  9. This news saddens me!

    The LGBT community of the world must boycott any Sydney Mardi Gras until the Australian Government legalises same sex marriage.

  10. Further to which, Howard passed a law, supported by Labor, that at every straight marriage the celebrant has to explicitly state that marriage is between a man and a woman – just to dig the knife into any gay people attending. Gillard has not rescinded this.

  11. The story will be the same as it was for decriminalisation here in the various states back in the late 80’s. The move will fail on several occasions and then be grudgingly passed after years of upset. Thank you Julia Gillard!

  12. Australia does not have a great record on minority groups human rights.

    When it comes to intolerance you just have to look at where large settlements of the Australian immigrant population are drawn from – Greece, Italy etc – these are Europe’s most intolerant countries so go figure.

    1. Not to mention the barbaric way they continue to treat the Aborigines.

  13. Ah yes, Tony Abbott (a Roman Catholic) takes marriage so seriously. That’s why he refused to marry his girlfriend at university who he had made pregnant – worried that it would effect his ambitions to train as a Catholic priest.

  14. Although I still think Gillard is doing the best she can under the extremely tight position she is in as PM, it is the lack of courage of all our so-called leaders that is so discouraging. I also think we have to wait another year or two for full equality. Australia is a sad country at the moment, the world’s richest woman wanting to turn the Sydney Morning Herald into the Sydney Mining herald as she trashes more of our land and surrounding oceans while same sex marriage is dominating the apalling second rate media most Australians watch or read. I will be shouted down for this but I really think we should be concentrating on more important issues. Like stopping the mad Monk from being our next PM.

  15. Jock S. Trap 19 Jun 2012, 10:35am

    Then is would be clearly that the Australian parliament is not acting or representing the public and it’s voters.

    How can parliament go against the country?

    Shameful if this is defeated.

    Here’s hoping for success Australia!

  16. I do hope that if marriage equality is defeated in parliament, that there is largescale civil unrest in Australia.

    Apartheid must be opposed and waiting for that stupid bigot Julia Gillard to get with the programme is a clearly inadequate response.

  17. That There Other David 19 Jun 2012, 11:29am

    There’s an entire generation of conservative dinosaurs in Australian politics that need to be shoved aside before they’ll be progress. The state governments are making their position clear, they believe in equality. As those politicians migrate upward to Canberra they will take this belief with them, but Canberra itself is a good decade behind the rest of Australia. Not just on this, on most issues.

    1. That There Other David 19 Jun 2012, 11:45am

      there’ll not they’ll. Failed my English O level again ;-)

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Jun 2012, 12:56pm

    If this comes to a vote this year and fails, I can just hear the odious rants from C4M and their hatemongering followers in the Daily Mail and Telegraph making hay out of it and threatening the same in the UK.

    Meanwhile, let’s hope Scotland introduces it ahead of England and Wales to really nail those vile bigots elsewhere in the UK and in Australia.

  19. I think that Scotland, England & Wales, and then New Zealand will get marriage equality and that will influence waverers in Australia and hopefully speed reform. It is disgusting that it hasn’t happened already when it is supported by such a large amount of the Australian population.

  20. I’m only speculating, but I’ve seen so many times over the last two decades, homophobic Brits complaining about the UK being run by the “gaystapo” and gone “PC mad”, They usually threatened to emigrate… Now let’s think most Brits emigrate to just a few countries in the World. If that threat has materialised, there’s a chance that many of these people are now gathering in Australia, in hope of exercising their homophobia …. While the TV shows smiley families trying to rebuild their lives down under, you never know what they think about “teh gays”… and how they are influencing the political debate in their new chosen country…

  21. not a surprise…lab have a tiny majority and a pathetic leader and the opposition are led by a mad homophobic catholic…. if lab could get in again with a new leader and without the catholic right backing the new leader then perhaps Australia will get ME…however, lab are heading for a defeat in a yrs time and Abbot will not budge…. The UK and now France are in a fantastic position to bring it in though and add pressure to the rest of the world

  22. So… the population favours it and the parliament, which is supposed to represent the view of it’s people, is going to turn it down because of the opinion of a few mps rather than the opinion of the politicians? Logic prevails again…

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